Lose Weight Naturally – 20 Simple & Actionable Tips to Reduce Weight at Home

Losing weight is a long process, and it needs a lot of patience especially if you are doing it naturally.

Weight loss can be a daunting task if you aren’t prepared for it. In this article, we guide you through how you can lose weight naturally without affecting your body adversely.

With the help of these weight loss guide, you can make your perfect diet chart for weight loss and decide what to choose what not to choose accordingly.

Following 20 ways does not recommend you to take any drugs or other medicine to lose weight. All the below-Mentioned techniques will help you to reduce weight NATURALLY.

20 ways to lose weight naturally

If you seriously commit to these weight loss tips, you can definitely pull it off!

Following are the Three major stages of Losing Weight Naturally

1st Stage: Changing Your Habits

2nd Stage: Following a Diet Chart for Weight Loss

3rd Stage: Exercise

20 Fast and Simple Tips to Lose Weight Naturally

So, without any further ado, let’s start the journey to reduce weight fast.

1st Stage: Lose Weight by Changing Your Habits

So let us start with changing your certain habits.

1. Eat Regularly but in Smaller Portions

small quantity food

The 1st major habit that you’ll need to change if you seriously want to naturally lose weight fast is your eating habits.

Instead of eating the Regular 3 big meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) in a day, I would suggest you go for 6 to 7 meals a day but in much smaller portions.

Remember one thing; We Eat to live….not live to Eat!

Thus, over-eating of palate is dangerous to health and certainly not recommended.

Spreading out your meals helps in reducing overeating because you don’t overeat at once.

Moreover, you don’t have to go hungry in between. Always remember, if you feel very heavy after eating your meal then definitely you are going to gain some extra pounds.

2. Prefer Home-made Food

cook own food

You might be wondering how is this even related to losing weight. But believe me!

Cooking your meal can help to reduce your weight because while preparing food you know what ingredients are going inside.

For example, if you are baking a cake, then you’ll be conscious enough not to use much butter and sugar.

Why? because you already know your goal is to reduce weight, extra butter and sugar won’t help the cause.

Thus, The intake of extra calories is reduced substantially if you cook your meal.

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3. Avoid Eating Outside

avoid outside food

As discussed earlier, cooking your meal helps in reducing the intake of extra calorie. Also, it avoids the consumption of JUNK FOOD.

The problem with outside food is that the eateries are generally very oily and sometimes made out of hazardous substance especially outside street foods sold by street hawkers.

However, even if you eat in a restaurant, then you are more likely to eat food that contains too much fat and carbohydrates.

4. Avoid Alcohol

avoid alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol may increase your weight because they contain a lot of calories especially beer and other cocktails that are sweet.

Alcohol addiction is to be taken seriously and can be immensely dangerous to health.

However, drinking a glass of red wine can help in burning some body fat. Red wine contains resveratrol that inhibits the growth of fatty cells in your body, especially around the waist and tummy.

5. Fight Your Food Addiction

fight with food

Food addiction is a severe problem. In fact, this is a significant reason why people gain so much blubber on their body.

Some of the reasons of overeating due to food addiction can be due to several reasons like binge eating, depression or mood swings, the influence of parents on their kids or just a big-time foodie and many more.

You need to overpower cravings for junk food and midnight snacks that contain a lot of fat and sugar so that you lose weight quickly. You can seek help if you would like to.

6. Cut Down on Stress Level

control stress

If you are a new mom, then stress can take a toll on you. Higher stress levels can adversely affect all your weight loss efforts.

Hence, always try to cut down on stress levels by taking some time for yourself.

By incorporating these habits into your lifestyle, you will start seeing the results in a few months.

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2nd Stage: Following a diet chart for weight loss (Dieting)

Now you have to move to the next level where you proactively diet and fundamentally change your eating habits. Make your weight loss diet now!

7. No Sugar Pact

no sugar pact

Sugar is also known as white poison! Sugar is the reason why people around the world gain so much weight. We consume sugar without even realising the massive daily intake of it.

Whether we drink coffee or tea, or soft drinks, they contain a lot of added sugar.

Just make up your mind to “No Sugar Pact” and be firm with it so that you live your healthy life to the fullest.

Now, say NO to SUGAR!

8. Reduce Intake of Carb and Fat

no fats no carb

Carbohydrates are considered staple and our most of the calories come from carbs. Whether you eat wheat or rice, both contain carb.

Ideally, rice should be consumed once in a day and in sufficient quantity which most of the people are not aware of.

Thus, cutting down on your carb intakes would be a significant challenge. However, when it comes to fats, then you can avoid eating it all together. Avoid crisps and lollies.

Reduce the intake of your adorable eateries like Mithais, chocolates, desserts and many more. Oh..Snap!

9. Eat Fibrous Food and Cereals More

fibers cereals

If your diet doesn’t include carbohydrates then where the energy is going to come from?

To complete your diet, you need a proper intake of fibrous food and cereals is crucial. They are the best fat cutters!

Well! You can substitute carb by eating a lot of fibrous food and oatmeal. This is one of the best solutions to reduce weight naturally without any hassles.

Fibrous food would include green leafy vegetables and fruits. Every dietician recommends the massive intake of fruits for weight loss.

Fruits juice would also help in regulating your bowel movements and thus helps in reducing weight. Other highly recommended cereals are oats. There are many oats recipes for weight loss available online.

Instead of wheat and rice, eat cereals like maize, barley, millet etc.

10. Choose Healthier Snacks

healthier snacks

I’m not suggesting you to just giving up on snacks entirely. Some snacks can be healthier. People should opt for nutritious food to lose weight instead of running after taste buds!

For example, instead of eating deep fried food items eat baked or boiled things.

A baked potato chip is better than deep fried one. Or light breakfast with Idlis or Dosa which fulfils your appetite or just boiled eggs instead of a fried egg or ready to make food packs to lose weight at a faster rate.

Similarly, chicken baked in an oven is better than deep fried. Indeed, good habits lead to a sound mind!

11. Avoid Eating Processed and Packaged Foods

processed foods

People are so much addicted to sedentary lifestyles that they don’t realise how much artificial food and consumption of processed foods they consume.

Thus, due to this dull attitudes and over the busy schedule of locals, the need for processed and packaged food increased.

Too much-processed food is as bad as any junk food. It contains all the ingredients that you need to avoid. Like added sugar, fat and carbohydrates. People should get out of their comfort zone.

Moreover, processed food accentuates your cravings as they are manufactured for this same motive; You eat more and gain more weight!

12. Give Up Sweetened Tea/Coffee and Switch to Green Tea

green tea for weight loss

People should gradually reduce their consumption of over sweetened beverages and consider a green tea weight loss plan seriously.

Green tea is loaded with anti-oxidants which can help reducing fat in your body. Drink green tea twice a day, and you can gradually feel the difference.

If you drink unsweetened green tea, then it is even better. Similarly, people can also consider green coffee for weight loss regime.

13. Eat Organic Food As Much As You Can

organic food

Try including more organic food items in your diet. I know organic food is not readily available in the market.

However, you should still try to eat more of them because regular vegetables and fruits contain so many pesticides and other chemicals as compared to the organic foods.

If you can afford to go to bio shops and buy natural products, then please do it for better weight loss results.

14. Take Probiotic

probiotic foods

Probiotics are one of the best weight loss foods that everyone should have.

It can enhance your immune system. Although you don’t lose weight by taking probiotics, they can definitely improve your digestive system and heart.

Moreover, probiotics do not allow for the absorption of fat in your body.

3rd Stage:  Exercise For Weight Loss

If your dieting is not enough then you have to take it to the next level.

15. Dance and Yoga

fast weight loss by yoga

Dance is a great way to start some physical exercise. It not only makes you slim effortlessly but also rejuvenates your mind.

You burn calories while having fun. It doesn’t matter whether you know the right movies or not. You need to move with the music and sweat it out.

For this, many people opt for Zumba or aerobics for natural weight loss.

You can also do some yoga for weight loss because stretching can help you in body toning and increase body flexibility.

There are specific yoga asanas for weight loss that you should consider doing it at least once a day. As hilarious as it may sound, you can try power yoga or Ramdev yoga for weight loss!

16. Cardio is the Best Way to Start

cycling cardio

One of the Best and Natural methods of losing weight is starting cardio exercises.

Sooner or later, you must start some kind of cardio Exercise. Jogging, running, cycling burns a lot of calories as compared to dancing. There are specific weight loss exercises which help in increasing cardio more.

Moreover, cardio averts any heart disease and cuts down your belly fat substantially.

Start off with doing some lighter stuff.

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17. Go to Gym and Adding Some Resistance Exercise

go to gym

Lifting weight helps you in building new muscles. You also lose weight substantially by adding resistance exercises to your regimen.

The best part about the gym is there are equipment and exercises which are aimed to reduce the targeted organ’s bodily fats. For example, exercises to reduce stomach or reduce thighs or…you get the gist!

Moreover, after going to the gym, you feel more energetic and much better every day. If you find it hard then, you can take your partner with you.

So this was it. You don’t have to go any further. If you follow tips from 1 through 17, then you are definitely going to lose weight.

Grandpa’s Tips to Lose Weight at Home

grandpa tips for weight loss at Home

For those of you who find gym difficult and a lot of hard work then they can try some of my grandpa’s tips to lose weight quickly.

18. Honey and Lemon in Lukewarm Water

lemon water to lose weight

If you are looking for the easiest way to lose weight at home then you must try this…

Every morning in breakfast you can add lemon and honey into a glass of lukewarm water and drink it. Lemon and honey cut down body fat very fast.

Weight loss drinks like jeera water, protein drink can be helpful too. You can also drink these thirst quenchers after coming from the gym.

19. Drink a Lot of Water

drink water

Another easiest way to lose weight naturally is simply Drinking loads of water.

Drinking at least 4 to 5 litres of water every day increases the metabolic rate of your body. You can try detox water (pretty new concept) as it helps to regularise the wear and tear of the body.

Drinking water before eating can help you in losing some weight because you eat less.

20. Fasting Once a Week

fasting once

There is nothing wrong if you fast once in a week. Thanks to these Sankasthi fasts and other occasion fasts which are followed by many Indians with religious beliefs.

I know it sounds a bit farfetched, but if you try, then you will definitely lose some weight.

Fasting also detoxifies your body from the inside. However, if you find it hard then, you can entirely skip it.

So these were 20 simple yet effective ways to lose weight Naturally. Start with changing your eating habits, then follow a proper diet plan and finally join a gym.

The Final Thought

By inculcating such healthy habits and a proper well-organised diet plan for weight loss, one can naturally reduce weight in just one month or even less.

It entirely depends on the individual, based on their metabolism and dedication to lose weight.

If you come up with other best ways to reduce weight, let us know in the comment section below. Also, let us know if this guide was helpful. Stay healthy…Stay fit!

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