Top 10 Handbag Brands For Women in India

Women are very style-conscious when it comes to fashion. Handbag is one of those vital fashion accessories which completes the attire as well as defines your style.

Every girl either has only one beautiful handbag which will go on all her dresses or she will have various handbags for each dress style.

Apart from make-up, shades, clothes, shoes, handbag is an important aspect in every woman’s life.

Handbag Dillemas!

With big shopping list comes a bigger dilemma. When it comes to selecting a perfect handbag, the process can be a headache.

There are brands which provide you with a really luxurious looking handbag but with a little less space. While there are other brands which gives you a spacious handbag but with an average or simple looking design.

The biggest and the most common problem every woman face at least once in their lifetime – You get the perfect ideal handbag which is made just for you but then *glass shattering noise* it’s not in your budget!

But fret not! Here are the top 10 handbag brands which will not only make your shopping process a little less hectic but will also make you believe in ‘Love at first sight’ and make you fall for their products!

List of top 10 Trendy Handbag Brands in India

So after tons of suggestion from my girlfriends and lots of research I have come up with these top 10 trendy handbag brands available in India suitable for every mood, outfit and occasion.

On a side note, the price mentioned below are indicative, it may vary from the place/website you shop from and location you shop from.

1. Lavie (Rs. 1000 onwards)

If you are looking for a handbag with some stylish, classy looks that too spacious one then this one’s for you! Lavie is an Indian lifestyle brand.

It is a part of Planet retailer based in Gurgaon. Lavie launched its first bag collection in 2010. Apart from bags, Lavie also offers you stylish footwear.

They offer handbags especially for bold, high-spirited, independent women out there.  For every outfit and occasion, Lavie has got you covered.

You can get stylish handbag at an affordable range.

The price range of handbag starts from Rs. 1000 onwards.

2. Da Milano (Rs. 3000 onwards)

Da Milano is known for its exquisite leather quality and its superior looks. Along with that, they give you a life-time warranty.

This works like a one-time investment for those who believe in quality. Da Milano is an Indian brand which serves you Italian design and quality.

This is a brand which experienced success in just a short span of time.  Apart from handbags, Da Milano sells home furnishing products.

Price of Handbag ranges between Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 17,000.

3. Allen Solly (Rs. 1,500 onwards)

What if I tell you that apart from their magnificent quality clothes, Allen Solly also offers elegant handbags?

This brand provides you fashionable, stylish handbags for college/ office at a moderate value. Allen Solly is an initiative of Madhura Fashion and Lifestyle which was established in 90s.

Later on, this section was acquired by Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle in 2001. This brand covers satchel, sling bag, handbag, hobo bag etc. Starting range of handbag is from Rs.  1,500 onwards.

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4. Baggit (Rs. 1,590 onwards)

If you are looking for a stylish handbag which is non-leather yet fulfils your requirements then Baggit is the perfect brand for you!

Baggit is an Indian brand launched in 1990 by Nina Lekhi. Earlier it was only sold to INXS in Mumbai.

But in 2000 she expanded her business in Mumbai and Delhi. This brand firmly believes in ‘Beauty without Cruelty’.

It has earned international recognition from the animal rights group PETA and had been awarded ‘Peta proggy’ in 2007.

The brand has satchel, clutch, wallet, sling bag, totes bag, hobo bag, shoulder handbag – all made with synthetic material.  Price range of handbag starts from Rs. 1,590 onwards.

5. Esbeda (Rs. 1,110 onwards)

Esbeda offers you premium luxurious handbags. From casual to formal, Esbeda has it all! This brand was launched by Intouch Leather House India Pvt Ltd in early 2006.

It was started in 2,000 sq ft. office in north Mumbai. From a small company to a well-known brand which is most sought for sophisticated handbags Esbeda has come a long way. Starting range of handbag is Rs. 1,110 onwards.

6. Nappa Dori (Rs. 6,000 onwards)

Nappa Dori is founded by Gautam Sinha, a NIFT graduate as a fashion designer. It was founded as “a tribute to quintessential Indian sensibilities”.

This brand offers you a handmade leather product like handbags, satchel, briefcase, pencil cases etc. Gautam Sinha wanted to explore the world of Indian leather and its craftsmanship. It gives you a fusion of contemporary style and Indian culture.

Every product has its own unique points and touch of vibrant India. Purchasing a product from this brand works as a one-time investment. Starting range of this product is between Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 16,500.

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7. Indian-Rain (Rs. 450 onwards)

Indian Rain is one of the leading producers of eco-friendly handbags in India.

The unique selling point of this brand is the material used in making the handbags. Handbag is made with material like Jute, cotton, cotton silk, dupion silk etc.

This brand has the fusion of Indian traditions and contemporary style.

Indian-rains offer handbags which are ideal for a casual outing, evening party etc.

Apart from handbag, this brand offers you satchel, hand-held bags, hobo bags, potli, shoulder bags, sling bags, totes bag. Starting range of handbag is around Rs. 450 onwards.

8. Urmi (Rs. 5,000 onwards)

Urmi is a homegrown label which basically focuses on three important aspects – Women empowerment, Traditional weaving and recycling materials for making an eco-friendly product.

This is the product which recycles plastic for weaving handbag. Evert craftsperson devotes 8 – 22 hours to weave one handbag. Starting range of handbag is around Rs. 5,000 onwards.

9. Linos Perros (Rs. 1,110 onwards)

Linos Perros is established by two veteran designers Sanjay and Natasha in 1999.

Linos Perros is the sub-brand of Sumitsu Aparel Pvt Ltd. Objective of this brand is to manufacture high quality and exclusive accessories.

This brand provides a range of superior quality handbags, sling bags, men’s wallet, belts etc.

Linos Perros had won Maitra award in 2012 for fantastic products in the accessories section. Best part?

You get voguish looking handbags at a very affordable price. Starting range of the handbag is Rs. 1,110 onwards.

10. Peperone  (Rs. 1,110 onwards)

This brand firmly believes that the products made by them are for real girls. They even ditched celebrity endorsement and took a different approach altogether.

They selected real girls for brand endorsement via social media.  Peperone was launched in 2010. They launched their first bag collection in Chennai at India International Leather Fair.

Peperone focuses on its craftsmanship and its comfort. Young girls and office going ladies is the main client base of this brand.

They cover bags in vintage style as well as the current contemporary style. Starting range of handbag is around Rs. 1,110 onwards.

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Wrap up

So ladies! Next time you go hunting malls and shops for a perfect handbag; do look out for these brands.

These brands are quality based at a premium rate. They won’t let you down when it comes to looks and space. So no matter which style you like, from contemporary to luxurious; we have got you covered.

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