List Of 9 Top NGO In India Doing Remarkable Work

India is a country burdened by many innumerable issues….. issues which literally give us GOOSEBUMPS!

Poverty, lack of education, Health concern, Cruelty against street animals, Discrimination based on caste, Diseases, Social evils like Dowry and Female Infanticide, and other female issues are just a few that POP UP in the mind.

And each of these issues goes much deep and has many layers to it, SADLY making it more complex to handle.

The government of the country is liable to take the responsibility for these concerns and it does with various plans and schemes.

Yet, the task is a herculean one and that’s when NGOs come into the picture!

What Are NGOs?

NGO stands for Non-Government Organization. These organizations have a specific motto of certain social concern and they work without any representation from Government.

There are many funding agencies in India that support these NGOs. Some NGOs are also fully or partially funded by the government but they cannot have any government person as their official representative.

Today, India is flooded with countless NGOs from the last few decades. Their numbers might run into a few hundred.

There is a controversial theory that many of them mushroom as a parallel business diminishing the whole concept of passionate work for a good social cause.

Many are found to be misleading to people and if analysed turn out to be an alternative way to make black money into white and carrying on illegal activities under the garb of a noble cause.

Most of the funding to these organizations comes from government and corporate organization.

You would not believe…many NGOs in India have come under the scanner for their source of funding and their link to political wills that govern their activities.

This has maligned the image of NGOs in India for a common man.

NGOs need to undergo a registration process to be recognized and regularized.

It is a challenging task to scrape through the red-tapism in the government to establish one.

In a country like India… where, there is a lack of transparency in financial transactions, receiving donations and funds to run NGOs efficiently becomes ANOTHER STUMBLING STONE!

Despite all these hurdles, there are many government-based Schemes like Ayushman Bharat Yojana and some of the best NGOs in India where the compassionate work has made a MASSIVE social impact…giving A WAKE-UP CALL!

Here we present, THE LIST OF 9 BEST NGOs IN INDIA…who have become very popular and have won accolades for their remarkable journey in bringing social impact to this nation.

List of Top 10 Best NGOs In India

1. CRY (Child Rights and You):

best ngos in india

It is the most popular and one of the most trusted NGOs in India as well as other parts of the world.

It was an extraordinary dream of Rippan Kapur, a young airline purser to work for underprivileged children and this dream led Rippan and his six friends to start CRY in 1979.

The passion and conviction of this team drove CRY from a small agent of change to an internationally recognized one.

Though the founder passed away in 1994, the team at CRY continues to pursue its dream and drive the organization to greater heights.

They have got several accolades, awards, and recognition for their extraordinary accomplishments. Cry is for sure the best NGO in India.

FounderRippan Kapur
Year founded1979
Work areaChild’s right 
Donation link
Official website
Awards and recognition Best Campaign in Communication & Advocacy Category 202.
Best Campaign in Not-For-Profit (Silver)2021.

4. Goonj:

goonj ngo

Goonj is an award-winning social NGOs in India that works in 22 states across India to assist communities in remote and downtrodden areas by delivering basic needs like clothing, sanitary pads and domestic tools from urban areas.

Famous social worker Anshu Gupta, the founder of Goonj has been well recognized globally for his selfless work.

He is the recipient of various prestigious awards like Magsaysay Award and many national and international honors like Ashoka and Schwab Fellowship.

He was listed as one of India’s most powerful rural entrepreneurs.

Anshu, popularly known as India’s clothing man had a vision of offering a sustainable economic model for eliminating poverty and poverty-related issue.

Goonj works on a barter system between rural and urban India and promotes a culture of giving in India.

The underused and abundant urban materials and goods can be provided to rural areas and can be brought to good use to alleviate their poverty and retain their dignity.

FounderAnshu Gupta
Year founded1999
Work areasUndertakes disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and community development
Donation link Click Here
Official website
Awards and recognition Recognition by Rajasthan Patrika 2021, Mother Teresa Memorial Awards 2020.

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3. Give India:

give india ngos in India

The #1 Ngo to feature in this list is, Give India celebrates “THE JOY OF SHARING AND GIVING”.

They are basically fundraisers who raise fund through awareness, online donation,s and campaigns like “joy of giving”.

Venkat Krishnan, an IIM-A graduate conceived this idea to start this fundraising platform and supports 200 NGOs who have been scrutinised for transparency and credibility.

They have a motto to promote the culture of giving in our country. One can go and donate online. You have options to choose your cause for donation and your scheme of donation.

They are transparent and you can keep a track of how your donation is being used.  They have achieved numerous awards for their effort.

FounderVenkat Krishnan
Year founded1999
Work areasGive India is a digital donation platform. You can donate to any NGO of your choice through the Give India portal. 
Donation link
Official website
Awards and recognition It has been awarded a grant by American novelist and philanthropist MacKenzie Scott.

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4. HelpAge India:

help age India

HelpAge India is a well-known NGO working with and for the disadvantaged elderly for four decades since the year 1978.

The Men in Action” for this popular NGO are Cecil Jackson Cole, John F. Pearson and Samson Daniel.

It looks after the senior citizens in India and takes care of issues like pension, stringent action against elder abuse, quality health care, and many more.

They work with passion and have numerous success stories as feathers in their cap.

FounderCecil Jackson-Cole
Year founded1978
Work area.Helping the elderly. 
Donation link
Official website
Awards and recognition United Nations Population Award 2020.
Crisil Vola Grading for excellence in operations & financial transparency (2014-2018).

5. Smile Foundation:

smile foundation

Smile Foundation is one NGO in India that has been bringing SMILES to million faces of underprivileged children and their families since its establishment in the year 2002.

Santanu, an associate member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, and a qualified lawyer is the co-founder of Smile foundation.

Smile foundation work in over 950 remote villages and slums across 25 states in India.

They work on various welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood, and women empowerment.

The award-winning documentary I am Kalam based on the cause for children was supported by Smile Foundation.

FounderSantanu Mishra 
Year founded2002
Work areasChildren’s health and education.
Donation link
Official website
Awards and recognition CSR Health Impact Awards 2020.
IPE NGO Excellence Award endorsed by World CSR Day & Asian Confederation of Business.

6. Chhanv Foundation:

chhanv foundation

Acid attack is one of the most ATROCIOUS crime and most of its victims in India are female.

Chhanv foundation helps these acid attack victims and survivors by providing sustenance and shelter.

They help them heal their inner bruises and regain normal by providing shelter and avenues for employment and financial independence.

They also provide counseling and financial assistance to these victims for their treatment.

Laxmi Aggrawal, an acid attack survivor and a well-known social activist is one of the directors here; started this NGO in the year 2013.

FounderAlok Dixit 
Year founded2014
Work areaAcid attack victims 
Donation link
Official website
Awards and recognition Nari Shakti Puruskaar 2016
Bobs Award – Best of Online Activism by Deutsche Welle, Germany 2016

7. Sammaan Foundation

Samman Foundation is a Bihar-based foundation established in 2007.

The NGO works for the socio-economic empowerment of rickshaw pullers and has done extensive work in health and livelihood.

Their activities include better health, sustainable livelihood and financial inclusion, agricultural and rural entrepreneurship, leadership, and skill development. 

Their health care initiative is carried out in thirty-eight districts and six medical colleges.

The innovative rickshaws designs designed by this organization have been appreciated globally. 


FounderIrfan Alam
Year founded2007
Work areaEmpowering vulnerable communities.
Donation link
Official website
Awards and recognition Best NGO award by ABP News and CSR congress ( 2014)
Sammaan Case presented at the Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University (2014) 

8. Prajwala, Hyderabad

Sex slavery is a big crime worldwide and has got deep roots.

Sunitha Krishnan, a rape survivor herself, started this NGO. It is now a pioneering anti-trafficking organization working on rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration of sex-trafficked victims into regular society.

Sunitha Krishnan and Bro Jose Vatticatil are the two co-founders of this organization who have worked with their conviction and integrity for two decades.

It works in collaboration with the US consulate of Hyderabad.

Prajwala has become a well-known voice across India and Globe for ensuring holistic victim services (Medical support, psychological support, and legal support).

They bank on 5 Pillars –

  1. Prevention
  2. Protection
  3. Rescue
  4. Rehabilitation
  5. Reintegration

They support the children of sex workers with their education and help prevent the second generation from entering the flesh trade.

They have helped so many victims who have been forced into sex slavery and human trafficking so far.

For her work and social service, Sunitha Krishnan has been recognized and awarded India’s fourth-highest civilian award, the Padma Shri, in 2016.

FounderSunita Krishnan
Year founded1996
Work areaAnti-sex trafficking 
Donation link Domestic:
Official website
Awards and recognition Stree Shakthi Puraskar (National Award)

9. Pratham

Pratham is Mumbai based learning organization. It is established to provide a better quality of education. 

The primary focus of this NGO is to provide high-quality, affordable, and replicable interventions to address gaps in the education system. 

This NGO has branches across 23 states and union territories in India. It has implemented innovative methods that help in understanding the reading learning process according to the pupils. It gives pre-school education in slum areas. 

FounderMadhav Chavan, Farida Lambay 
Year founded1994
Work areaEducation
Donation link
Official website
Awards and recognition Lui Che Woo Prize 2018
BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award 2013

10. LEPRA India:


India is home to the majority of Leprosy patients in the world.

Lepra is a UK-registered international charity-based NGO in India with a history of over 90 years.

It came to India in 2006 and works on the inspiration of Saint Mother Teresa with the aim of complete eradication of dangerous disease, poverty, and prejudice.

It works with full compassion for the patients of leprosy and diseases like lymphatic filariasis.

They help the patient and family fight the social stigma and transform their lives.

The Bottom Line

Every citizen of the society who is passionate to bring change can be an agent of NGOs in India.

These NGOs need support and encouragement in form of monetary donations and donations in kind and time.

Come Forward To Support Them… Be The Part Of The Change!

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