How To Become Slim Naturally in 8 Simple Ways

Slim and Toned Body… It’s the one thing that everybody in the world Crave for.

So, you want to become slim fast?

Well, let me Guess… YES, you definitely wanna be thin.

Excessive fat is something nobody desires. But what if you have piled up a few extra pounds unknowingly?

Rather than worry over this unwanted weight increase, look at these useful and proven ways to loose weight and be slim. Many Women want to achieve the hour-glass figure which is difficult but not impossible. Let’s see what can help men and women achieve their perfect body shape.

Now there are several reasons why you could be gaining weight. Before embarking on any regimen to become slim, we look at some of the primary causes of weight increase.

So are you ready to find out ways to Become Slim Fast? But before we dive deep into it let’s just focus on the causes of gaining weight.

How To Become Slim Fast

Major Causes For Weight Gain

Some of these causes of weight gain can be very complex. If in doubt, we suggest you contact your family physician. The same holds true for women and men as well as kids.

1. Medical Factors

Generally, weight gain caused by medical factors has to be addressed by a physician or nutritionist. Never embark on any program of weight loss without expert medical since it can prove dangerous.

  • Genetic Factors: Should your family weigh on the higher side, chances are, you will also gain weight quickly. Consult your doctor on how to lose weight if genetics is the problem.
  • Medication: Various kinds of medicines add to your weight. They retard your metabolism. This means the food you consume gets easily converted into fat and deposits in weight prone areas of the body including hips, thighs, belly and buttocks.
  • Hormonal Imbalance: Gaining weight due to hormonal imbalance triggered soon after puberty or later stages of life is relatively common. Consult a doctor before embarking on a weight loss program.

2. Lifestyle Factors

You can become slim easily if lifestyle factors are solely responsible for weight gain.

However, we recommend you discuss these with a medical practitioner.

Any program to become slim involves expediting your metabolism and sometimes, drastic lifestyle changes.

  • Sedentary Lifestyle: This is the most common reason for kids, women and men to gain those extra pounds and put on a few more inches around the waist. Weight gain due to a sedentary lifestyle can be eliminated safely, as we will discuss in this article.
  • Improper Diet: Another major cause of weight gain among people of all ages is improper diet. Snacking frequently, gorging on foods rich in fat and high on sugar leads to weight gain. Weight thus gained can be lost quickly and you can become slim once again.
  • Insufficient Sleep: This may sound strange, but yes, insufficient sleep is to blame for weight gain among kids, women and men. Your body needs adequate rest in the form of Non-Rapid Eye Movement, and Rapid Eye Movement sleep to repair itself. Lack of sleep impairs your metabolism and leads to accumulation of fats.
  • Stress & Strain: Contrary to popular belief, mental stress and strain lead to weight gain. These are psychological factors. Often, people undergoing stressful conditions lose interest in a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, they indulge in overeating.
  • Alcohol Addiction: Alcoholics tend to put on weight due to wrong reasons. Liquor contains very potent doses of calories but without any nutrition. During the initial stages of addiction, alcoholics tend to gain weight due to snacking while drinking. Drinking large volumes of beer is also the main culprit: it causes beer belly.

Once you identify the reasons for gaining weight, it is effortless to become slim again. Interested?

Here is how you can get that dream, hourglass figure desired by all women. If you are male, small changes in lifestyle will provide that dapper look once again.

8 Natural Tips to Become Slim Fast:

Step #1: Eliminate High-Calorie Foods

Eliminate High-Calorie Foods

The very first thing that you can do to get a slim body is by avoiding the intake of high-calorie foods.


  • Generally, a healthy adult male requires 2,500 Kilo Calories per day to maintain proper weight.
  • Women need about 2,000 Kilo Calories daily to get that perfect figure and stay slim.
  • Regardless, the amount of calories also depends upon your age, activity levels and rate of metabolism.

You can start becoming slim by eating less high-calorie food.

Here, we do not imply that you go hungry. Instead, Consume large quantities of salads made with greens and beans.

Raw salads without greasy dressings work wonders for weight loss. They provide loads of dietary fibre, imparting a sense of fullness in your belly. Yet, they are very low on calories.

Alternatively, Avoiding commercially available sliced, white bread or even brown bread, opt for home-made variants. Rotis, for example, can be prepared without oil.

Meat and other non-vegetarian food are excellent. It provides protein, the necessary building blocks of your body.

But take care to eliminate fat while consuming meat and poultry products. Fish and other seafood have minimal amounts of fat and hence can be consumed in higher quantities.

Avoid fried food since fats used in their preparation are a sure shot way of gaining weight.

Unless you are working off those extra calories at gyms or through an active lifestyle, avoid food that is rich in fats, including full-cream milk.

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Step #2: Get Active

Get Active

Getting active is the magic mantra to become slim. You can start by gently pacing around the house after a meal.

Avoid elevators and escalators wherever possible. Instead, use stairs. Climbing up and down stairs is a great way to lose weight and get a slim body.

Wherever possible, use a bicycle for commuting to nearby places such as the market. If these locations are nearby, make it a point to walk.

Nowadays, most people order food and groceries on a home delivery basis. Avoid this arduously. Instead, walk to the store and carry your purchases.

If you drive or ride to work, park the vehicle at some distance from the office. This will force you to walk the distance.

Walking helps you become slim and regain that lovely shape. You can also take relaxed night walks with the family.

Not only are they refreshing and provide good sleep, but a night walk also helps proper digestion of food while burning some calories.

Depending on your age and health, we also recommend joining a good gym or attending Yoga and aerobic classes in the neighbourhood.

Gyms are equipped with cardio equipment such as spinning bike, cross trainer and treadmills. Such equipment is useful to burn fat and get your slim figure restored.

Protein supplements, generally Isoprotein, recommended by fitness instructors at the gym are very useful in burning fat and replacing them with muscles.

Speak with your personal trainer about recommending a high-quality Isoprotein supplement.

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Step #3: Drink More Fluids

Drink More Fluids

Water, of course, is excellent to lose weight and stay slim.

But you need to be cautious about how much water you consume daily. Stick to the Recommended Daily Allowance. Increase intake if you are a woman.

Consume low-calorie soups and juices of fruits such as pineapple and watermelon. Avoid juices of fruits that are heavy on calories.

Lentil soup, clear soups such as consommé and vegetable soups are excellent.

Cut out the croutons and butter from your soup: they do not add many calories. But shunning them will help you to become slim faster.

Another excellent drink is buttermilk, from which fat has been removed. Consume buttermilk during the afternoon.

If you are fond of milk, stick to the low or zero fat varieties. They have much lower calories and help you remain slim.

Isotonic drinks are excellent if you can afford the expense.

Isotonic drinks made from powder or available in bottles and can help speed your metabolism. Consume some after a daily workout or a good walk.

Step #4: Eat Frequently

Eat Frequently

Small, lighter meals eaten frequently help you to stay slim. Generally, most women and men consume two to three heavy meals per day.

This puts a heavy load on your digestive system and can lead to acidity, gas problems and indigestion, among others. Worse, these ailments can give you a potbelly.

While your breakfast can be heavy since you need adequate energy to see the day through, taper down your meal intake from late mornings.

Instead of a heavy lunch, consume large quantities of salad that is high in fibre yet low in calories.

Replace heavy meals with simple boiled rice (not steamed or pressure cooked) and some lentils cooked without fat.

Boiled vegetables or meat bereft of fat are apt accompaniments to such a lunch.

Dinner should be the lightest meal.

Ensure you eat only as much during dinner time as is necessary to give a comfortable sleep. A common mistake most people commit is going to bed shortly after dinner.

Medical experts recommend a gap of at least three hours between dinner and bedtime. This period is sufficient for your body to complete its digestion process.

Step #5: Avoid Junk Food

Avoid junk food

Actually, there is nothing called Junk Food.

However, in modern terminology…

” Junk food can vaguely be described as anything that contains an overdose of fats, carbs and sugar. It can include anything from fries and deep fried cutlets to soft drinks or sugary beverages. “

Such food tends to increase your weight since they are loaded with unwanted calories. Instead of deep-fried foods, opt for boiled or baked ones.

Baked food is usually low on fat.

Beware of stuff like pizza and burgers available commercially. They are heavy on cheese and fat.

Instead of sugary drinks, choose fresh fruit juice. If you are inclined towards milk-shakes, have those prepared with low-fat milk.

The best way to avoid junk food daily is by sticking to homemade food. Food prepared at home can be made with lesser fat and by using high-fibre stuff.

Step #6: Zero Tolerance to Alcohol

Zero Tolerance to Alcohol

One or two standard drinks per day or week are more than sufficient if you are inclined to consume alcohol daily.

But while enjoying that drink, ensure you do not consume any high-calorie food like boiled egg, omelette, cheese bits and fried food.

A 30-ml serving of standard whisky is said to contain calories equivalent of two slices of white bread.

This means any male consuming 120ml whisky with about 40% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) is ingesting calories that can be delivered by a whopping eight slices of regular sized white sandwich bread.

Beers and wines are very rich in calories due to their high malt and sugar content. Alcohol in these beverages also stirs appetite leading you to eat more food.

Alcohol retards your digestion by putting an overload on the liver.

In the longer run, alcohol consumption will see you gain weight in the wrong places and make you look older.

So, if you seriously want to become thin, then you must either completely quit alcohol or have it in a limit.

Step #7: Monitor Weight Frequently

Monitor Weight

Here we recommend you take the assistance of a qualified medical practitioner.

Losing weight to stay slim is fine. But there is something called Body-Mass-Index (BMI).

In layman terms, BMI means your body has to strike a proper balance between its mass and the bone structure.

If you have heavy bones, too little muscles or flesh can lend you that horrible starved, sick and hunched appearance.

But putting on a couple of extra pounds will make you appear very overweight.

When you monitor your weight, ask the medical practitioner whether it is in line with your BMI.

Becoming slim rapidly can land you with severe medical conditions like low blood pressure and low sugar levels.

It can leave you feeling weak and render prone to infections and other diseases.

Improper food intake in favour of becoming slim can affect your bones.

Osteoporosis is a common ailment that strikes women who go on a diet.

Another is iron deficiency since women lose blood and haemoglobin during their menstrual cycles.

Step #8: Beware of Hazards

Beware of Hazards

Never be too obsessed with becoming slim. Women across the world come down with psychological conditions called Anorexia and Bulimia.

They tend to forcibly vomit all ingested food for fear of putting on weight and losing that slim figure.

This condition can be potentially fatal: patients inadvertently deprive their bodies of essential nutrients causing their bodies to weaken beyond tolerance limits.

In Conclusion

Undoubtedly, it is great to have that figure which everyone craves and attracts attention.

But remaining slim is not a natural process. It has to be done under medical supervision.

Staying slim also means remaining physically fit. Therefore, you need to ensure your body is not malnourished.

Undernourishment can give you a great body. But you will lose hair and suffer from unhealthy skin problems like acne and hunched figure.

Use an excellent height-weight-age chart while following any program to get a slim figure. But once again, this chart has to be recommended by a medical expert.

If you can afford, we recommend visiting a dietician and nutritionist to draw up the best meal plan for your needs. Personal trainers at a gym can quickly help you lose weight the healthy way.

Overexerting your body to remain slim is something that has to be avoided at all costs.

When you begin an active lifestyle, never overdo anything. Start with small walks and jogs and increase the duration gradually.

Losing weight, staying slim and maintaining a good figure is a lifelong commitment. Our guide will help you achieve these goals.

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