Best Watch Brands for Women in 2020

My definition of a bad day? The day I forget to wear my watch for any reason.

On such days, Something doesn’t feel right. Maybe you feel that way too.

Not merely because there’s a blank, weightless spot on my wrist. It’s just that odd, nagging feeling that something just isn’t right.

Honestly, I don’t own any expensive watches. Instead, I own rather simple yet aesthetic and affordable ones that I’ve collected over time.

I wear a watch to signify my mood, match my dress and for that comfortable feeling of being well dressed.

What are the best watches of brands I own? You’ll be surprised. I’ll shamelessly disclose that these are the best watch brands for women- according to me, of course.

Best Watch Brands for Women

Now don’t think I’m a cheapo. I’ve a couple of dozen watches and not all of them are pricey.

Some I bought to match my mood, others to complete my wardrobe and a couple of them to wear on that special occasion- to flaunt, of course.

So, I’ll let my secret out. This is my humble yet proud list of best watch brands for women.


You’ll burst out laughing at the mention of HMT. Yes, this is brand of watches that our Dad and Mom would treasure while we wetted our nappies.

And HMT watches are still around. HMT still makes excellent watches. I love HMT because their watches retain that classic, vintage look that’s you’ll never with any other brand. I promise.


No other brand truly captures the senses of an Indian woman as Titan. Guess why? It’s a brand by Tata & Sons, the country’s oldest industrial house.

Titan pays a lot of attention to designs that suit tastes of discerning Indian women. They suit my miserly budget. Titan watches are modern yet ethnic, trendy yet classic.


No women tells her real age. So let me tell you a secret.  Your watch can betray your age. I mean, the style and design speaks a lot about how old you feel.

When I want to slice a few years off my age and am in the mood for fun- it’s Fastrack.

Actually, Fastrack watches are more for the younger lot. But who cares anyway? I love them.


Other than diamonds, watches are a woman’s best friends, I’ll say. Because we need watches to match those ethnic and modern clothes lying in our closets.

Here’s where Sonata watches come handy. I find them in every shape, size, and color.

Sonata watches come at reasonable prices. So I can easily squeeze a new one in my budget for a new dress.


Timex watches are a bit masculine if you ask me. Yet I like their sports look, especially the multiple dials.

They are pretty sturdy too and can withstand any weather, take heavy beating on public transport and yet escape without a scratch.

Try them for outdoor activities like picnics, treks and jogging.


With due respects to the company, I wasn’t even aware that a brand known as Ajanta watches even exists.

Maybe these are cheap watches made of cheap material for women who can’t afford good watches, I felt.

I admit I’m wrong here. Ajanta is a superb brand of economically priced yet superior quality watches that complement my dresses.


Now we’re moving into a bit pricier area. Giordano watches for women aren’t all that expensive.

I mean, it depends on what you’re looking for. I’ll vouch for their medium price range.

They are excellent watches to wear at work with formal clothing. An international brand, Giordano watches also speak of a woman’s sophistication.


Again pricey but not. Well crafted, modern and trendy watches from Fossil are worth every Rupee.

My first Fossil watch came as a gift from a relative returning from abroad.

Since I’m hooked to the brand. They’re amazing watches if you’re eying something in the Rs.5000 range for wearing at casual parties and dinners.


My first memories of a Casio watch date back to college days when they appeared as black, rectangle devices made of fiberglass or some other material.

At the time, Casio meant Japanese quality and precision. The company continues its legacy today.

I have a couple of Casio watches, both analog and both perfectly suited for the fussy female taste.


No collection of watches is complete without one from Switzerland. And mine is completed by a Swatch. It’s not really expensive in the truest sense.

There’s something surreal about every Swatch. It looks too good to wear daily.

So I reserve that for special occasions only. My Swatch looks more like a jewelry item. Therefore, mine is for those very special occasions only.

Building a Watch Collection

Ask me- no woman will ever be happy with a single watch or two for that matter.

Why? Because we need watches to suit our moods, dresses, occasions, style and whatever else you may add.

I can easily understand it’s not possible for every woman to have several watches. But I don’t understand either. Confused? I’ll explain.

Since every woman needs more than one watch, you need to build a collection. A collection of watches costs a fortune.

Yet, there are ways to do it. Collect those coins and petty change. After a while- say six month- the amount can afford you a fairly expensive watch.

I’m not talking of a Rolex or Piaget. I mean a good Swiss watch from a reputed brand.

Another tip: include the price of a watch when you’re planning on buying a new dress.

Budget your dress in a manner that the watch comes with it too- separately of course. Another simple trick is to buy combo packs that occasionally pop up while shopping online.

But never buy a combo of cheap and unknown watch brands. They are very fragile and damage easily.

Wrap Up

Personally, I believe that watches are an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. A watch isn’t just a machine to know the time.

Instead, a watch is a statement of your persona and representative of your moods.

Hence, I’ll encourage every woman to build a nice collection of watches from these best brands available in India.

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