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Top 10 Antivirus for PC in India

The advent of smart and high language programming gave birth to amazing software, operating systems and interfaces.

But their negative aspect also introduces us with malicious programs and viruses. Security of identity and documents are another aspect where phishing is taking a heavy toll.

Thus to secure our files, documents and all our personal belongings on the internet and operating system we need an antivirus with cybersecurity.

To protect ourselves from these attacks we look for the best possible antivirus that fits our budget.

After online reviewing best antivirus software, their impact on trojan attacks and the additional security features they are offering to ensure security on all our devices, we are providing you with the list of best antiviruses to ensure security to your personal files.

List of Top 10 Antivirus For PC in India

1. McAfee Total Protection:

 McAfee provides the best antivirus package for Windows, Mac and Android devices.

The antivirus protects your system from Trojan and viruses occurring from the internet and other connected devices.

It also blocks malicious URL’s and provides Malware, Website and Vulnerability Scan.

The premium edition protects your devices from phishing and various vulnerable internet threats. The version also protect personal devices and Wi-Fi network from unauthorized access.

Macafee Price in India: Rs 1,400 per device per year

Bitdefender Total Security 2019:

 Bitdefender ranks among the best antiviruses of 2019. It provides security for Windows, Mac and Android devices.

Bitdefender protects your system by scanning malware and vulnerable threats occurring

from websites.

Bitdefender Total Security creates an advanced protective shield that even protects cameras on your PC’s and Cellphones to prevent any intrusions into your privacy.

Bitdefender also provides ‘Network Threat Prevention’ i.e. to stop attacks before they even reach to the system.

Price: Rs 1,399 for 3 devices per year.

BullGuard Premium Protection

 BullGuard is considered as one of the best antivirus for multi-purpose. The antivirus is capable of protecting 6 devices at a time. The software is installed with malware, website and vulnerability scanner.

The software also provides utilities to enhance the PC speed. BullGuard also enhances your PC gaming speed by minimizing the background apps and boosting the performance. Apart from that, the ‘Home Network Scanner’ is the most unique aspect of the software. It provides enhanced protection for each and every connected device.

Price: Rs 4,250 for 3 devices per year

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Kaspersky Total Security:

 Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus in India. The antivirus protects your system from all kind of vulnerabilities persisting inside internet.

Kaspersky provides ‘Kaspersky Security Cloud’ that provides personalized security service. The antivirus is considered one of the best in securing VPN, browser passwords and cloud security.

Price: Rs 2,149 a device a year

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Norton Security Standard:

When it comes to most trusted antiviruses in India, then Norton takes the top spot.

Norton provides invulnerability against most of the viruses and Trojans of the internet and other devices.

Norton safeguards your identity and online transactions.

The premium also provides 25 GB of secure cloud storage for your PC.

Apart from that, the software also provides automatic backup for photos, financial documents and other important documents in the system.

Price: Rs 1,199 per device per year

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AVG Internet Security Unlimited:

 AVG provides enhanced firewall to block hackers. The antivirus is considered as one of the most user friendly and cheapest antivirus.

AVG is considered as one of the best antivirus for securing profile from a scam, spam and phishing emails.

The premium edition of the software is installed with utilities to enhance software performance.

Apart from that, the software also provides secure online transactions by avoiding fake websites for safer transaction

Price: Rs 350 per device per year

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Checkpoint Zone Alarm Extreme Security:

Zone Alarm is one of the best security software for multiple devices. The antivirus is designed with advanced technologies that protect users from malware and internet security threats by scanning the cache data of websites.

Zone Alarm anti-ransomware is the premium edition that protects all your files from all type of ransomware attacks, capable of quickly fixing any encryption.

Price: Rs 3,199 for 5 devices per year

Trend Micro Maximum Security:

Trend Micro maximum security provides enhanced antivirus and internet security programs that secure user’s database from malware attacks.

The user-friendly interface provides one of the best background scannings without disrupting running programs.

If you are buying premium edition then you would get an advantage of protecting your PC and mobile simultaneously.

Price: Rs 2,060 for single device a year

Webroot Internet Security Plus:

If you are looking for faster and reliable scanning results then Webroot is best for you.

The software protects the user database and identity by securing their browsing with real-time anti-phishing.

The unique aspect of Webroot is 20 times faster results which consume least amount of time.

Webroot also features ‘Antivirus for PC Gamers’ that protects user from loss of any personal data during their gameplay.

Price: Rs 1,665 for single operating device

Panda dome premium:

Panda Security - Antivirus & VPN WW
 Panda uses ‘Big Data and Machine learning’ that analyses the behavior of artificial intelligence.

This phenomenon helps the software to take action if the process is malicious and detect the attack before they even happen.

Panda dome premium features facilities like ‘Premium VPN’ through which you can access internet content without any limitation.

It also includes ‘Parental controls’ that allow you to monitor your family’s activities and location.

These advanced features make Panda dome as one of the best antivirus for windows 10 and Mac OS.

Price: Rs 4,800 for 5 devices per year

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If you are looking to protect your computer and devices connected to it, it’s better to purchase an antivirus instead of downloading it for free.

With licensed version, your PC will be resistant to any incoming threat from the internet or any other source.

In my opinion, the best antivirus you can use for your devices are Bitdefender, Norton or AVG due to their cost, ease of use and memory consumption.

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