Top 15 Glass Companies in India

Glass is used by almost every part of our daily life from automobile to architectural, from cold drink bottle to test tubes and from fibre optics to scanning machine.

Hence you need companies that could manufacture glasses on daily basis so that demand in the market is kept under control.

In India there are some of the best glass manufacturing companies. You might not know them so we prepared a list for you.

glass companies

So here are top 15 glass companies in India.

1. Asahi India Glass

Asahi India is one of the largest glass company in India according to the market capitalization. The company was a joint venture between Labroo family and Maruti Suzuki India.

  • Establishing Year: 1984
  • Founders: B M Labroo as Chairman
  • Market Capitalization: Rs 3306.02 Crore
  • Net Profit: Rs -40 Crore
  • Corporate Office: Gurgaon – 122002
  • Core Business and Products: Automotive Glass, Architectural Glass, Solar Glass Consumer Glass
  • Employees: 1000 to 2000
  • Website:

2. La Opala RG

If you know La Opala RG is India’s number tableware brand. The company was started with an initial investment of Rs 1.25 Crore. Now it has grown up to Rs 2000 Crore.

  • Establishing Year: 1988
  • Founders: Mr Sushil Jhunjhunwala
  • Market Capitalization: Rs 2256 Crore
  • Net Profit: Rs 30 Crore
  • Corporate Office: Kolkata 700020
  • Core Business and Products: Laopala, Diva, Solitaire Crystal,
  • Employees: 300
  • Website:

3. Hindustan National Glass and Industries

Hindustan National Glass Manufacturing Co. Ltd is one of the oldest glass manufacturing companies in India. Company is listed on NSE.

  • Establishing Year: 1946
  • Founders: Promoted by Somany Brothers
  • Market Capitalization: Rs 1013.13 Crore
  • Net Profit: Rs -218 Crore
  • Corporate Office: Kolkata 700001
  • Core Business and Products: Glass Containers
  • Employees: 2000 to 3000
  • Website:

4. Empire Industries

Empire Industries is over 105 years old. Empire Industries is diverse group and one of them is Glass containers for pharmaceuticals.

  • Establishing Year: 1900
  • Founders: S C Malhotra as Chairman
  • Market Capitalization: Rs 972 Crore
  • Net Profit: Rs 36 Crore
  • Corporate Office: Mumbai 400013
  • Core Business and Products: Glass Containers for Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Employees: 2000+
  • Website:

5. Borosil Glass Works

Borosil is one of the fastest growing glass companies in India. The company is sponsor of save the tiger campaign and believes in Green technology.

  • Establishing Year: 1962
  • Founders: P K Kheruka
  • Market Capitalization: Rs 480.96 Crore
  • Net Profit: Rs 37 Crore
  • Corporate Office: Mumbai 400018
  • Core Business and Products: Consumer, Lighting, Low Iron Solar Glass, Scientific and Industrial glass
  • Employees: 1000+
  • Website:

6. Saint Gobain Sekurit

Saint Gobain is one of the most popular brand names seen on television by millions of viewers.

  • Establishing Year: 1996
  • Founders: M G Ramakrishna as Chairman
  • Market Capitalization: Rs 354 Crore
  • Net Profit: Rs .41 Crore
  • Corporate Office: Pune 26
  • Core Business and Products: Float Glass, Automotive glass, Glass containers etc
  • Employees: 2000+
  • Website:

7. Binani Industries

Binani Glass is part of Binani Group and glass is one of its offering other than cement.

  • Establishing Year: 1972
  • Founders: Braj Binani
  • Market Capitalization: Rs 281 Crore
  • Net Profit: Rs 19.60 Crore
  • Corporate Office: Kolkata 700157
  • Core Business and Products: Fiber Glass and Composites
  • Employees: 500+
  • Website:

8. Gujarat Borosil

Gujarat Borosil manufactures glass for mainly solar cells like photovoltaic cell.

  • Establishing Year: 1988
  • Founders: B L Kheruka
  • Market Capitalization: Rs 148.92 Crore
  • Net Profit: Rs 8.29 Crore
  • Corporate Office: Gujarat – 393001
  • Core Business and Products: Container Glass, Tinted Glass, Automotive glass, Architectural Glass
  • Employees: 1000+
  • Website:

9. Haldyn Glass

Haldyn Glass is one of the largest food and beverage bottle makers. Its one of the major client is Amul.

  • Establishing Year: 1964
  • Founders: N D Shetty
  • Market Capitalization: Rs 125 Crore
  • Net Profit: Rs 18.41 Crore
  • Corporate Office: Vadodra, Gujarat
  • Core Business and Products: Vials, Liquor bottles, Food and Beverage Bottles
  • Employees: 500+
  • Website:

10. Nile

Although Nile is a leading lead and lead alloy manufacturing company but it also manufactures glass.

  • Establishing Year: 1984
  • Founders: V Ramesh
  • Market Capitalization: Rs 75.41 Crore
  • Net Profit: Rs 5.21 Crore
  • Corporate Office: Hyderabad 34
  • Core Business and Products: Glass and Lead alloy
  • Employees: 300+
  • Website:

11. Swiss Glass coat Equipment

Swiss glass Coat Company manufactures various products related to glass.

  • Establishing Year: 1991
  • Founders: Kanubhai Patel
  • Market Capitalization: Rs 45 Crore
  • Net Profit: Rs 3.80 Crore
  • Corporate Office: Anand, Gujarat
  • Core Business and Products: Carbon Steel Glass Lined Equipment and Accessories
  • Employees: 250+
  • Website:

12. Sezal Glass

Sezal Glass mainly caters for huge demand for architectural glass in the country.

  • Establishing Year: 1991
  • Founders: Amrut S Gada as Chairman and Managing Director
  • Market Capitalization: Rs 18.65 Crore
  • Net Profit: Rs -18 Crore
  • Corporate Office: Mumbai 67
  • Core Business and Products: Solid Glass, Kook Glass, Tone glass, Fort glass, Armor glass, Décor glass, FireBan Glass etc
  • Employees: 1000+
  • Website:

13. Triveni Glass

Triveni Glass is a company based in UP and makes some of the unique glass products.

  • Establishing Year: 1956
  • Founders: Mr. D. N. Agrawal
  • Market Capitalization: Rs 17.67 Crore
  • Net Profit: Rs 6.67 Crore
  • Corporate Office: UP 001
  • Core Business and Products: Tints, Wired Glass, Glass tubes, Automotive glass etc
  • Employees: 250+
  • Website:

14. FGP

FGP is mainly in the business of manufacturing fiber glasses. It is a dominant player in fiber glass niche in India and abroad.

  • Establishing Year: 2000
  • Founders: Kishore Shete
  • Market Capitalization: Rs 2.14 Crore
  • Net Profit: Rs -6 Crore
  • Corporate Office: Mumbai 400001
  • Core Business and Products: Fiber Glass
  • Employees: 200+
  • Website:

15. Jai Mata Rolled Glass

The last company in our list is Jai Mata which is still growing and suffered losses in recent years.

  • Establishing Year: 1981
  • Founders: C M Marwah
  • Market Capitalization: Rs 1.30 Crore
  • Net Profit: Rs -.35 Crore
  • Corporate Office: New Delhi 8
  • Core Business and Products: Figured and Wired Glass
  • Employees: 100+
  • Website:

So these were top 15 glass manufacturing companies in India. For more information please visit their respective websites.

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