10 Best Shirt Brands in India for Men to Consider for a Smart Look

“The first step to being respected is to look respected”-says Louis Raphael, a leading menswear manufacturer.

The primary aspect to be taken into consideration for this respectable look is your attire. Your appearance relies majorly on what type of clothes you wear…may it be a t-shirt or a shirt.

Shirts are available everywhere: sidewalks, roadside stalls and cheap stores.

But wearing a roadside shirt and a branded shirt makes a huge difference not only from an appearance point of view but also quality wise.

Exclusivity is the main reason you should buy a branded shirt. They make only a limited number of pieces of various size with the same cloth and design. This means, your shirt is relatively unique

Furthermore, branded shirts are made with the superior material, long durability and are tastefully crafted. Moreover, they conform to the latest trends and fashions.

Fortunately, we have many shirt brands in India. You can buy exclusive shirts made with cotton, silk or a blend of fabrics.

But the question is…

Which brands in India offer good quality men’s shirts without making a hole in your pocket?

Hence to help you out with this, remain in style with some of these best shirt brands in India for men which are listed below.

List of Top 10 Best Shirt Brands in India for Men

Most Popular Shirt Brands in India

1. Raymonds Collection

The first men’s shirt brand to top the list of best shirt brands in India is Raymonds.

Raymonds is a leading shirt brand in India and a well-reputed Indian Clothing brands for fabrics and readymade garments for men.

The brand is also trendy in foreign countries and operates several brand stores.

Parent organisation Raymonds Group also makes superb well-crafted and highly fashionable shirts under the Park Avenue brand. You can buy Raymonds and Park Avenue shirts online and through their brand stores.

The company is most reputed for its suits, blazers and jackets. Thus, their tagline “The Complete Man” makes complete sense!

Price Range- Rs. 700 onwards

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2. Arrow

Arrow is a globally famous shirt brand of casual and formal shirts for men.

The brand traces its roots to the year 1851 when it was first launched in the USA.

In India, Arrow shirts are made by Arvind Ltd, a flagship company of the indigenous Lalbhai Group of Ahmedabad.

Arrow shirts are made in line with fashion trends in casual and formal wear that prevail in the US and worldwide.

They are made with the supreme quality material. Indeed, Arvind Group makes shirts and dresses in India for several global brands in India.

Price Range- Rs. 700 onwards

3. Van Heusen

Another best shirt brand in India meant for both Men and Women is Van Heusen.

With prices starting at only Rs.800, you can buy excellent quality casual and formal shirts from the Van Heusen.

This is a reputed brand worldwide and first made its appearance in the US. The brand was launched by Philippe Van Heusen, a company whose history dates back to the year 1881.

Locally, Van Heusen shirts are made by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a company owned by the Indian corporate giant, Aditya Birla Group.

As an international brand, you are assured of getting very trendy shirts from Van Heusen, made with some of the best fabrics available in the market.

In fact, Van Heusen shirts made in India meet and exceed international standards.

Price Range- Rs. 800 onwards

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4. Louise Philippe

Louise Philippe is a top brand in shirts which is renowned worldwide as well. All Louise Philippe shirts feature that unmistakable and much respected embroidered logo of a crown on their sleeves.

In India, Louise Philippe is known to provide popular branded shirts among white collar professionals.

They are made using the finest fabrics. The brand is manufactured by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Group.

Louise Philippe is known for its exclusive range of cotton shirts, including its wrinkle-free variants.

Price Range- Rs. 1,000 onwards

5. Indigo Nation

An excellent brand of shirts for formal and casual attire can be bought from Indigo Nation.

In fact, Indigo Nation is an Indian company whose range of clothing is making fast inroads into very competitive foreign markets.

They are made in India by the home-grown company, Future Lifestyle Fashion Ltd, Bangalore. Indigo Nation shirts are crafted keeping the younger generation in mind.

Hence, they are crafted to meet prevailing fashion trends. You can buy Indigo Nation shirts at their brand stores or online, through major retailers like Amazon.

Price Range- Rs. 1000 onwards

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6. Cottonworld

Another top rated shirt brand for men in India is of Cottonworld.

Cottonworld brand of casual and formal shirts has a fascinating history.

In 1987, the Lekhraj family decided to utilise surplus fabric left from making garments for the export market for crafting shirts that would be affordable to Indian men.

These natural fabrics and unique designing gave birth to the Cottonworld brand. It claims to have opened the first store in India dedicated to selling clothing made of natural fibre.

The first brand store of Cottonworld was opened in Colaba, Mumbai. The unique feature of Cottonworld shirts is, they are made with the highest quality natural Indian fabric.

Price Range- Rs. 600 onwards

7. Linen Club

Show your dapper side to the world by wearing some of the fashionable shirts which are made available by this most promising shirt brand in India.

Linen Club shirts are crafted using finest Belgian and French flax.

They cater to a very exclusive clientele or those looking for luxury in their daily casual and formal wear. Linen Club is a brand owned by Aditya Birla Group.

Hence, you can be assured of getting the finest quality shirts from this brand. Significant features of Linen Club shirts are their fine craftsmanship and superior material.

Fabrics for these shirts are selected by expert artists while crafting is done by qualified designers.

Linen Club Studio shirts are made with even more rigorous standards. They feature fabrics not commonly found in readymade shirts, unique trims, stitching and finishing that is best suited for India.

Price Range- Rs. 2,300 onwards

8. Wills Lifestyle

Wills Lifestyle is a very premium range of shirts for men. The brand is owned by India’s large corporate group, ITC Ltd.

It draws its name from ITC’s famous brand of cigarettes, Wills. This brand is synonymous with the latest trends, elegance and excellence.

You can buy Wills Lifestyle shirts from their exclusive collections including Wills Signature and Wills Clublife.

Additionally, the company launches themed collections for men’s shirts with designs crafted on ethnic lines. You can buy Wills Lifestyle shirts from their brand stores or online.

Price Range- Rs. 1,800 onwards

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9. Cambridge

The next one to feature on this list of best shirt brands in India is none other than Cambridge.

Cambridge Apparels is a formidable player in the Indian shirt market since 1960.

The company began manufacturing menswear and selling them at very affordable prices from its sole showroom in Colaba, Mumbai. As affordably priced readymade garments from Cambridge attracted shoppers, the company witnessed a boom.

This saw Cambridge shirts expand its presence rapidly across Mumbai by opening new showrooms and franchise outlets.

By 1980s, Cambridge shirts made forays into the Middle East market, with readymade garments finding a significant following among the large expatriate Indian community in the UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain, among others.

Till date, Cambridge adheres to its tradition of making very affordable shirts and other readymade garments for the Indian and Asian markets.

Price Range- Rs. 500 onwards

10. Peter England

Peter England is a brand of shifts that was established in 1889 in Londonderry, Ireland for providing British soldiers with fine Khaki trousers during the Boer War.

The brand is now owned by India’s business giant, Aditya Birla Group.

It is one of the leading brands of shirts in India and has won the accolade of Five Topmost Trusted Brands for seven consecutive years.

Price Range- Rs.900 onwards

11. Allen Solly

Allen Solly is a leading brand of shirts and menswear since 1774.

In India, these shirts are manufactured by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle.

Allen Solly shirts are skillfully crafted. Allen Solly has a vast collection under its formal, sports and casual shirts for men segments.

They are available as cotton shirts as well as cotton-blend shirts. They can be bought at brand stores and online.

Price Range-

Rs.1,100 onwards

12. Zodiac

Looking for very exclusive and well-crafted shirts? Go for the Zodiac brand.

According to Zodiac’s website, all its shirts are crafted with 21 near invisible stitches per inch.

They feature genuine mother-of-pearl buttons. Zodiac shirts are made with the finest quality Egyptian cotton that has exceptional staple length and provides unique uniformity.

Zodiac also makes Linen shirts and with a blend of polyester and cotton.

These exclusive shirts are bound to impress anyone. Zodiac shirts also have a dedicated following in foreign countries.

Price Range- Rs.2,000 onwards

Special Mentions

There is one Indian shirt brands that deserve special mention. These brand have been in the market since long and continue to flourish till date, despite stiff competition from foreign and Indian clothing companies.

  • Charagh Din

Another one to showcase is an Indian shirt brand named Charagh Din.

Charagh Din began as a small tailoring store in 1947 opened by Arjan Daswani.

He soon diversified into making readymade shirts under the Charagh Din brand and selling them through a showroom located on Wodehouse Road in Colaba, Mumbai in 1955.

The brand was once the mainstay of the wealthy and fashionable and famous as ‘CD’ shirts.

Charagh Din retained its leading position in India until the mid-1990s. With the influx of significant brands, CD took a heavy beating.

But the company soon rallied to launch shirts that match those made by leading Indian and foreign brands. Today, it sells over 25,000 unique shirts through its stores and online websites in India.

Price Range- Rs.1,500 onwards

To Sum Up

In addition to these brands, you can also buy exclusive shirts in India that come from foreign designers including United Colors of Benetton, US Polo Association, Old Navy and myriad others. A lot of these international shirt brands have outlets at malls across the country and an online presence.

There are several more brands of shirts that are available at economical rates. However, men’s shirts from top brands are very reasonably priced for the quality, comfort and styling.

Hence, it makes good sense to buy a shirt from brands such as Spykar, Peter England, Allen Solly, John Players, Parks and BlackBerry, among others.

Remember, first impressions are long-lasting, give special thought to your dressing, your grooming and your accessories.

And I believe every man likes to have a good collection of shirts that can be worn for various occasions and match different moods.

If you are among such men, we recommend you shop extensively and buy shirts from some of the best shirt brands in India for men which we have enlisted.

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