How to Earn Money from Google Online Jobs

I can swear…

If there is anything genuine about online jobs then it is Google online jobs.

I can vouch Google is one of the most reliable companies in the world when it comes to online jobs.

Millions of web entrepreneurs around the world who work for Google online jobs trust the company blindly.

As a matter of fact, Google pays billions of dollars every year to publishers and content creators from all over the world.

So if you are serious about making money online then Google jobs are the best for you to start with.

In this article, we tell you 2 great ways to earn a regular income from Google working online for full time.

The third option does not give you a regular income but you can definitely earn some money working part-time.

Top 3 Google Online Jobs to Make Money:

1. Google Adsense

If you want to make thousands of dollars per month, year after year then Google Adsense is the way to go.

Do you know Google pays billions of dollars every year to publishers/bloggers around the world through Google Adsense program?

So the next obvious question cropping up inside your mind would be what Google Adsense is.

To put it simply, Google rewards you for creating great content.

Individuals who create great content are called Publishers/bloggers.

Bloggers run a blog or a website, on which they upload content for a given niche.

Suppose a blog is about Health & Fitness, then the owner of the blog will create content related to Health & Fitness.

Content could be anything like articles, columns, videos, infographics, images etc.

But mainly article!

Bloggers will try their best to create great content, content that readers would appreciate and love to read again and again.

So they would keep coming back to your website for reading more unique and refreshing content. Readers just want more of it!

That’s how you get traffic to your site. To further increase visitors you also implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO will allow you to rank your website on the first page of Google search results page for a particular keyword/keywords.

SEO can double or even triple number of visitors coming onto your website. However, you have to use genuine SEO techniques to rank organically high on Google search result page.

Learning SEO can take some time but you can familiarize yourself with some of the basics.

Always remember, Traffic = $$$$!  Because Google Adsense pays you for every click!

Once your blog starts getting traffic, you need to apply for Google Adsense program.

Google will immediately accept your application and approve your website/blog for an Adsense account.

Now monetize your blog with Google Adsense ads. You will place Adsense ads on all the pages of your website. These ads are also called contextual ads.

You will choose from various kinds of ads like text ads, image ads, banner ads, rectangular ads, billboard, leaderboard etc.

While placing ads keep in mind that ads must seamlessly integrate with the content of your blog. Readers shouldn’t know that they are actually viewing an ad.

Whenever someone comes to your website for reading an article, he/she may end up clicking one of the ads placed there.

For each click, you are paid anything between $.1 – $5 depending on the quality and niche of your website.

CPC or Cost Per Click depends upon the quality of your content and demographics of readers.

You also need to increase your CTR or Click Through Rate. CTR is the number of visitors who are coming to your site are actually clicking those ads. 1% CTR means 1 out of 100 visitors are clicking your ads and the remaining 99 isn’t.

If you are able to get 2000 people daily onto your blog then you can easily earn up to $500 – $800 per month depending upon CPC and CTR rates.

$100 is the threshold payment amount that will be credited to your bank account directly.

In India, right now young bloggers are easily earning $1000 per month. If you work hard then you can even earn up to $5000 per month. In fact, there are so many bloggers who are making this much amount monthly.

You too can do the same!

Google Adsense can be your regular source income month after month, year after year.

2. YouTube Partner Program

The second best way to make money from Google is YouTube Partner program which is also part of Google Adsense program.

But there is a difference!

Google Adsense program caters to bloggers. However, Google Adsense for YouTube Partner program is for Vloggers i.e Video Blogging.

Bloggers write articles and columns on a blog/website to reach out to their audience, however, Vloggers create videos and upload it on YouTube.

You create great videos for your YouTube channel that people would love to watch. Your videos can be educational, tutorials, entertainment, fun etc.

You have to choose a niche, like some of you might be interested in creating prank videos while others would like to create ‘How To” tutorials videos on cooking or makeup.

Creating YouTube videos and earning money is an art. You have to be a pro to do it.

Read this article to learn how to create great YouTube videos.

In YouTube partner program Google pays you for per 1000 views your video receives.

In India, Google pays $.1 to $2 for per 1000 views. The CPC rate for YouTube Partner Program is low compared to Google Adsense for blogs/websites.

Although in India only a few YouTubers make around the $5000 – $7000 per month through their YouTube channel. It is because the concept is still new.

So if you want to be a Vlogger then YouTube partner program can be a great source of regular income.

3. Opinion Rewards

The third option is Google Opinion Rewards. However, this isn’t a regular source of income like the last two.

If you want to earn money on a part-time basis on and off then Google Opinion rewards is best for you.

You can go to the Android Play Store and install the app on your mobile.

You can fill up survey forms and win Google Play credits. These surveys can be completed by anybody very easily.

Google Opinion Rewards will allow you to earn Google Play Credits, later you can use them to buy any kind of paid apps.

Right now minimum amount that Google pays in India is Rs 10.

If you want to work online on a part-time basis the go for Google Opinion Rewards.

So these were 3 best ways to earn money online through Google. There are no other ways to make money with Google.

If you want to start working online with Google then focus on these 3 jobs only.

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