Best BBA Specializations to Opt in 2019

Long gone are days when only selected courses were there in the market.

Today, every course has its own specializations catering to the growing needs of the industry.

BBA too is not untouched with this trend. When one searches for BBA specializations, plenty of new courses pop up on the screen.

This often leads to confusions among students trying to select one for their graduation. They are not able to decide which specialization has a good scope and will help them in building a strong career ahead.

To help such students, we have listed the best BBA management degrees they can opt this year.

If you are looking forward to selecting a BBA specialization, scoop out 5 minutes and read this article till the end.

Best BBA Specializations

List of Best BBA Specializations With Job Scope 2019

1. BBA Banking and Insurance

As the name suggests, this specialization acquaints students with all the aspects related to the field of banking and insurance.

Some of the subjects covered under BBA Banking and Insurance include investment banking, risk management, treasury operations, projects and infrastructure among others.

As sectors like banking and insurance have always been some of the most successful areas, the need for talented professionals is always there.

Once the students have completed this course, they can apply for various job profiles such as Investment Banker, Loan Officer, Administrative Officer, Internal Auditor, Treasurer, Loan Counsellor, Asset Manager and so on.

2. BBA Finance

BBA Finance is a course that always grabs one of the top positions in popular BBA management specializations.

While pursuing this course, students get in-depth knowledge of the subject and are able to make an informed prediction in investment and finance.

Be it government or private firms, BBA Finance graduate can get a job in all such companies.

Top job profiles that require this degree as a qualification are Loan Officer, Business Analyst, Credit Analyst, Financial Manager and Recovery Agent. Students with BBA in Finance often opt for an MBA in the same major to strengthen their expertise in the subject.

3. BBA Media Management

Quite a new yet exciting course, BBA Media Management prepares students in succeeding in today’s media industries.

This BBA management degree offers a solid foundation in the latest concepts and practices for managing traditional and emergent media platforms like Television, Advertising, Social Media and New Media Platforms.

The curriculum includes subjects like business communication, media & culture, public relations and TV production and programming, to name a few.

Some of the job profiles you can opt for after doing BBA Media Management are Product Manager, Press Officer, Broadcasting Manager and Copy Editor and Public Relation Officer.

4. BBA Information Technology

Technology is all over the world. Be it healthcare, manufacturing, education or even healthcare; all the sectors are using it extensively.

This is why courses related to IT are in demand higher than ever.

BBA Information Technology also comes under such course where students are taught about the emerging IT trends and how can they use them in proliferating business.

Some of the subjects covered during this three-year undergraduate course are information database management, information management theory, networking information technology among others. As far as career prospects are concerned, students are eligible for profiles like Information Security Coordinator, Computer Information Specialist, Business Intelligence Manager and Information Architect.

5. BBA Foreign Trade

International trade sector is booming, and so is the need of business professionals for the same.

This is why many students are opting for BBA Foreign Trade that trains them in international trade and offers a strong foundation in exchange of goods, capital and services respectively.

Principles of business management, foreign trade policy, economics, industry relations are some crucial topics that are taught during the course.

Now coming down to jobs, some of the career paths students can follow are; Brand Manager, Export Manager, Market Research Executive, International Business Manager, Business Development Manager and others.

Apart from the ones listed above, here are some other BBA specializations that have been proving their mettle in the industry by opening up new windows of opportunities for students.

Take a look!

  • BBA Hospitality and Hotel Management
  • BBA Marketing
  • BBA Human Resource


Once you have decided the course, start searching for the best colleges and universities.

If you wish to focus on industry exposure during your course, opt for universities like UPES which are well-known for their unique and industry-focused pedagogy. They also conduct various webinars and industry visits to give the real-time industry experience.

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