Top 10 Best Beard Growth Oil in India For Men Which Give You That Hunk Look

Growing a Beard isn’t Easy. It’s really Difficult to Grow Beard.

But that doesn’t stop men from Sporting a beard.

Nowadays, sporting a beard has become very fashionable in India. Top movie stars and sports personalities sport some sort of beard.

While it is okay to grow a beard, maintaining it can prove very difficult. Hence, you need good quality beard oil. It makes your beard look silky and smooth.

Further, beard oil also protects facial skin against bacterial and fungal infections, odour and rashes.

If you sport a beard, buy a good quality oil that is available in the market. Here is a list of 10 best beard oil in India that can be purchased at stores and online.

Top 10 Best beard Growth oil in India

List Of Top 11 Best Beard Growth Oil in India

1. Ustraa Mooch & Beard Oil

Ustraa Mooch & Beard Oil

The first beard growing product to top our list of best beard growth oil in India is Ustraa Mooch & Beard Oil.

Ustraa Mooch & Beard Oil is free of sulfates and other harmful chemicals. The oil lasts for over 12 hours on single application, provided you do not wash your beard.

This facial hair growth oil contains Wheat Germ Oil that provides nutrients including Vitamins A, E and D as well as those from the B-Complex group to keep your beard healthy while nourishing facial skin.

Ustraa Mooch & Beard Oil also contains Cedar Oil that gives Ustraa Mooch and Beard Oil its unique, refreshing fragrance.

Price- Rs. 900

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2. Caredbeards Yellow Range

Caredbeards Yellow Range beard oil

Caredbeards Yellow Range Beard Oil contains virgin avocado oil, virgin papaya seed oil, golden jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, Castor oil, virgin argon oil, Vitamin E oil and three essential oils.

These provide nutrition to your beard and facial skin. It prevents beard from splitting.

Using this beard tonic also enables you to get rid of frizz and tangles to give a conditioned, soft and well-nourished beard. Caredbeards Yellow Range beard oil comes with a great fragrance.

It is an essential component of grooming for men that sports a beard.

Price- Rs. 500

3. Legendaro Beard Oil

Legendaro Beard Oil

Manufacturers of Legendaro Beard Oil claim it is fortified with real musk and pheromones to attract other people.

Legendaro Beard Oil also contains jojoba oil, argan oil, vitamin e to provide nourishment to beard and skin.

It promotes facial hair growth. This product is useful to make your beard appear well-maintained. Its application gives the beard a silky, lustrous look.

Legendaro Beard Oil is free of sulfates and other chemical ingredients that can cause damage to beard. Regardless of the pheromones, this beard oil’s fragrance is very exquisite.

Price- Rs. 400

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4. Satthwa Beard Oil Original


Satthwa Beard Oil Original is uniquely formulated to keep your beard and mustache hydrated & your skin moisturised.

This will also leave your beard smelling awesome. It is made from all natural and 100% pure ingredients such as Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil & Oud Essential Oil.

Price: Rs 425

5. Beardo Hair Growth Oil

Beardo Hair Growth Oil

Beardo Hair Growth Oil contains all nutrients necessary to develop and maintain a healthy, silky beard.

It is one of the leading brands of beard oil in India. Beardo Hair Growth Oil promotes the development of facial hair.

It can also be used to promote hair growth and can be applied safely on your scalp. This product has a very delightful fragrance.

Beardo Hair Growth Oil was developed keeping in mind men’s need of growing a proper beard from the very start. This beard growing oil also helps groom your beard and imparts the much-desired lustre.

Price- Rs. 750

6. The Real Man Classic Beard Oil

The Real Man Classic Beard Oil for beard growth

If you are looking for organic beard oil, opt for The Real Man Classic. It contains premium and natural essential oils.

These ingredients are claimed to be the finest and hence do not cause any irritation or allergies when used on your beard.

Organic oils used in The Real Man Classic are in use since centuries by men, from a time when shaving was relatively rare.

Oils contained in this brand also provide nourishment to facial skin and hair. The Real Man Classic Beard Oil has a great fragrance.

Price- Rs. 400

7. Beardhood Earthy Tones

Beardhood Earthy Tones

Beardhood Earthy Tones beard oil has a very unique fragrance. The fragrance is sweet and fresh.

It is called Earthy Tone since the fragrance resembles that of tropical forest after fresh rain.  Beardhood Earth Tones beard oil is made with natural plant extracts including jojoba oil, argan oil, rice bran oil, olive oil and Vitamin E Oil.

These and other essential oils used to make Beardhood Earthy Tones are sourced from countries as far as Indonesia, Morocco and Italy.

This is best quality facial hair growth oil in India which gets easily absorbed. Hence it allows for easy and fast grooming of the beard.

Price- Rs. 200

8. The Yogi Mystic Beard Growth Oil

The Yogi Mystic Beard Growth Oil

Another best beard growth oil in India is The Yogi Mystic Beard Growth Oil.

The Yogi Mystic Beard Growth Oil is very useful if you are planning on growing a beard or maintaining the one you already sport.

It is made of essential oils including argan oil, jojoba oil, vitamin-E oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil and Aloe Vera extract.

The Yogi Mystic beard oil promotes the growth of facial hair by nourishing facial skin. It also acts to strengthen beard hair roots.

Additionally, oils and nutrients used in The Yogi Mystic oil will give your beard that well groomed and stylish look. It is light on the beard and draws its fragrance from various essential oils.

Price- Rs. 400

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9. L’Bert Beard Growth Oil

L’Bert Beard Growth Oil

L’bert Beard Growth Oil is a natural and vegan beard growing product in India. It stimulates the growth of facial hair while nourishing your beard.

This brand of beard oil does not contain silicone and sulfates.

It helps prevent itching. L’bert Beard Growth Oil helps fight beard problems including dandruff and stunted growth.

It contains argan oil, rosemary oil,   clove oil, olive oil, almond oil and, red clover extracts. It works to reduce frizz and stress on the beard, giving it a full, glistening and healthy appearance.

Price- Rs. 450

10. Raw Nature Beard Oil

Raw Nature Beard Oil

Raw Nature Beard Oil contains Patchouli and cinnamon oil. It conditions facial hair. Regular use of Raw Nature Beard Oil cures and prevents beard itches that can prove very embarrassing.

This oil protects, softens and nourishes your beard while replenishing the skin with moisturising nutrients.

The oil has a beautiful fragrance of warm cinnamon and spicy patchouli. Try Raw Nature Beard Oil if you are inclined towards products that have spicy and woody fragrance.

It is indeed a unique moustache growing oil in India.

Price- Rs. 750

11. Bombay Shaving Company Beard Butter

Bombay Shaving Company Beard Butter

The last one to feature on this list of best beard growing oils in India is Bombay Shaving Company Beard Butter.

Bombay Shaving Company Beard Butter is a different kind of product for growing and grooming your beard.

It is more like crème than oil. This facial cream contains olive oil that removes dullness of your beard. It also protects the beard against damage by heat and dust.

Liquid shea butter in this product helps remove frizz, keep the beard free of tangles and shape your beard and moustache.

This is not only a top rated beard growth cream in India but also is a natural beard softener as it is fortified with Keratin- a natural protein that occurs in the hair.

It has a warm Oriental fragrance that consists of notes of amber, sandalwood and musk.

Price- Rs. 700

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To Sum Up

Beard oil is not merely to give that shiny and healthy look. Most products come with nutrients, moisturisers and other ingredients that help develop and maintain a great and healthy beard.

They contain oils and ingredients that help prevent itch and beard dandruff, among other problems. Admittedly, beard oils are expensive.

However, growing and maintaining a beard is NO child’s play. It requires extra efforts and care. Hence, buying the best beard growth oil offers value for money.

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