Top 10 Biotechnology Companies in India

Biotechnology is a process that involves exploitation of different biological processes and is mainly done for industrial processes and other purposes. There are many things that are done under biotechnology such as genetic manipulation of microorganisms which is being in order to produce hormones or antibiotics.

There are many things that can be done with the help of biotechnology such as finding cure to rare diseases and the recent use of biotechnology is its impact on how the medicines are made. There are some more things that can be changed with the used of biotechnology such as food, clothing, environment and agriculture.Biotechnology Companies

High yielding varieties of crops are also a part of biotechnology. There are many research and development divisions that are associated with on particular biotechnology center and the main aim of these divisions is to come up with something new which is beneficial for humans or as a matter of fact animals also.

List of top biotechnology companies in India are as under:

Serum institute of India

  • Name of founder – Cyrus  S. Poonawalla
  • Year of establishment – It was established in the year 1966
  • Products- Producer of Measles and DTP group of Vaccines
  • Locations- Pune, India
  • Website:

Panacea Biotech Ltd

  • Name of founder – Sushil Kumar
  • Year of establishment – 1984
  • Turnover – USD $225 million
  • No. of employees-2800
  • Products- Pain Management, Vaccines, Diabetes Management, Constipation, Cough & Cold and many more such medicines
  • Locations – New Delhi, India
  • Website –

Biocon Ltd.

  • Name of the founder- Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
  • Year of establishment- 1978
  • Products- Cost effective health care solutions for chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and autoimmune diseases, Pichia based recombinant insulin, monoclonal antibody Bio-Mab-EGFR.
  • No. of Employees- 3000
  • Location – Bangalore, India
  • Website –

Novo Nordisk

  • Name of the Founder- Sten Scheibye
  • Year of establishment – 1923
  • Products – Diabetes related products
  • Location – Denmark
  • Website –

SIRO Clinpharm

  • Name of founder-  Dr. Gautam Daftary
  • Year of establishment –1996
  • Products – Clinical Operations, Clinical Data Management, Medical and Scientific writing, Biostatistics and statistical programmes and Clinical trial supplies management.
  • Locations –Thane, India
  • Website –

Novozymes South Asia

  • Name of founder – Kobenhavns Lufthavne
  • Year of establishment – 1925
  • No. of employees-  5800+
  • Products – Industrial biotechnology, bio energy, bio Pharma, pulp and paper, leather, household care and many more other products.
  • Location – Bagsvaerd, Denmark.
  • Website –

Shantha Biotech

  • Name of the Founder- K I Varaprasad Reddy
  • Year of establishment –  1993
  • Products – Shanvac B, Shan TT, Shanpoietin, Shanchol and Hepatitis-B Vaccines
  • Location – Hyderabad, India
  • Website –

Indian Immunologicals

  • Name of founder – Amrita Patel
  • Year of establishment –  1982
  • Products –  Foot &Mouth Disease Vaccine, tissue culture vaccine, veterinary vaccines, Vero cell culture rabies vaccine, human vaccines such as Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Recombinant Hepatitis-B
  • Locations – Hyderabad, India
  • Website –

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

  • Name of founder – Chris Gent
  • Products- Prescription medicines for Analgesic, Anti-infective, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-parasitic, Cardiovascular, Dermatology, Diabetes, Endocrine, CNS, Oncology, Nutritional and Respiratory
  • Location – Mumbai, India
  • Website –

Wockhardt Ltd

  • Name of founder – Habil Khorakiwala
  • Year of establishment – 1960
  • Products/ services –   Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical formulations, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Vaccines
  • Location – Mumbai, India
  • Website –

All the above mentioned companies are one of the top most biotechnology companies in India and are coming up with new and latest innovations resulting into the launch of new medicines and cure for new and rare diseases.

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