Top 10 Best Foundation Brands in India

Does your self-confidence ever drop when you see a pimple or a zit on your face?

Do you ever wish that maybe you had lighter skin or a better complexion? Or maybe that you had someone to guide you on which beauty products to use and which to ignore?

Worry not. Here are some of the best foundation brands in India that will help you love yourself better.

What is Foundation?

Foundations come in different types. It’s sometimes a powder or sometimes a liquid. Depending on your likes you can purchase whichever kind you feel suits you best.

Foundation is applied to the face in order to cover any marks that are visible and create a thing even layer to give it a better complexion.

Top 10 Best Foundation Brands in India

Foundations are easy to use and they help you give yourself a better look. Below, we have listed 10 brands from highest to lowest, that are highly appreciated by the majority of the women in India along with their prices

Please note, the prices may vary depending on the place of purchase.

1. L’Oreal

L’Oreal foudation Top 10 Best Foundation Brands in India

Price: Rs. 500/- to Rs. 3,000/-

At present, we have reason to believe that L’Oreal is one of the best foundation brands in India. Their products are very popular among females in India. Ranging from small teenage girls to adult women, everyone is using these products and are being satisfied with its outcome.

L’Oreal has a number of products for all skin types. They offer a variety of foundations that they hope will satisfy their customers.

They sell foundations that match every skin type. Their products are safe to use causing no harm to the skin.

The ‘L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation’ is to die for. This foundation lasts for 24 hours with a matte finish.

It is waterproof and smudge-proof which means that you can go about your daily activities without worrying that it will come off.

2. Lakme

lakme foundation

Price: Rs. 150/- to Rs. 750/-

Lakme is another top-selling brand which is loved by many people. Lakme offers a variety of products to choose from.

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing Lakme products is that these products protect your skin. Some of them have sun protection and act as a sunscreen whilst giving you a beautiful look.

Lakme products last throughout the day after being applied. Lakme offers many products that are suitable for all skin tones. While buying these products you should always see which shade suits you best so that it can bring out your best features.

‘Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse Foundation’ is the highest-selling Lakme product.

This is because this foundation gives you a feather-light texture, making you feel like you have no makeup on. It moisturizes the skin and lasts up to 16 hours.

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3. Maybelline New York

maybelline foundation

Price: Rs. 300/- Rs. 1,200/

Very recently, Maybelline has launched its protective foundation makeup. This product has SPF 50+ antioxidants.

Most of Maybelline products protect the skin against UVA/UVB rays. Maybelline is a world-famous brand that is loved by all.

Maybelline was founded by a 19-year-old entrepreneur in 1915. Since that time this brand has only been growing and being demanded by millions of people all over the globe.

‘Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation Tube’ is the easiest product to carry around while traveling or to keep inside a wallet. It gives a natural-looking finish and is available for all skin tones.

4. Lotus Herbals

lotus foundation

Price: Rs. 365/- to Rs. 795/-

Lotus Herbals was founded in the year 1993. One of the most important things about Lotus Herbals is that all their products include natural ingredients.

Which means that their products are not chemical-based and it is not tested on animals.

Along with including natural products, Lotus Herbals’ foundations also include sun protection factor. Lotus Herbals ‘Lotus Make-up Ecostay Long Lasting Foundation SPF 20’ is the most demanded.

Along with giving you a good look it also protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. To look through all their products and purchase the ones you like best you can visit Amazon.

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5. Oriflame


Price: Rs. 200/- to Rs. 800/-

Oriflame is a Swedish company that offers many different products under the foundation category. ‘Oriflame The ONE everlasting foundation’ is one of the top-selling products at present.

In the cosmetic department, we see brands offering products that won’t wear for 24 hours. However, this Oriflame product offers 25-hour wear.

This means that the product is so long-lasting that it could last for more than a day if not removed with a makeup remover or oil.

The majority of Oriflame products are transfer-resistant, which means that the foundation will not rub off on to anything. That’s why their products fall under the best foundation brands in India.

To buy these products you could always purchase them from the comfort of your home by logging on to Amazon.

6. Revlon

Revlon foundation

Price: 350/- to 2,500/-

Revlon is one of the oldest most trusted brands in India, since its first launch of cosmetics in the year 1932. Revlon has kept their customers satisfied since the very beginning.

Revlon foundation caters to all types of skin from dry to normal and normal to oily.

At the moment ‘Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Foundation’ is the highest sold product. This foundation gives a poreless look because of the light filtering technology.

One of the best reasons to buy these foundations on Amazon is that they have descriptions given below that help you choose which one suits you best.

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7.  Avon

Avon foundation

Price: Rs. 200/- to Rs. 700/-

Avon is one of the top-selling brands for cosmetics. Avon foundation has a sun protection factor of 2o to 30. It is one of the most trusted brands in India.

‘Avon True Color Ideal Luminous Cashmere Advanced Foundation SPF 25’ is being raved about among women. This foundation is available for all skin types and skin tones. It is the highest sold product at present.

Unlike other brands, the quality of Avon products are good at a low price. Consumers of this product find it worth it to purchase it. To find the product you’re looking for, you can visit Amazon and view all the products Avon has to offer.

8. Colorbar

Colorbar foundation

Price: 500/- to 1,500/-

One of the most interesting things about Colorbar’s foundation are their names. For example, there is Apple Crunch Foundation 05, Petal Fair Foundation 002, etc.

Colorbar is in the Premium segment of India’s leading cosmetic brands. ‘Ivory Fair Foundation 001’ and ‘Petal Fair Foundation 002’ are the highest selling product of Colorbar.

One more plus point about purchasing Colorbar foundations is that the price of their products are reasonable. If you want to look at the variety that Colorbar offers, Amazon is one of the best places to do so.

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9. Wet N Wild

Wet N Wild

Price: Rs. 300/- to Rs. 600/-

Wet N Wild sells its products in small bottles. Inside the cap of the bottle, there is a brush attached that makes it easier for applying. These bottles are also easy to carry in small bags or purses.

‘Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation’ is the most popular foundation product. With this foundation, you have 24/7 camera-ready makeup.

One of the best features of this foundation is that it gives a light-adjusting complex. This means that you will look perfect in every picture you click.

The price range of this foundation is affordable, and so millions of people tend to use it.

10. Faces

faces foundation

Price: Rs. 400/- Rs. 1,500/-

‘Faces Ultime Pro Second Skin Foundation’ leaves you with a natural matte finish look. If you are the type of person who does not like putting heavy makeup then this product would be perfect for you. This product is one of the best foundations produced by this brand.

The beauty of Faces products are that they are hypoallergenic and they are safe to use no matter what skin type it is.

Faces foundations are sold as creams, liquids, and even sticks. Selling it as a stick makes it easy for women to carry it everywhere they go. All these products are available on Amazon.

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Wrap Up

Foundation is one of the easiest cosmetic products to apply. However, if not blended properly or does not suit your skin tone it could be your worst nightmare. This is why we have listed out the top 10 best foundation brands that will help you.

These products are easy to purchase and use. After using these products you are going to love yourself even more so than before.

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