Top 11 Best Ceiling Fans in India With Price

Are you planning to buy an excellent ceiling fan shortly?

If yes, consider any of these best ceiling fans in India that are helping millions of people stay cool.

Thankfully, you can find some amazing fans in the local market. As a result, you may find it difficult to zero down on a particular ceiling fan.

To help your selection, we list the top 12 ceiling fans in India considering various important factors.

Our list includes ceiling fans to suit all budgets- from high to medium and low.

These fans are made by the most reputed companies in India. Hence, you can be assured of their quality.

List of Top 11 Best Ceiling Fans in India

India is the largest market in the world for fans. Over 2.5 million fans of all types sell every month through more than a million stores located across the country.

The market for fans is growing at 10 percent per year.

Hence, we have some of the topmost Indian companies manufacturing ceiling fans to suit every need of the people. You can buy one of these, depending upon needs and budget.

1. Orient AeroStorm

Orient AeroStorm fan

Imagine a fan that provides a storm-like breeze while cooling every corner of a room.

That is exactly what Orient AeroStorm, the topmost ceiling fan in India delivers.

This wonderful ceiling fan comes with advanced, aerodynamically designed 3D, rust-proof blades. It has a very powerful 18-pole motor.

Orient AeroStorm has an aesthetic design and blends well with every décor. Its performance will definitely leave you awestruck.

This excellent fan comes from Orient Electric Ltd, a company operating since 1939. Orient is the overall bestseller brand of fans in India.

This fan has dust proof coating and hence, remains clean all year round.

Price: Orient AeroStorm is Priced at Rs 6000  Rs 5100 (After Discount).

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2. Usha International EX-9 Copper

Usha International EX-9 Copper

Just in case you are unaware, Usha is the very first brand of ceiling fans to be made in India. The brand has been around since 1939.

The company continues its tradition of launching innovative home appliances in India. Usha International EX-9 Copper is one such innovative ceiling fan.

It ranks among the top ceiling fans in India. Its aerodynamic blades rustles up cool air in seconds and spreads comfort across the room.

The company has also taken care to ensure this superb fan generates lower noise for maximum comfort. Usha is a name synonymous with ceiling fans in India.

The company’s ceiling fans are known for durability.

To an extent that some of its ceiling fans of 1960s vintage are keeping Indians cool till date. Comes with anti-dust coating.

Price: USHA INTERNATIONAL Ex9 Copper Ceiling Fans is priced at Rs 5400 Rs 4300 (After Discount).

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3. Gorilla Efficio+ Energy Saving

Gorilla Efficio+ Energy Saving

Wish to cut your electricity bills? Then Gorilla Efficio+ Energy Savings is the right ceiling fan for you.

Moreover, this ceiling fan also comes with remote control.

Manufacturers of this ceiling fan Atomberg Technologies claims, it consumes about 28 Watts of electricity at full speed.

Hence, Gorilla Efficio+ Energy Savings can save you up to Rs.2,000 per year in power costs. This fan has a power range of 140 Volts to 285 Volts.

Hence, it is ideal for use in areas that experience voltage fluctuations frequently.

The remote control allows you to set fan speed and time and has a sleep mode too. The entire fan is coated with anti-dust paint.

Price: Gorilla Efficio+ Energy Saving is priced at Rs 5990 Rs 4928 (After Discount).

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4. Crompton Greaves Avancer Anti Dust

Crompton Greaves Avancer Anti Dust

Crompton Greaves is a brand of choice for most ceiling fan buyers in India.

Rightly so. The company holds the unique distinction of having the largest selection of ceiling fans to suit every taste and budget.

Their fans are made with best quality material and superior engineering.

Crompton Greaves Avancer Anti Dust is one such example and is a top ceiling fan in India. It is available in very exquisite shades and colours.

The fan body has an anti-dust coating. This eliminates the need to clean the fan very frequently.

This feature also prevents dust from clogging its motor and reducing efficiency.

Price: Crompton Greaves Avancer is Rs 3300 Rs 2731 (After Discount).

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5. Eveready RhombusEveready Rhombus Top 11 Best Ceiling Fans in India With Price

Yes. Eveready fans. We all know Eveready because of their superior quality batteries.

However, this company also has an excellent range of home appliances including ceiling fans.

Eveready Super Rhombus is a top fan if you are looking for one in the high to middle price range.

This fan features aluminium blades and body. It has a 380 RPM motor that offers double sweep.

This fan is very artistic and ideal for every home and office décor. Sturdy and long-lasting, this is an amazing ceiling fan in all-metal category.

Price: Eveready Super Rhombus is priced at Rs 2995 Rs 2394 (After Discount).

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6. Havells Stealth

Havells Stealth

We have all heard of stealth aircraft and stealth warships. But Havells offers a stealth ceiling fan too.

Havells Stealth has a very unique feature: Noise elimination.

This ceiling fan creates the lowest level of noise- to an extent that you would barely notice it is working.

Engineers at Havells have taken care to craft its motor and blades for near complete noise elimination.

Hence, Havells Stealth ceiling fan adds to your comfort. This ceiling fan has a fabulous design that appeals to every taste.

Price: Havells Stealth is Priced at Rs 6610 Rs 4848 (After Discount).

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7. Luminous Deco Premium Copter

Luminous Deco Premium Copter

This is an amazing ceiling fan for everyone that prefers traditional metal blades on their ceiling fan.

The reason: Metal blades of the Luminous Deco Premium Copter ceiling fan are driven by a very high power motor.

This ensures an excellent wind and cooling across the room at any operating speed.

Additionally, Luminous Deco Premium Copter has a very pleasant look.

It comes in various colors too. In the medium price range, this is a wonderful and top ceiling fan your money can buy.

Price: Luminous Deco Premium Copter is Priced at Rs 3920 Rs 2,700 (After Discount).

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8. Almonard Aluminium Decorative Almonard Aluminium Decorative

Founded in 1968, Almonard is highly respected for its range of anti-pollution and industrial fans.

Almonard India applies the same technology to its amazing range of ceiling fans.

The Almonard Aluminium Decorative ceiling fan can rightly be known as one of the best in India.

It has a very high-speed sweep that reaches every nook and cranny of the room.

Almonard Aluminium Decorative is available in attractive colours to blend with room décor. It is a regular ceiling fan and the best in its price category.

Price: Almonard Aluminium Decorative ceiling fan is Priced at Rs 1790 (After Discount).

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9. Bajaj Edge

Bajaj Edge Top 11 Best Ceiling Fans in India With Price

Ribbed blades, quick start motor and instant breeze is what Bajaj Edge ceiling fan offers you.

This is a no-frills fan and very affordable. Plus it comes with the quality assurance of Bajaj Electric, a highly respected electronics and home appliances company of India.

If you are looking for a simple fan for home or office, go for Bajaj Edge. It also incorporates noise reduction technology that reduces sound.

In the mid-low price bracket, Bajaj Edge is the topmost ceiling fan.

Price: Bajaj Edge is Priced at Rs 1500 Rs 1290 (After Discount).

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10. Khaitan Nano

Khaitan Nano 1 Top 11 Best Ceiling Fans in India With Price

Khaitan Nano ceiling fan is a product of truly innovative engineering. Khaitan Electricals Ltd.

The company has several firsts to its credit. Khaitan is the first brand of fans to advertise on TV in India.

It is also one of the biggest exporters of all types of domestic and industrial fans.

Khaitan Nano comes in wake of stiff competition that Indian ceiling fans face from cheap, imported products.

Hence, the company’s engineers exerted extra efforts to create a very affordable, reliable and durable ceiling fan for the Indian market.

The result is Khaitan Nano. Considering the superior quality and very affordable price, it is one of the top ceiling fans in India.

Price: Khaitan Nano is Priced at Rs 1799 Rs 1360 (After Discount).

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11. Singer Aerostar Solo

Singer Aerostar fan

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet high performance and durable ceiling fan, opt for Singer Aerostar Solo.

Its manufacturer, Singer India Ltd is best known for sewing machines and ranks among pioneers of this country’s home appliance industry and is operating since 1871.

Singer has an excellent range of ceiling fans under the Aerostar range. They are very affordable.

Singer Aerostar is a regular ceiling fan known for its reliability and durability.

It ranks as one of the topmost ceiling fans in India you can get for the price.

Price: Singer Aerostar is priced at Rs 2290 Rs 1159 (After Discount).

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Wrap Up

In recent years, the Indian market is witnessing a flood of cheap ceiling fans made in another Asian country.

They are available at brick-and-mortar stores and mainly, online. However, these inexpensive ceiling fans can land you in great trouble.

They use low quality material. As a result, the motor- or main component- of your ceiling fan can catch fire and burn down your home.

These imported fans use plastic, fibreglass and other inexpensive material for motor casing and blades.

Being lighter in weight, they do not deliver a good performance. And invariably they come with zero or limited warranty.

You can avoid all these hassles. Simply buy any of the top ceiling fans in India and get value for your money.

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