Top 10 Most Trusted and Best Olive Oil Brands in India

Surely you use cooking oil at home. But what if you can buy edible oil that comes packed with immense health benefits?

If this sounds tempting, try any of the best olive oil brands in India.

Why Olive Oil?

Since centuries, olive oil is commonly used by cuisines of the Mediterranean region.

Modern day research finds olive oil can prevent a number of dreadful disease and health problems.

Olive oil keeps your heart healthy, thus reducing risks of cardiovascular disease. Olive oil is also known to have cancer preventing properties. Further, olive oil is very useful to check obesity.

Top Olive Oil Brands

Of course, these health benefits are sufficient for you to start using olive oil in your food.

However, to get the maximum advantage, you have to use olive oil from the best brands in India.

This is because high-quality olive oil contains plant polyphenols in large doses that help prevent these disease.

To get these excellent health benefits, we provide a list of hot selling olive oil brands in India.

List of 10 Best Olive Oil Brands in India:

Here I will list the most authentic olive oil brands in India. Most of these top brands offer extra virgin or virgin olive oil. This means the first oil pressed from olive fruits or its oil cake.

1. Figaro (Rs.875/ liter)ir?t=sasti 21&language=en IN&l=li2&o=31&a=B00KJB40SS Top 10 Most Trusted and Best Olive Oil Brands in India

Figaro olive oil ranks as the topmost brand in India. It is also the largest selling brand of olive oil in the world.

Figaro is made by Spain’s Deleo, the world’s single largest manufacturer of olive oil Figaro Olive Oil is made in Spain.

It has unique packaging and available in rectangular, decorative cans.

You can use Figaro olive oil for cooking, use as a hair oil or for body massage.

You can also consume a spoonful of Figaro olive oil directly. It has a pleasant flavour of rich Mediterranean olives typical to Spain.

Buy Figaro Olive Oil

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2. Borges (Rs.1,200/ liter)

Borges is a major player in Spain’s olive oil industry since 1896. Borges makes extra virgin olive oil.

Hence, it is a bit pricier over other brands. Borges also comes from Spain.

It is made by an eponymous company and is imported to India. Borges India Pvt. Ltd imports this best olive oil brand of the world to this country in bulk for repackaging and sale.

Despite its higher price, Borges extra virgin olive oil in India is popular because of its distinct flavour and taste. Also, it contains potent doses of vegetable polyphenol that have excellent health benefits, since it is an extra virgin olive oil.

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 3. Del Monte (Rs.1.600/ liter)

Del Monte is an American brand of foodstuff, well known around the world for its superior quality.

The company also has a significant presence in India. Among its offerings in the Indian market are Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made of select olives from Italy.

This ranks among the best olive oil brands in India for a simple reason: Del Monte has its own orchards across the world.

The company also has olive plantations in Italy from where it sources the raw material. Del Monte is a brand existing since 1892 and is a major player in the world’s olive oil market.

It offers this world class extra virgin olive oil in India too.

Buy Del Monte Olive Oil

4. Fragata (Rs.5.200/ 5 liter)

Fragata Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a unique brand. It traces its history to the year 1897 in Spain.

A local entrepreneur started home-pressing olives to make superior quality olive oil. The popularity of this oil spread around Spain and Europe.

In 1925, the owner, Santiago Camacho Roman gave his product a brand- Fragata.

Keeping in line with traditions, Fragata extra virgin olive oil in India is also sold in olive green tins.

Made from olives grown in rural Spain, this top brand of olive oil has a distinct flavour and can be consumed as a salad dressing or even for frying.

It has one of the highest contents of vegetable polyphenols that make it ideal for your health.

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5. La Tourangelle (Rs.4,500/750ml)

If you are looking for authentic organic products, go for La Tourangelle Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It is made by an eponymous company, La Tourangelle, based in California, USA.

The company itself was founded in the late 18th century in a small town called Saumur in France.

In those days, the two French entrepreneurs made organic, extra virgin olive oil from olives grown around Saumur using an animal driven oil press.

Over the decades, the business changed hands and is now located in California. La Tourangelle organic extra virgin olive oil continues to be made in the ancient tradition of France.

There are no artificial colours, flavours or any chemical additives in this best brand of olive oil in India. It is made from olives grown in the USA by organic farming.

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6. Oleev (Rs.1,000 onwards)

Oleev is a brand from Indian company, Modi Naturals Ltd. Oleev range of olive oil consists of several variants, Oleev Active, Oleev Smart and Oleev Health are the topmost in this range.

These are oils fortified with vegetable polyphenols and other essential nutrients, anti-oxidants that have proven health benefits.

Additionally, Oleev also has extra virgin olive oil, Pomace olive oil extracted by heating the final portion of the oil cake and Oveel Light that is low on calories.

If you are looking for very affordably priced Indian olive oils, Oleev brand is the right one.

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7. Bertolli (Rs.999/2 liter)

Bertoli Extra Light Olive Oil ranks among the best brand in India for three major reasons.

Firstly, comes at an attractive price despite being an Italian product.

Secondly, it is a ‘light’ oil that is low on calories and hence, suitable for people that are on weight loss programs or want to lower cholesterol levels.

Thirdly, Bertoli Extra Light Olive Oil packs in all vegetable polyphenols that deliver great health benefits.

This brand of olive oil comes from a well-established company that is in the field since 1865. Bertoli Extra Light Olive Oil is exported across the world. Hence, you are getting the best olive oil available in the Indian market.

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8. Disano (Rs.2,4900/ 2 liters)

If you are looking for the best olive oil brand in India that is suitable for Indian cooking, try Disano Light Olive Oil.

This brand of olive oil is light, meaning it has low calories and helps reduce cholesterol formation.

Secondly, Disano Light Olive Oil has a relatively lower flavour of olives, which imparts a neutral taste to your cooking.

The olive oil is a product of Spain. It is repacked in India to maintain affordable prices for Indian customers.

For the domestic market, the brand is repacked and promoted by Kolkata based firm, Universal Corporation Ltd, a relatively new entrant in India’s Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector.

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9. Colavita (Rs.6,500/ 5 liters)

Another excellent, traditional olive oil brand available in India is Colavita. This is an Italian brand of olive oil that can be distinguished by its unique flavour and taste.

Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil also ranks among bestsellers in its category in the world.

Made of olives grown in the lush green Italian countryside, Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best for cooking or for massage and as skincare application.

Colavita calls itself a ‘trusted family brand’. Rightly so.

Because the company is well known for using the finest ingredients and raw materials for its wide range of food products. Colavita also makes olive oils in the US with local produce.

Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also presented in traditional green tins.

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10. Leonardo (Rs.1,600/ 1 liter)

Last but not the least, we have Leonardo Extra Virgin Olive Oil among the best brands in India.

Leonardo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product of Spain. Despite its price being on the higher side. The oil exceeds all nutritional and other standards. It is also a global brand from Spain.

In fact, you have seen or heard about Leonardo brand of olive oil.

India’s celebrity chef, Sanjeev Kapoor is a brand ambassador for Leonardo Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Hence, you will see Sanjeev Kapoor use this oil while preparing his dishes or in TV commercials on various channels. Regardless, Leonardo is a very superior quality olive oil.

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Wrap Up

There are several other variants of olive oil available in India. However, our list consists of the best olive oil brands.

By international standards, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is known as the most superior product while the pomace olive oil ranks last on this list.

In recent years, olive oil manufacturers have moved from making extra virgin olive oil to other variants to make them affordable. Also, we now have olive oils that are fortified with other ingredients to offer better value and health benefits.

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