10 Most Comfortable and Stylish Panty Brands in India

As a woman, you might encounter several problems while selecting the right innerwear. The market is flooded with cheap brands and imitations of reputed ones.

Some are made with poor quality fabric and elastic. Hence, it is essential to select the right brand of panty that suits your pockets and specific feminine needs.

Importance of Good Panties

Women need to buy good quality panties for numerous reasons.

Firstly, females are more susceptible to urinary tract infections and irritations. Hence, panties made with wrong fabric can trigger off allergies or worse, cause infections due to abrasions.

Secondly, your panty needs to aptly conceal sanitary napkins and panty-liners.

Thirdly, they have to be comfortable to wear all day and finally, easy to maintain.

These and lot many reasons make it vital you select a best panty brand. Since innerwear has a shorter lifespan than outer garments, women also opt for economic brands.

Instead of buying any panty off the shelves, here are some best panty brands made with superior quality fabrics that may fit both- your shape and purse.

best Panty Brands in India

List of 10 Best Panty Brands in India

1. Jockey

best jockey underwear

The first one to top the list of best panty brands in India is Jockey.

Jockey panties are very popular among women in India. They are made in India by Page Industries Ltd, under license from its American brand owner, Jockey International Inc.

In fact, Jockey brand of panties made in India is exported to various countries in Asia including the Philippines, Sri Lanka, UAE and Qatar. Jockey has among the most extensive range of panties in India.

They are available from purely functional ones to very stylish varieties, based on designs and patterns created by fashion designers in the US and elsewhere. Jockey panties are available at brand stores, upmarket shops and boutiques as well as E-commerce websites in India.

Price Range: Rs.175 onwards

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2. Hanes

hanes women innerwear

Hanes is a brand of American clothing and an innerwear brand for ladies that have been around since 1901. The company manufactures high-quality panties and very affordably priced panties in India.

Hanes range of panties is available from their brand stores at malls in major cities, upmarket stores and online.

Hanes ensures that panties made in India conform to global standards for female innerwear. Hence, they are made with superior quality cotton and blended fabrics.

Hanes panties come with the highest quality elastic for maximum comfort. When you buy a Hanes panty, you are assured of wearing an international quality product.

Price Range: Rs.275 onwards

3. VIP Feelings

VIP feelings

VIP innerwear is a household name in India. The company, VIP Clothing Ltd ranks among the pioneers of India’s innerwear industry. VIP Feelings range of includes basic and functional as well as fancy panties to suit women of all ages.

The company also manufactures panties for use during and after pregnancy. VIP Feelings panties are made with cotton and other superior quality fabrics.

The waistband is made of 100% genuine elastic to prevent abrasions, lesions and panty rash in sensitive areas.

Additionally, select products from VIP Feelings range of panties are created with fabrics that come with Aegis Microbe Shield- a technology developed by the manufacturers after research. These panties help prevent urinary tract infections.

Price Range: Rs.200 onwards

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4. Rupa Softline

Rupa Softline

Another best panty brand in India is made available by Rupa

Rupa Softline is a ladies panty brand made with high-quality cotton. Rupa Softline panties are also designed to provide maximum comfort and fit perfectly.

They come in different shades and designs that appeal to your aesthetics. Rupa Softline ranks among the leading undergarment brands in India.

The company has introduced a premium range- Rupa Softline Butterfly- which is slightly pricey but offers an exceptionally high level of comfort and fit.

Price Range: Rs.175 onwards

5. Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom

Founded in 1851 in the American state of Rhode Island, this is the oldest panty brand for women. Worldwide, Fruit of the Loom panties is known for their stylish designs and patterns.

Fruit of the Loom manufactures panties in India using indigenously grown, high-quality cotton and original imported elastic. They also have panties made of blended fabric. Fruit of the Loom panties come in various types to suit all feminine needs.

You can buy a Fruit of the Loom panty to wear while engaging in sports and outdoor activities or for special purposes such as use during pregnancy. Fruit of the Loom panties is excellent value for money.

However, exercise caution while buying Fruit of the Loom panties: since the brand is extremely popular, there are several fakes available in the market.

Yet, you can purchase original Fruit of the Loom panties from reputed stores and online retailers.

Price Range: Rs.200 onwards

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6. Dora

Dora panty

Some decades ago, Dora panties were only available in select markets across India. Dora has been manufacturing panties since 1952. Today, it ranks among the topmost manufacturers of Indian panties

The brand is owned by the Kolkata-based firm, HP Textile Mills Pvt Ltd. It sources cotton and other fabrics from only the best manufacturers in India. Consequently, Dora panties offer a very high degree of comfort.

Go for a Dora if you are looking for basic and functional panties that come in a wide range of colours and patterns.

In fact, Dora panties are very popular in rural parts of India too, thanks to the vast network of distributors and retailers of the brand.

Additionally, Dora panties have won markets in the Middle East, Europe and Africa too. Dora panties are durable and created to last, despite being made of superior fabrics. Hence, they offer excellent value for money.

Price Range: Rs.125 onwards

7. Dollar Missy

Dollar Missy

Another Indian undergarment brand specially meant for women is Dollar Missy.

If you are looking for a purely Indian product that meets and exceeds international standards of female innerwear, go for Dollar Missy panties. They have every feature you would expect of a truly global brand.

In fact, Dollar holds a 15% stake of the Indian innerwear market, including that of panties for women. Dollar sponsors many events and has become a household name in India. You can buy Dollar Missy panties anywhere in the country.

Since they are in high demand, it is possible to buy a Dollar Missy panty even at your neighbourhood hosiery store. Additionally, Dollar Missy ranks among the largest selling brands of panties for women in the Middle East.

The company now also exports Dollar Missy panties across Asia, parts of Eastern Europe and Africa.

Dollar Missy panties are available for functional as well as stylish use. Hence, you have a wide range of panties from the Dollar Missy brand to select.

Price Range: Rs.200 onwards

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8. Lux Touch/Lux Karishma

Lux Karishma

Innerwear is an inside affair. That is how Lux Industries Ltd based in Kolkata first advertised its products. Its catchphrase: “Yeh and ki Baat hai,” (this is an inside affair) is famous even today despite making its TV debut in 1992.

For women, the company manufactures two excellent ranges of panties: Lux Touch and the recently launched Lux Karishma.

Panties from Lux are made with 100% soft cotton. The company uses highly absorbent fabrics that uniquely suits the needs of women.

Additionally, Lux range of panties is fitted with original elastic, just above the waist. This elastic or elastane is made of a material that prevents perspiration to provide a smooth and comfortable feel to the wearer.

Lux Touch is a brand of basic panties while Lux Karishma is for stylish women. Both are very reasonably priced and come in exquisite colours and patterns.

Price Range: Rs.125 onwards

9. Macrowoman W-Series

Macrowoman W-Series

Manufactured by Rupa & Co, the Macrowoman W-Series range of branded panties will appeal to the younger generation and working women. They are high-quality panties that provide great functionality.

Macrowoman W-series panties are crafted with top of the line fabrics with designs made by fashion experts. The brand is meant to cater to the unique needs of women.

The brand ‘Macrowoman’ emerged as part of women empowerment initiatives taken by the manufactures: it symbolises independence, confidence and energy of modern women.

Macrowoman W-Series panties can be bought from thousands of outlets across India or ordered online. It is one of the most famous brands of innerwear for women and hence readily available.

Price Range: Rs.200 onwards

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10. Dixcy


The last one to feature amongst the best panty brands in India is Dixcy.

Dixcy Textiles Ltd offers a fantastic range of panties for women.

These include Dixcy Josh, Dixcy Candy and Dixcy Scott. You can buy basic and functional panties from Dixcy to very slim and fashionable ones.

These panties are targeted at younger women who look for highly fashionable yet functional and affordable innerwear. The Dixcy range of panties meets all these requirements.

They are made with highly absorbent cotton fabric and have superior quality elastic waistlines. Hence, Dixcy panties do not cause allergies or abrasions to sensitive areas of your body.

Dixcy panties are available in extra slim, slim, regular and boxer types. Since they are very economically priced, you can stock various kinds of Dixcy panties to wear according to need and occasion.

Price Range: Rs. 100 onwards

Final Thoughts

Brands listed above rank among the best available for women in India. As we can see, these panties are affordably priced and made with the most excellent material to meet feminine requirements. You can buy a good quality panty.

But it is very essential to maintain them properly to ensure they last longer. Improper methods of using and washing panties are the main culprits for the elastic waistband and material wearing out faster.

When you consider buying from these top panty brands, also follow proper instructions for their care to get the best value for money.

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