Top 10 Best Concealers in India for Oily Skin and Acne Scars

Ageing affects every woman. It is inevitable and irreversible. Unfortunately, ageing wreaks havoc on female skin and adversely impacts your fine facial features. Thankfully, there is nothing to worry.

Nowadays there are excellent cosmetics that retard the ageing process and conceal any damage it wrought on your skin. Among such cosmetics are concealers.

Concealers are very simple to use. Discolouration Concealers work by hiding an imperfect skin tone and making it look even. Hence, you can buy concealers in different shades.

Women in India are fortunate. They can buy concealers easily at upmarket stores and from online retailers.

So are you ready to find out some of the best concealers in India? But before we dive deep into it let’s have a look at some of the exciting facts about concealers.

best concealers in India

Interesting Facts About Concealers

The first commercial brand of concealer was developed in 1954 by Maksimiliyan Faktorowicz of Poland. He is a founder of the globally famous brand of cosmetics, Max Factor.

The first brand was thus called Max Factor Erace. Though his product received limited acceptance at first, several other cosmetic brands in India developed their own variants of concealers and makeup for women.

The global makeup market is estimated to cross US$85 billion marks by 2024. While exact figures are unavailable, about 30% of all American women use concealer and makeup.

In India too, the trend is growing as concealers become affordable and women get more conscious about the importance of appearing beautiful.

List Of Best Concealers in India

If you wish to mask ageing signs and skin discolouration, we suggest you opt for the 10 best concealers in India which are easily made available for women.

1. Lakmé Absolute White Intense Stick

Lakmé Absolute White Intense Stick

I rate Lakmé Absolute’s White Intense Concealer Stick as the best concealer in India.

It works wonders to hide ageing signs, dark circles while removing any traces of tiredness.

This top of the line concealer comes in two shades: Medium Dark and Light Medium. Additionally, it has a sunscreen property with Sun Protection Factor 20 and is fortified with Vitamin B3.

Hence, it guards your skin against sunrays Ultraviolet-A (UVA) and Ultraviolet-B (UVB) radiation.

The Vitamin B-3 compound helps promote younger looking skin. Lakmé Absolute White Intense is extremely easy to use.

Price- Rs.600

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2. Maybelline New York Fit Me

Maybelline New York concealer

Maybelline New York Fit Me concealer is also one of the best concealers in India.

An excellent feature of Maybelline New York Fit Me is versatility: You can cover or touch-up every skin blemish including dark spots under eyes, skin colourations and other unwanted elements that appear on the facial skin.

It is relatively light and hence very easy to wear. Maybelline New York Fit Me concealer has a translucent base.

Its lighter pigments highlight facial contours and features while concealing almost every blemish.

Since this brand of concealer is non-comedogenic, it does not block your facial skin pores and allowing free respiration. Its fragrance-free feature is ideal if you use perfume.

Price- Rs.475

3. L’Oreal Paris True Match

L’Oreal Paris True Match

Coming from renowned French cosmetic and skincare maker L’Oreal, the Paris True Match concealer is somewhat unique. It blends perfectly with your skin tone and texture too.

Thus, every blemish on your facial skin gets covered. L’Oreal Paris True Match also hides skin blemishes and imperfections while concealing dark circles.

It is ideal for all women since it provides light to heavy coverage of skin imperfections. It allows you to give that much-desired finish to bring out your beauty.

L’Oreal Paris True Match is fortified with Vitamin E, an essential nutrient for your skin and Pro-Vitamin B-5 that keeps your facial skin in excellent health.

Price- Rs.900

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4. LA Girl Pro Conceal HD

LA Girl Pro Conceal HD

If you are looking for a good concealer available in an amazing array of shades, LA Girl Pro Conceal HD will fit the bill.

Priced affordably, this concealer provides a crease resistant and opaque coverage of skin discolouration and imperfections as well as dark circles.

It conceals redness of the skin caused by sunburn.

Additionally, LA Girl Pro Conceal HD’s array of multiple shades means, you can find one that best matches your skin. You can also blend various shades for that extra effect.

This face concealer comes with a formula that builds on your skin and provides nourishment.

Opt for LA Girl Pro Conceal HD if you are looking for a heavy duty concealer that works wonders.

Price- Rs.625

5. Colorbar Full Cover

Colorbar Full Cover

Colorbar Full Cover is a makeup stick that offers two-in-one advantages. It works as both concealer and foundation, thus dispensing with the need to spend longer time on hiding skin imperfections and dark circles.

Colourbar Full Cover is available in three shades. This brand of concealer provides your skin with a matte look.

This concealer keeps your skin moisturised and nourished, leaving it soft and smooth.

Another distinct advantage of Colorbar Full Cover is the easy-to-apply presentation. Presented as a stick, it is easy to apply and compact.

Hence, it can be carried easily anywhere. Colorbar Full Cover is specially designed for women on the move that need to use concealer and foundation before meetings and important engagements.

It is non-oily and hence light on the skin.

Price- Rs.625

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6. NYX Professional Makeup HD Photogenic Concealer Wand

NYX Professional Makeup HD Photogenic Concealer Wand

Another best concealer for dark circles is offered by NYX professional.

By any yardstick, this product offers superior coverage of skin imperfections, discolouration and dark circles under your eyes.

Being light on the skin, it does not form a thick layer and is almost invisible once applied.

You can buy NYX Professional Makeup HD Photogenic Concealer Wand in 15 different shades.

This allows blending shades to get a perfect one that best suits your skin. NYX is a leading brand of makeup and skincare products from the US.

NYX Professional Makeup HD Photogenic Concealer Wand is an ideal product if you are looking for medium to heavy coverage of skin imperfections, dark circles and discolouration.

Presented as a “wand”, it is easy to carry. It dries immediately upon applications and can be used when in a hurry to look your best.

Price- Rs.550

7. Bonjour Paris Professional Concealer Palette

Bonjour Paris Professional Concealer Palette

Though this brand is relatively lesser known, it is best suited for women that require different shades of concealers for various occasions.

Bonjour Paris Concealer Palette comes with five different shades and an applicator that is useful for covering minor skin imperfections and dark circles.

This concealer is well suited for younger women that do not suffer from severe discolourations and dark circles under eyes.

You can buy the Bonjour Paris Professional Concealer Palette in two variants: one containing five shades of mud brown concealer and another with different hues of sandy beige. This concealer is oil free.

Yet, it contains moisturiser and Vitamin-E to give your skin that soft and supple feel.

Additionally, Bonjour Paris Concealers have Sun Protection Factor 15 to prevent damage to the facial skin from harsh sunlight.

Price- Rs.500

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8. Me Now 15 Shades Highlighter Contour Cream Concealer Palette

Me Now 15 Shades Highlighter Contour Cream Concealer Palette

Me Now is a concealer brand in India available online only. It is an imported brand. Me Now is a great concealer that appeals to younger women who do not suffer from severe skin discolouration, dark circles under eyes or skin wrinkles.

Me Now 15 Shades is presented as a palette. It contains concealers of 15 different shades, albeit in smaller quantities.

This waterproof concealer hides fine lines and wrinkles while minimising their formation. It also provides excellent coverage to minor scars.

This is a reasonably good product if you are looking at concealers for light or occasional use. Me Now 15 Shades moisturises your skin and allows for contouring of facial features.

Price- Rs.500

9. The One IlluSkin

One IlluSkin best concealer

The One IlluSkin concealer affords you a natural look. It helps to lighten and conceal dark circles under your eyes. Additionally, it hides wrinkles, skin discolouration, uneven pigmentation, spots and other blemishes.

The One IlluSkin is very light on the skin, being a non-greasy formulation.

The One IlluSkin is available in two exclusive shades: Nude Beige and Fair Light. The Nude Beige shade does not impart any other hue to your facial skin.

Instead, it enables you to conceal all skin imperfections in a shade that is exactly the same as your skin.

Fair Light is more useful for women that want to have a lighter facial skin with their concealer. The One IlluSkin is fortified with moisturiser to keep your skin soft and smooth.

Price- Rs.260

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10. Lakmé Absolute White Intense Liquid Concealer

Lakmé Absolute White Intense Liquid Concealer

Really serious about using a liquid concealer?

Then opt for the Lakmé Absolute White Intense Liquid Concealer. Since this is a liquid concealer and hence takes longer to apply, I rank this at the end.

However, this product from Lakmé is one of the best concealers in India available in local beauty stores and online websites in India. It is available in four shades and comes with SPF-25 for added protection of your skin against harmful sunlight.

Since this is a liquid concealer, it offers an even skin tone. This product has skin brightening effects and is rich in pigments that help you conceal every flaw from dark circles to serious skin imperfections.

It covers almost every blemish perfectly. But a word of caution: This is a concealer for women serious about their beauty.

It is definitely not for any woman that uses concealers in a hurry. Used properly, this excellent product from Lakmé will give you a spotless, ageless, even skin tone and a radiant complexion.

Price- Rs.550

Wrap Up

India is a massive market for concealers. Hence, you also have a lot of imported brands from Japan, France and the US competing with their Indian counterparts for a share of this lucrative market.

Contrary to popular belief, concealers are not used by women facing skin discolouration, dark circles and other blemishes due to ageing.

Instead, an increasing number of younger women are turning to concealers since it enhances their beauty.

If you are among those beauty conscious women, we strongly recommend you buy a high-quality concealer. They conceal blemishes while nourishing and moisturising facial skin.

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