Top 10 Naturopathy Centres in India

Naturopathy is actually a traditional system of health treatment that is offered in different countries of the world, particularly India being the nation of origin of this system has many centres to provide the best naturopathy treatment.

Under this method, diseases are treated and overall health is improved by adopting some modalities like aromatherapy, environmental medicine, counseling, acupuncture, Herbalism, hydrotherapy and manual therapy.

Not only these modalities, but many other modalities are followed to ensure that not only the patients get the right kind of treatment for their condition, but they can also improve their health as a whole.

It aims at improving the overall innate capacity of the body to recover from injury and illness.

How does this system heal?

Naturopathy is stated as an alternative medical system. The main benefit associated with this system is that it lays attention to the natural remedies and the vital ability of the human body to heal and maintain itself.

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Experts state this as the healing art based on holistic principles in conjunction with the healing power of nature. This means that the system actually cures the underlying cause behind any health issue, thereby the problem is completely eradicated.

Generally, the other systems treat only the symptoms experienced by patients. So, once the symptoms are cured, it will again shoot up after the course of medicine is completed.

The reason is that the underlying cause of the condition is not cured. This is where naturopathy can help patients as the actual reason behind the condition, is cured in addition to curing the symptoms and so they never recur again.

The treatment actually aims at providing the right kind of support to the body to heal itself with the help of lifestyle suggestions, nutrition, homeopathy and herbal medicines that can never cause any side-effects.

Key principles of Naturopathy

Generally, this system treats people on the basis of the following principles to ensure their overall health and well being:

  • Using the healing power of nature
  • Identifying and treating the cause
  • The use of gentle and non-invasive techniques that do not cause any harm to the patients
  • Doctor as the teacher, to bring positive lifestyle changes that can bring overall benefits to patients
  • Treating the entire person and not just for the condition for which he/she needs treatment
  • Prevention of future diseases.

Benefits of naturopathy medicine:

The benefits of including naturopathy medicine into the lifestyle of people are numerous. When an individual pays close attention to what he consumes and how does his body reacts, under the care of a Naturopathic doctor, he will learn how to alleviate the problems faced on a day-to-day basis. Here are the benefits of this system:

  • Pain relief
  • Avoiding frequent bouts of flu, cold and other common ailments
  • Discovering long-term solutions to chronic ailments that cannot be cured by other systems of medicine
  • Slowing down the process of degenerative diseases
  • Reaching and maintaining ideal body weight
  • Achieving an overall fitness
  • Quick recovery from illnesses
  • Increasing the level of energy
  • Identifying and maintaining balance both emotionally and physically
  • Reducing the level of stress and getting better feeling.

Top 10 naturopathy centers in India:

  1. Jindal Naturecure, Bangalore ( Another Soukya, Bangalore)
  2. Aayushmaan Nature Cure & Yogic Health Centre, Chennai
  3. Swas Health Care, Ahmedabad
  4. Vishwakalyan Ayurved and Naturopathy Centre, Gandhinagar
  5. Pathanjali Arogyadhama Nature Cure Hospital, Udupi
  6. Naturopathy India, Saharanpur
  7. J.S.S. Institute Of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, Coimbatore
  8. Birla Naturopathy & Yoga Kendra, Pilani
  9. Aarogyadham, Durg
  10. Maihar Cement Yoga & Naturopathy Centre, Sarlanagar.

Some of these centres operate both as hospital and training centres and so people interested in learning this system of medicine can go through the eligibility requirement for the same.

To conclude, men and women looking for a holistic approach to treat their health issues can get in touch with the best naturopathy centre in India.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’ve suffered a mild stroke about 2 years ago, but I’ve recovered fast. I’ve been taking pharmaceutical medications to lower my blood pressure ever since, such as Ramipiril and Amlodipin. Of course these tablets have helped me to lower my blood pressure, but they also have many side effects. One of the side effects I’m experiencing is that my teeth are becoming loose and causing pain.

    My wish now is to find natural therapies, so that I do not need to consume these pharmaceutical drugs. Can you recommend to me the best natural centre, that can fulfill this wish?

    With Friendly Greetings,
    Siva Pillay


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