Top 10 Best Real Estate Websites In India to Buy, Sell, or Rent Property

So, you are searching for the Best Real Estate Websites in India?

It means that you are planning to buy or rent a new house. Or maybe another office. Whichever it might be, online property sites are sure to help you do it much faster.

And there are a lot of real estate websites that claim to be the best ones in business but you can’t really trust all of them. Understanding which of those are genuine can be a really long process.

But don’t worry we have done the research for you.

Here’s a list of the best and most reliable real estate websites in India that can help you buy or rent a good and suitable apartment.

Top 10 Best Real Estate Websites In India


99acres - Best Real Estate Websites In India

Honestly, who hasn’t heard of this site yet? Their creative ads have made this property portal quite popular in recent years. And guess what, they actually are good at what they are providing.

99Acres ranks as the topmost real estate website in India. This is one of the best websites in India for buying and selling properties.

It has a collection of properties in over 50 cities in India and has over 8 lakhs properties listed on their website. The flexibility and huge collection of properties available on 99acres help it to secure the first position on our list of top real estate websites in India.

It has options that buyers can choose from. Like renting a property, buying it or just living there as a paying guest.

99acres also has a filter that lets you choose the exact property type. And can also help you to check its construction status according to your preferences.

That’s not all, 99acres’ recently introduced home loan panel, where you can easily look for suitable loan plans that could help you buy your favourite property.

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Magicbricks - India's leading real property website

The second website on our list of top property sites is Magicbricks. It is a great place to buy, sell or rent properties without any hassle.

The best part about Magicbricks is the transparency that it provides its users. It is a great platform to post about your properties as well.

Magicbricks claims to have over 15 lakh properties to choose from.

They also have prominent celebrities like Ayushmann Khurrana and Kriti Sanon for their brand endorsements as well.

This has also helped the site to secure the title of being a super-brand. And has helped it reach and assist millions of people all around India.

Magicbricks recently launched a Live Video Tour option for buyers, where you can view property of your choice from every possible angle from the comfort of your home.

Along with renting a property, you can also learn about many things here. From taxes and legalities to home insurance and home loans everything is available at MagicBricks.


housing Top 10 Best Real Estate Websites In India to Buy, Sell, or Rent Property

You must have surely seen that new advertisement starring Vicky Kaushal and Kiara Advani. That new campaign has caused to get a huge boost of users.

The best part about this property site, which is also illustrated in the ad, is its accuracy of properties and the assistance it provides along with each property.

You can check all the shops, schools and other necessary organizations that are around the property as well.

This helps you make an all-around informed decision. And it also helps you understand the property location much better.

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commonfloor Top 10 Best Real Estate Websites In India to Buy, Sell, or Rent Property

Commonfloor is a Quikr website solely devoted to real estate listings. Commonfloor has listings of properties from all over India.

All you have to do is select your city and they’ll provide you with all the projects available around you.

You also have the choice of selecting from projects that are completed, ongoing or upcoming.

Commonfloor has also won the Real Estate Excellence award twice, in Bangalore and Hyderabad, respectively.

With a wide range of selections and options provided, you are sure to find your dream property in a matter of hours on this site.

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proptiger Top 10 Best Real Estate Websites In India to Buy, Sell, or Rent Property

PropTiger is another great real estate website. It has properties listed from all around the country.

PropTiger also has a team of relationship managers that assist you throughout the process of choosing your dream property.

All you have to do is sign up for the site. And you can start browsing through the never-ending list of properties listed on this site.

After all, as the site rightly conveys, “Finding home is finding happiness.”


nobroker Top 10 Best Real Estate Websites In India to Buy, Sell, or Rent Property

This is one of the best property search websites if you are looking to buy properties for commercial purposes.

NoBroker also provides a large number of options for buying and renting properties even for residential purposes.

This website also has a secure payment portal. Through this portal, the users can safely pay their rents as well.

NoBroker provides the best of its services in the cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and other similarly top tier cities.

NoBroker boasts of connecting more than 10 lakh sellers with buyers every month.

Now though there’s absolutely no way of verifying that claim. There’s no denying that this website is evidently one of the best real estate websites out there.


makaan Top 10 Best Real Estate Websites In India to Buy, Sell, or Rent Property is one of the very few real estate websites that provide rated sellers. This unique interface allows its users to select from the most rated sellers. allows users to easily buy, rent and sell properties without much hassle. Currently, there are more than 10,000 highly rate sellers available on the site to choose from. also has a very user-friendly mobile application as well. So you can also scroll through the list of properties on the go.


sulekha property Top 10 Best Real Estate Websites In India to Buy, Sell, or Rent Property

The domain “Sulekha” is known for a number of things, one of which is great property listings.

SulekhaProperties provides the best and finest of the properties in your choice of the city or even your locality. It has properties available for sale and rent from all over India.

And not only India, SulekhaProperties has a network of properties listed in the USA as well.

SulekhaProperties also provides a filter panel. Here you select all the things that you are looking for in your dream property.

This helps you narrow down your search results. And also helps you find your dream property faster.

Hence SulekhaProperties is one of the best real estate websites in India that you can rely on for great property investment. 


india property Top 10 Best Real Estate Websites In India to Buy, Sell, or Rent Property

This is a great site for getting expert advice on properties. Not only does IndiaProperty provide a large variety of properties to choose from.

IndiaProperty also provides a chat platform for you to speak to experts and get their advice regarding the properties you choose.

With properties listed from over 1500 cities in India, this site has a vast network all around the country.

IndiaProperty recently introduced Truview on their site. With Preview, you can virtually explore the project, floor and flat of your choice in a 3D and fully furnished representation.

All things considered, it’s a great site with a lot of satisfied users every month.


nestaway Top 10 Best Real Estate Websites In India to Buy, Sell, or Rent Property

NestAway is the best property portal for you if you are looking to rent a new apartment or a flat in a city you have no idea about.

The only downside to this site is that you can’t buy or sell properties on this site. Though this site provides the best deals available in the location of your choice.

May it be shared rooms, private rooms or complete flats to be rented, this site has it all.

NestAway also lets you choose if you want to rent a flat according to your roommate’s preferences.

So if you are looking for a flat just for girls or just for boys, this is the site of your dreams.

Wrap Up

These real estate websites are a few of the best sites and are famous for great customer satisfaction.

These websites have shown promise for many years and are still going strong. But if you don’t like any of them, there are many more property portals out there to choose from.

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