Top 15 Animation Companies in India

Whereas the global animation industry is growing very rapidly every year, India is not also too far behind. The animation industry in India too has a worldwide recognition and it is growing fast.

Animation industry includes many areas such as animation, web design, gaming and they serve many areas like films, ads, television programmes and widely in CDs, for Internet, mobile, games, PC etc. And no doubt, this field is seeing continuous development and up gradation in India as well as in worldwide market.

Animation Companies

The list of the most reputed and high profile animation companies in India includes

1. Pentamedia Graphics

  • Location: Chennai, production house – Singapore, Manila
  • Most Acknowledged creations: movies like “Gulliver’s Travels” “The Five Warriors”, “Pandavas”, offers Visual Effects, 2D and 3D animation, film making, and post production services.

2. Maya Entertainment

  • Year of Establishment: 1996
  • Location: headquarters in Mumbai, training centres in other places of Asia and the Middle East
  • Most Acknowledged creations: works for brands like BBC, Google, Sony, and have worked in movies like The Mummy, Stuart Little and many more.

They have employee strength of around 400 They have revenue returns of around 1 billion per annum that makes them a big name in the animation industry

3.  Toonz Animation India

Most Acknowledged creations: animation series “The Return of Hanuman”, “The Adventures of Tenali Raman” has made them popular. They are also recognized for mixing 2D and 3D successfully in movie and they have been working for many television serials too. Disney is among the clients that Toonz have.

4. UTV Toonz

  • Year of Establishment: 2000
  • Location: Mumbai
  • The company has clients in America, Europe, and Canada and in other countries too. It has offered services for Cartoon series like “Snow Queen”, “Clootie& Dumpling”; some of the very famous 3D and animation films,

5.    Heart Entertainment

  • Location: This is a Hyderabad based company
  • Creations: This Company has worked with reputed channels like Walt Disney. It has earned reputation for cartoon films widely. “Crippled Lamb”, “Histeria” are also the films that this company have worked for.

6.   Nipuna Services

Nipuna Services Ltd, a BPO subsidiary of Satyam Computer Services, has worked with companies of US, New Zealand, Germany etc.

  • Headquarters: Chennai
  • Most Acknowledged creations: working with Animal Planet channel of India and US and German companies; creating wonderful animation based models for theme parks of New Zealand.

7. Padmalaya Telefilms

It is a subsidiary of the very popular Zee Telefilms. They have a big influence in the south-Asian market. Some of their notable works are 104 cartoon episodes and Mondo’s library for US. They also have experience of working with some of the popular British animation companies.

8.    Jadoo Works

  • Location: Bengaluru
  • Most Acknowledged creations: This Company is known for works in folkloric and mythological programmes in India’s animation industry. There reputation has spread in US too.

9.    Crest Communications

  • Year of Establishment: 1990
  • Location: Mumbai, production house: California
  • Creations and Works: They offer services in countries like the UK and the US. their award winning the animation series like “Jakers”, “Sylvester and the Magic Pebble”, The Adventures of Piggley-Winks”,”Shrek” have broght the company awards too.

10.  Silvertoon Studio

  • Location: Mumbai
  • This animation studio cum Animation Company is reputed for the film “Hanuman”, American television programme “The Adventures of from the Book of Virtues”. This company has also co-worked with animation studios of British and UK.

11. Buena Vista International (India)

  • Located in Mumbai basically, this subsidiary was launched by the Walt Disney in 2012.
  • It is the Indian subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company and it is one of the top animation companies in India. It has been working collaborated with YashRaj Films, UTV etc.

12. Reliance Mediaworks

One of India’s leading entertainment companies serving several media and film across the world. The company has services like 2D, 3D visual effects, digital distribution, post production and lot more.

13. Future Thought Productions

Contributing to various areas like film, web, television, and mobile, this is one of the top most animation companies in India.

14. Tata Elxsi Limited

A subsidiary of the Tata Group that is serving many countries like France, Malaysia, Dubai, South Africa, with services in verified fields like consumer products, transportation, Healthcare, Defence, apart from media, entertainment and communications.

15. Prana Studios Pvt. Ltd.

They specialize in 3-D animation, short-form media, visual effects, hybrid films and many such realms related to animation worldwide, including nations like USA, Los Angeles etc.

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