Join These 10 Best Online Paid Survey Sites in India To Earn $20/Day

Are you Looking for an easy way to earn money from home?

Then taking the online paid survey is the best option available out there.

Believe me,

If you really want to make up to Rs.2,000 every day just sitting at home or during free time.

Then you should definitely consider joining the paid online survey community.

Depending on the time you spend completing online surveys daily, you can easily earn enough money even if you do not have a job or want to earn extra income for any reason.

What are Online Surveys and How to Make Money Doing it?

India is one of the largest consumer markets in the world. We have every type of company- from local giants to small businesses and global brands.

They frequently launch new products or want to improve their brand image. Therefore, they want to listen to customers.

Since these businesses cannot hire staff only to contact you, they take the help of paid online survey companies. And these online survey companies pay you for the time and effort.

Basically, these companies require public opinion about a product or services for market analysis.

So, in order to study the market requirement, these companies carry out online surveys to collect data from public

Thus, Whenever you successfully complete a survey you get paid for it.

If this sounds attractive!

Then Read this article, here is a list of top 10 online survey websites in India. You can join one or more, depending on the time you wish to spend and the amount of money you want.

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10 Best Free Online Survey Websites to Make Money in India

Remember, membership of these paid online survey websites in India is free. Also, some of these companies have operations around the world. You can select any of these, according to your needs.

1. ClixSense

ClixSense is the survey sites to earn money in India. It is an American company that will pay very well, in US Dollars for every online survey you complete and is accepted.

People in India have made as much as Rs.30,000 from ClixSense. Since the money comes from abroad, you will need a PayPal wallet linked to your bank account, under Indian laws to receive Money from clixsense.

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2. GlobalTestMarket

As the name suggests, GlobalTestMarket operates in several countries around the world. This is also an American company.

The company is known for its high standards and fair practices. You can also earn as much as Rs.25,000 to Rs.30,000 depending upon efforts and number of surveys completed

You will need a PayPal wallet linked to your bank account to receive the money.

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3. iPanel India

iPanel is an ideal company for Indians to register as members of the paid survey community. The company is based in China and offers genuine online paid surveys in India.

Since iPanel has extensive operations across Asia, you will find lots of surveys of your interest on this website.

You can choose the mode of payment from iPanel: this Survey site pays cash in India and also provide the option of free shopping vouchers.

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4. Valued Opinions India

Valued Opinions is a British online survey company that has operations in India. Valued Opinions has over five million members for taking its paid online surveys worldwide, including India.

Valued Opinion does not pay cash: it gives shopping vouchers for Amazon, Flipkart, Marks & Spencer and Pizza Hut. You can also donate the money you earn to Unicef.

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5. SurveySavvy

American company SurveySavvy also enrolls members of its paid survey community from India. But you need to search for SurveySavvy India page on Google to register from this country.

Similar to other American companies, SurveySavvy makes your payment through a PayPal wallet linked with your bank account.

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6. IndiaSpeaks

IndiaSpeaks is a reputed Indian company that partners with local and foreign companies to bring you paid online surveys.

The company pays you money through Paytm. You can also get shopping vouchers from IndiaSpeaks.

Joining as a paid online survey community member of IndiaSpeaks is very easy and open for residents of Tier-I, Tier-II, and Tier-III cities.

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7. The Panel Station

The Panel Station is an Indian online survey company that is making a mark worldwide. It has extensive operations across the world.

Being an Indian company, you can expect surveys that cover topics of your personal interest. You can receive cash on Paytm or opt for shopping vouchers from Amazon and Flipkart as rewards.

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8. Toluna India

Toluna is a European paid online survey major worldwide with operations in India. It ranks among the most preferred online survey companies among Indians due to high earning potential.

Toluna pays its Indian paid online survey community through Paytm, PayPal linked to your bank account, Amazon and Flipkart shopping vouchers.

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9. PanelPlace India

PanelPlace is headquartered in Singapore. Before you sign-up, ensure that you choose India as the location, which will help you get proper surveys and payments.

PanelPlace offers excellent payment too, depending on the nature of the survey, the time you spend and the topic. Rewards are paid in cash or shopping vouchers.

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10. YourSay

Singapore based-YourSay offers very attractive rewards for completing its online surveys in India. Cash paid ranges from US$1 to US$200 per survey depending upon its complexity, nature, and length.

Make sure you are well-versed about a topic before taking any paid online survey on YourSay because good answers get better rewards.

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Online Survey Apps = More Money

A lot of these paid online survey companies also have apps for Android and iOS-based smart-phones. This means you can make money even if you do not have a computer.

By downloading these apps, you can complete online surveys when commuting or while outdoors.

But to use apps, you will require a good quality smart-phone with sufficient memory that is connected to high-speed Internet.

This is because some surveys have to be answered and submitted immediately. They cannot be saved for completing later.

Read This:

Benefits of Online Survey Websites in India

Since India is a growing market for paid online surveys, these websites also give you money for referring relatives and friends to join as members.

Additionally, you also get bonus points for surveys taken by persons who successfully register upon your reference. This facility increases your income.

1. Affiliate Marketing of Online Surveys

Also look for affiliate marketing programs run by these top online survey companies in India.

You can promote the company by creating affiliate links and posting them on your Facebook or LinkedIn pages or blog and website if you own one.

Every time someone clicks on your affiliate link and joins as a member, you get money from these companies.

2. Special Offers for Online Surveys in India

When you register on any of these websites, look for special offers and seasonal promotions. You can participate in these special offers and promotions for free.

These special offers and promotions of online paid survey websites in India include lucky draws and double points if you register and qualify.

3. Online Games & More Income

These online paid survey websites also give you the opportunity to increase income by playing online games and testing new apps.

Others ask you for short reviews. Some also give you free stuff to try before you complete the online survey.

Therefore, make sure you read the various ways to earn more money through these top 10 online paid survey websites.

In Conclusion

Making money with online paid survey websites is an excellent way to keep you busy in case you do not have a job and while looking for full-time employment.

Housewives and colleges students above a specific age can also register as members of online paid survey websites to earn extra money.

Remember, you cannot have more than one account on any online paid survey website.

If detected, all your accounts will be suspended and you will lose the money. Follow guidelines given on these top 10 online survey websites in India for high income.

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