Top 20 Best Lipstick Brands in India

Women have been using makeups and cosmetics since quite long to highlight their features which makes them look elegant. This is so true in the case of lipsticks.

Women love their lipstick. A girl’s vanity is incomplete unless they include a lipstick that they like the most.

In this article, we are giving you 20 best lipstick brands in India with prices.

These lipsticks are quite famous for their brand name and their superb quality. One can buy these lipsticks online as well from the famous malls in India.

Thus, the price of lipstick depends upon the brand. Some offer their lipstick at a lower cost while others are offering at exorbitant rates.

There are a few lipstick brands used by celebrities which are famous throughout the world.

Go through this list and choose one of your favourite brands.

lipstick brands

List of Top 20 Best Lipstick Brands in India With Price

1. Lakme

Lakme best lipstick

It is the top lipstick brand in India. Lakme lipsticks suit the skin tone of every Indian lady. Thus, lipstick prices are quite reasonable

There are multiple lipsticks to choose from – Lakme matte lipsticks, Lakme liquid lipsticks, Lakme liquid lipsticks and many more.

Best lipstick of Lakme:

Lakme 9 to 5 Scarlet Drill Lipstick, Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick, Lakme Enrich Satin


A daily wear lipstick consisting of a whopping 40 lipstick shades, covering every tinge of red, pink and brown. A lipstick brand shades for Indian skin!


This brand’s lipstick prices can start from Rs. 225 and go up to Rs. 700.

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2. Elle 18

Elle-18 lipstick
Elle 18 color pops Matte lipstick

Elle 18 is one of the best lipstick brands of India. It has over 18 different lipstick colours. But the four most popular tones are Rosy, Cranberry, Pink and rusty.

The best part of Elle 18 lipsticks is that they are very cheap. The cheapest is available only for Rs. 120.

However, the lipstick is not very lasting, and they wear off in just 3 to 4 hours.

Best Lipsticks of Elle 18:

Elle 18 Pomegranate Pie 08, Elle 18 Wildberry Wet 24, Elle 18 Baked Peach 09


Covers every tinge of Red and Pink which lasts long for 8-10 hours.


Elle 18 lipstick prices can start from Rs. 225 and go up to Rs. 700.

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3. Loreal Paris

loreal lipstick

Loreal Paris is perhaps the number one in the world but in India is less popular than Lakme.

The quality of Loreal Lipstick is better than any other lipstick brands. However, this comes with a price.

For just 4.2 gm of lipstick, they charge you over Rs. 1000.

They are available in 12 different shades.

Best Lipstick of Loreal:

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick, L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick Nature’s Blush, L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick – Fairest Nude


Every lipstick of Loreal blends in with your lips smoothly and makes your lips supple. A fine quality lipstick!

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4. Maybelline

maybelline lipstick

Maybelline lipstick is a lot cheaper than the Loreal Paris. You pay just Rs. 325 for 3.9 gm.

They come in 12 Maybelline lipstick shades which stays on your lips for over 4 to 5 hours.

Maybelline is the most available lipstick brand in India.

Best Lipstick of Maybelline:

Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick, Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte Lipstick, Maybelline Super stay Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral


Maybelline is known for their best matt lipstick which allows a lady for a smooth application and a creaseless texture. Provides good moisturising to your lips.

5. Revlon

revlon lipsticks

Just like Loreal, Revlon is also very experienced.

The starting price of a Revlon lipstick is over Rs. 500, and the maximum cost can be up to Rs. 1000.

Revlon is available in 20 different shades. Though highly priced, women would love splurging on these marvellous series of Revlon lipsticks.

Best lipsticks of Revlon:

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Love That Red, True Red Color Burst Lipstick, Brick Red MoistureStay Lipstick


Revlon lipsticks offer an exceptional quality of lipstick which stays for 5-6 hours a day without a meal. Known for its red lipstick. Red hot!

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6. Oriflamme

Oriflame lipstick

Oriflame lipsticks can come in 10 different shades.

The price of Oriflame lipsticks is quite low compared to Loreal and Revlon.

The price can start at Rs. 250 and can go up to Rs. 500/-

The quality of the lipstick is also quite good.

Best Lipstick of Oriflame:

Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick, Oriflame More by Demi Moore Lipstick in Hot Red, Oriflame Wonder Color Lipstick.


Oriflame lipsticks provide all the natural shades of lipsticks which gives a natural touch to your lips. This is to all those lipstick conscious ladies!

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7. MAC

mac lipstick

MAC has some excellent lipstick colour to offer. But MAC is an expensive brand.

For just 3 gm of lipstick can cost over Rs. 1450. However, you can go for the cheaper version that costs around Rs. 400/-

Best Lipstick of MAC:

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Syrup, MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Ginger Rose, MAC Matte Lipstick in Beatrix, the Retro matte lipsticks


This lipstick is especially for all those who like to go with a funky look. MAC offers endless shades of lipstick from a daily wear lipstick to an occasion wear lipstick. The lipstick is quite durable as well.

8. NYX

nyx lipstick

NYX offers ten different shades of lipsticks. The price of this lipstick brand can start at Rs. 750 and go up to Rs. 1450/-.

NYX Soft Matte Lip cream in Sao Paulo cost Rs. 750, and the NYX Louisiana is for Rs. 1450.

There are other lipsticks also that ranges between these two price ranges.

Best lipsticks of NYX:

Nyx Tea Rose, Nyx Midnight Dinner, Nyx Gardenia.


NYX lipsticks provide fabulous quality lipsticks which have the tremendous lasting capacity. It hydrates your lips and offers rich colour payoff.

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9. Chanel

Chanel lipsticks

As you know Chanel is one of the most famous fashion brands in the world.

The Chanel as a lipstick brand is quite expensive. They offer 15 different shades.

Some of them are Le Baiser, Amant, Orage, Gabrielle, Lune Rousse etc.

The most expensive lipstick from Chanel is Chanel Rouge Coco Shine that can cost around Rs. 3400.

However, you can buy its variant for a lower price at Rs. 1750.

Best Lipstick of Chanel:

Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour, CHANEL ROUGE DOUBLE INTENSITÉ


Chanel is exorbitantly priced lipstick, but it is value for money as it provides one of best quality lipsticks which has good longevity.

10. Laura Mercier

Laura mercier

Laura Mercier is known to be one of the top lipstick brands in the world.

This lipstick brand is very expensive like Chanel.

The most expensive lipstick can be Rs. 6500. The lowest price starts at Rs. 1700.

Best Lipsticks of LM:

Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip, VELOUR EXTREME MATTE LIPSTICK, CRÈME SMOOTH LIP COLOUR, Sheer Lip, Haute Lips Full, Rouge, Luxurious.


It is one of the Luxury lipsticks which most of the celebrities opt for its quality and its feel-good factor. It is smudge proof lipstick known for its durability and creamy texture. Now, be kiss ready!

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11. Color Bar

colorbar lipstick

Color Bar offers lipsticks in more than 29 classic shades. The price of the Color Bar is also very affordable.

For example, the 4.2-gram lipstick costs only Rs. 325 which is quite low compared to LOreal, Chanel or even MAC.

The lowest lipstick costs just Rs. 250 and the most expensive is only Rs. 700.

Best lipsticks of Color Bar:

Colorbar Crème Touch Lipstick, Colorbar Soft Touch Lipstick Matina, ColorBar Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick


This is lipstick used by every genre of a lady because of its most exceptional quality, and it stays longer for 6-8 hours a day. A right matte lipstick brand!

12. The Body Shop

body shop lipstick

Body Shop is excellent if your lip is very sensitive. It is known to be the organic lipstick brand in India.

Body Shop lipsticks are great for the Indian Skin.

They offer in 10 different shapes. Most of the lipsticks offered by Body Shop costs Rs. 900/-

Best Lipsticks of The Body Shop:

The Body Shop Colorglide Shine Lip Color Ruby Sparkle, The Body Shop Color Crush on Caramel, The Body Shop Color Crush Red Siren


It is one of the most natural lipsticks compared to other lipstick brands which give you a healthy shine all day long.

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13. Chambor

Chambor lipstick

Chambor lipsticks are great and a top lipstick brand which is very famous in India.

Some of the renowned lipsticks offered by Chambor are Chambor Extreme Matte, Extreme Wear, Powder Matte, Orosa Lipstick, Moisture Plus and Silk Touch Lipstick.

Price of a Chambor lipstick can start from Rs. 695 and go up to Rs. 1000.

Best lipstick of Chambor:

Truly Lasting Lipstick – Truly Blush, Powder Matte lipstick, Silk Touch Lipstick – Silk Woods, Chambor Rouge Plump+.


These lipsticks are a blend of moisturiser and matte effect which makes your lips non-drying and makes it long-lasting. Try Chambor liquid lipstick, totally worth it!

14. Faces

FACES lipstick

What is the best thing about Faces Lipsticks?

The answer is it wears off after an extended period. Other lipsticks wear off just after 4 hours, however, Faces Lipstick stays on for over 8 hours.

Faces lipsticks are very affordable, and the most expensive one costs only Rs. 550.

Best lipsticks of Faces:

Faces Canada Satin Matte Lipstick: Jazz Berry Jam, Faces Canada Moisture Rich Lipstick: Pink Wine, Faces Canada Moisture Lipstick – First Lady


Classy lipsticks with a cherry on the top in the budget of every lady which lasts for a significant amount of time.

15. Lotus

lotus lipstick

Lotus is a herbal lipstick brand in India.

Also, proudly known as India’s leading natural cosmetic company

The price of a Lotus lipstick is quite reasonable, and every one of you can afford it.

The price starts at Rs. 250 and can go up to Rs. 575 for 4.2-gram lipstick.

Best lipstick of Lotus:

Lotus Make-Up Pure Colors Lip Color, Lotus Make-Up Ecostay Lip Color, Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Matte Lip, Peach Crème, Pink Crush.


These natural lipsticks are enriched with nourishing properties which are very comforting to your lips.

16. Bourjois

Bourjois lipstick

Bourjois lipsticks come in more than ten shades.

Some of the Bourjois lipsticks are Bourjois Rouge Velvet, Bourjois Rouge edition, Bourjois Color Boost, Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick, Gloss Sweet etc.

Price range is from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000. Bourjois lipsticks are more expensive compared to others on the list.

Best lipstick of Bourjois:

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Shine Lipstick, Bourjois Paris Delhi Sanghai, Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick


A modish lipstick brand which provides different hues of shades. Makes your lips luscious, and velvety.

17. Rimmel

Rimmel lipsticks

Rimmel lipsticks are quite cheaper than Chanel or Loreal lipsticks.

Matte Range lipsticks cost only Rs 250 each and moisture renew range are for Rs. 500 each and colour show off is only Rs. 415.

You can easily afford Rimmel lipsticks for any given range.

Best lipstick of Rimmel:

Rimmel London long Lasting Finish Lipstick, Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick – Berry QueenRimmel Color Show off Lipstick – Stare at Me, Rimmel Kate Moss Shade 5 Lipstick


A sophisticated British lipstick brand is known for bright shades and best quality that fits in your budget.

18. Street Wear

street wear lipstick

Street Wear lipsticks are the cheapest lipstick brand in India.

The price starts at just Rs. 132. Even though they are cheap Street Wear lipsticks are free from lead.

Some of the shades are foxy fantasy, Chic cappuccino, spellbound, pink passion etc.

The most expensive lipstick falls under Rs. 400.

Best Lipstick of Street Wear:

Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipsticks, Spell Bound, Mystic Mauve, Ruby Riddle


A mediocre level lipstick which provides various trending shades in the best budget.

19. Estee Lauder

estee lauder lipstick

Although I should have mentioned Estee Lauder on the top but because of its price I am motioning down the list.

The company is well known, and the lipsticks are also excellent.

However, the price is very high, and not everyone can afford it.

The lipstick can start from Rs. 1700 and go up to Rs. 3500.

But the lipstick range like Pure Color, Travel Exclusive, Envy Shine etc. is all great.

Best Lipstick of Estee Lauder:

Ripped Raisin, Strapless, Hot Streak


A stylish lipstick for a beautiful damsel available in competitive prices in the market due to its high calibre. It is a must try a brand of lipsticks in India.

20. Sugar

sugar lipstick

The final lipstick brand on our list of best lipstick brand is Sugar.

The most famous four shades of Sugar lipsticks are Scarlett o Hara, Mary Poppins, Poison Ivy, Holly Golightly.

The lipsticks stay on for 4 to 5 hours, and other qualities are also quite good.

The Sugar lipsticks are affordable, and the most expensive lipstick is under Rs. 750.

So this was the list of 20 most popular lipstick brands in India. I recommend you to visit their site and find out more about the pricing.

You will also get to know more shades that have added to their brand.

Best Lipstick of Sugar:

Sugar Plush hour Matte lipstick, Sugar never say dry crème lipstick, Sugar smudge me not liquid lipstick


A lipstick brand which provides bold colours which glide onto your lips with just one sweep. Easy to use and indeed top quality lipstick. It also lasts for long hours, does not smudge.

Final Thought

From berry juice (If you remember a still from Bahubali where Tamanaha is beautified by applying the berry juice on her lips) to today’s endless variety of shades and flavours, the evolution of lipsticks over time is quite astonishing.

Tell us if you liked knowing about the best lipstick brands, in our comment section below. Let’s pout girls!

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