10 Fastest Trains in India

Trains are one of the most convenient and cheapest modes of transport. Majority of Indians prefer using trains as a means of transport from one place to another because one reaches fast and not a lot of money is spent.

As years go by we are being introduced to new types of trains. We have our local trains which millions of people travel by daily, The Indian bullet trains, express trains, etc.

Nowadays, people who travel long distances prefer using superfast trains.

What is a Superfast Train?

A superfast train runs at a speed of 140 to 160km/h. This kind of express train doesn’t stop at all stations and reaches its destination within a few hours.

Here is a list of the top 10 fastest trains in India.

Top 10 Fastest Trains in India

Just in case you’re wondering which are the fastest trains in India to get from Point-A to Point-B, here is our latest list.

These trains are zooming across the length and breadth of India enabling passengers to reach their destinations much faster. These superfast trains also provide a higher degree of comfort

1. Gatimaan Express

Gatimaan express 10 Fastest Trains in India
Image Source: wikipedia

Speed: 160km/hour

Route: New Delhi-Agra

Gatimaan Express operates at a speed of 160km/hour (99 mph) and is the fastest train in India.

Although, This was before the Vande Bharat train was introduced.

This train leaves New Delhi and reaches Agra in just 100 minutes.

This train consists of 12 Ac coaches which includes two restaurants in which the passengers can dine.

2. Tejas Express

Tejas Express 10 Fastest Trains in India
Image source: financialexpress.com

Speed: 160km/hour.

Route: Lucknow-New Delhi

The Tejas Express is the fastest train operated by the Chennai-Madurai sector. This train was launched by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in 2018.

This train travels from Lucknow to New Delhi at the speed of 160km/hour and runs for six days a week.

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3. Vande Bharat Express

Vande Bharat 10 Fastest Trains in India
Image Source: financialexpress.com

Speed: 130km/hour

Route: New Delhi-Varanasi

The latest superfast train that has been introduced in 2019 is the Vande Bharat Express. It is also known as Train 18.

This train runs from New Delhi to Varanasi in just about eight hours. It does not halt at any stations excluding Kanpur and Prayagraj.

The Vande Bharat train can achieve speeds over 180km/hour (110 mph). However to ensure the safety of the passengers this route has a speed restriction. Due to this restriction, the train does not exceed the limit of 130km/hour.

4. Shatabdi Express

shatabdi 10 Fastest Trains in India
Image Source: hindi.indiatvnews.com

Speed: 150km/hour

Route: New Delhi-Bhopal

The Shatabdi Express which runs from New Delhi to Bhopal travels at 150km/hour. It takes about 8 hours and 25 mins to complete this journey.

Its first service was in the year 1988. Even today after the new superfast trains that are being introduced the Shatabdi Express still remains one of the top four fastest trains in India.

5. Rajdhani Express

MUMBAI DELHI RAJDHANI 10 Fastest Trains in India
Image Source: financialexpress

Speed: 130km/hour

Route: New Delhi-Mumbai

Initially, the Rajdhani Express took roughly about 16 hours to travel from New Delhi to Mumbai with a speed of 130km/hour.

Now, the Indian railway government has introduced the train with one more extra locomotive.

Originally, this train had only one fixed at the start of the train, but now there will be one more locomotive that will be attached to the end of the train as well.

This will help the train to accelerate and stop without wasting too much time on it. Due to this technique the train will now reach its destination one hour earlier.

6.  Duronto Express

10 Fastest Trains in India
Image Source: indiatoday

Speed: 130km/hour

Route: Sealdah-New Delhi

The Duronto Express departs from Sealdah and takes about 15 hours to reach New Delhi. It travels at a speed of 130km/hour.

This trains generally does not make many halts. The maximum number of stops it makes is four.

7. Shatabdi Express (New Delhi-Kanpur)

10 Fastest Trains in India
Image source: livehindustan

Speed: 130km/hour

Route: New Delhi-Kanpur

Kanpur is 440 km away from New Delhi. With the use of the Shatabdi Express one can reach their destination in 4 hours 55 mins.

The average speed of this train is about 130km/hour. During this journey the train halts at only two stations in between which are, Gaziabad junction and Etawah junction.

Although there is no pantry car on this train, the passengers are provided with on-board catering and e-catering. 

8. Rajdhani Express (New Delhi-Howrah)

Rajdhani Express New Delhi Howrah 10 Fastest Trains in India
Image source: indiarailinfo

Speed: 130km/hour

Route: New Delhi-Howrah

The Rajdhani Express is a fully air conditioned train. It travels from New Delhi to Howrah and takes 17 hours and 20 mins to reach its destination.

This train travels a distance of 1531 km with an average speed of 130km/hour making it the eighth fastest train in India.

However, the railways plan to increase the speed of this train to 160km/hour in the next four years. This will reduce the time of the journey bringing it down to 12 hours.

 During this travel the train makes 7 halts in total. The Rajdhani Express includes a pantry car, on-board catering as well as e-catering. It also includes an onboard wi-fi service.

9. Garib Rath Express (Kolkata-Patna)

Garib Rath Express Kolkata Patna 10 Fastest Trains in India
Image Source: indiarailinfo

Speed: 130km/hour

Route: Kolkata-Patna

The Garib Rath Express was introduced in order to provide for the people who wanted to travel in air conditioned trains but could not afford the tickets of the Rajdhani and other superfast trains.

The Garib Rath Express travels at a high speed of 130km/hour.

This train does not provide the passengers with blankets or pillows like the other express trains. However, if the passengers want blankets they will have to pay extra for them.

10. The Yuva Express (New Delhi-Howrah)

The Yuva Express New Delhi Howrah 10 Fastest Trains in India
Image Source: wikipedia

Speed: 130km/hour

Route: New Delhi-Howrah

The Yuva Express travels through a route from New Delhi to Howrah at a speed of 130km/hour. The 13 coach express train was originally meant for the unemployed youth and economically poor people.

Since April many people have started using this express train as they feel that it is economically suitable for them.

Wrap up

These are the top 10 superfast trains in India. Among all the trains that are available these were the most popular and most demanded by the public. These trains are much appreciated by the people who travel in them regularly.

If one wants to reach their destination at the earliest but also want to travel in luxury then they should make use of these specific trains.

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