Best & Popularly Used Energy Drinks in India

We live in the fast-track world packed with a hectic schedule. Hence, it’s normal to find our “batteries are low” at the end of the day.

Now, what if you have that much awaited date or need to complete an urgent project or get some pending household work done immediately?

I come across such scenarios fairly frequently. You would too. If this is your case, there’s really nothing to worry about.

Guzzling one of the best energy drinks in India will get you back in action. And enjoy life to the fullest.

Therefore, here I have prepared a list of Top 10 best energy drinks in India that I love.

They do not cost a bomb and put you in turbo-drive mode almost instantly. These energy drinks have wonderful taste and are available quite easily.

List Of Best Energy Drinks in India

I’m also including prices of these best energy drinks in India to help find one that suits your budget and needs. However, prices can vary depending upon your location, in-store or online purchase.

1. Enerzal (Rs.30/200 ml)

enerzal energy drink



Enerzal is not a drink you would see on TV or newspaper commercials. Yet, I rank it among the best energy drinks in India for a solid reason.

Enerzal is the energy drink our Indian soldiers consume while guarding the country’s borders against enemy threats and terrorists. It is a ‘standard supply’ for the Indian Armed Forces.

This product is made by local pharmaceuticals giant, FDC Ltd, a Mumbai-based company. Enerzal is unique because it does not contain any harmful ingredients.

Instead, it is based on time-tested and proven medical formula that contains energy giving ingredients such as glucose and electrolytes.

This killer combination protects our soldiers- and you- against dehydration while releasing instant energy to remain alert.

You can buy Enerzal in two variants- as 1 litre and 200ml ready-to-drink tetra-packs or 100gm powder that you can mix with water and consume anywhere.

Enerzal comes in two flavours- orange and lime. Hospitals also use Enerzal to treat patients that require extra energy after surgeries, victims of accidents and senior citizens incapable of consuming solid food.

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2. Red Bull (Rs.100 depending upon variant/ 200ml)

Red Bull energy drink

Need extra stamina for those intimate moments?

Try Red Bull.

Surely you have seen TV commercials, hoardings and posters, dispensers and cans of Red Bull at supermarkets and pharmacies.

Red Bull is the highest selling energy drink in India and the world People around the world drank over 6.79 billion cans of Red Bull in 2018.

Red Bull comes from an eponymous company in Austria and is made under license in India.

A single, 200ml can of Red Bull contains very potent dose of caffeine, Taurine and Vitamins B2, B5, B6 and B12 as well as glucose and sugar.

Together, they release that extra energy in your body within a couple of minutes.

Sugar free and various other versions of Red Bull are also available in India.

It is India’s favourite energy drink for several reasons. Red Bull has an excellent taste and is a fizzy carbonated drink that tastes superb after some chilling.

Secondly, Indians also use Red Bull as mixer with alcoholic drinks for that extra punch.

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3. Energee (Rs.30/ 200ml)

aarey-energy-drink logo

Energee is the very first energy drink to be made and sold anywhere in India.

Energee traces its humble beginnings to 1970s, when it was born as Aarey Flavoured Milk and available only in Mumbai.

The product was rebranded as Energee and made its debut on Gudi Padwa festival in March 1981.

Its main markets were office-goers and workers of Mumbai since they would require a quick boost of energy during the day.

Energee brand is owned by Mumbai-based milk-cooperative Aarey Dairy.

However, the floundering organization now franchises brand to other producers in Maharashtra. Some online retailers also sell Energee.

Furthermore, Energee is very different from other energy drinks. It is a milk-based energy drink fortified with vitamins and other nutrients.

In fact, it is the only milk-and-glucose based energy drink in India.

4. Cloud9 (Rs.80/ 200ml)


Fortified with caffeine, taurine and B-complex vitamins, Cloud9 is the fastest growing energy drink in India.

And the good news is, Cloud9 is easily available anywhere in India.

It is available in nine different flavours. So, you can choose your favourite or try all.

5. Ocean One8 (Rs.100/200ml)

Ocean One8

India’s batting sensation Virat Kohli is brand ambassador of Ocean One8. This is a wonderful energy drink loaded with taurine, caffeine and vitamins.

Ocean One8 is available in amazing flavours too. Try this drink at least once. It delivers what it promises- instant energy.

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6. Monster (Rs.100/200ml)


American energy drink, Monster is available in India too. And it’s a bestseller here. Monster is also said to contain extracts of Guarana.

This drink has that unique taste which you won’t find elsewhere. Try it.

It can give you amazingly monstrous levels of energy- a boost that you would enjoy if you are down and out after a day’s work.

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Word of Caution

Studies in the US and Europe prove that consuming several energy drinks in a short span can lead  to stroke, heart attack and various other dreadful diseases.

Also, consuming them for long can lead to insomnia or sleeplessness and other disorders.

Therefore, I suggest you use an energy drink only when absolutely necessary. They are not regular soft drinks.

Instead, energy drinks contain potent doses of stimulants that affect the normal functioning of the brain and nerves.

In fact, some countries in Europe ban production and sales of energy drinks.

Also, never mix an energy drink with alcohol: it is said to have severe side effects.

Wrap Up

Consumed occasionally and with total moderation, every energy drink is fantastic.

I personally have one when I need that extra energy after a tiring day, especially when tea or coffee won’t do the trick.

And they always work. Are they worth the price? Definitely yes. And don’t forget to enjoy them chilled.

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