Top 20 Interior Designers in India

Interior designers play an important role just after construction of a house. Real Estate Companies are having a variety of projects that include residential flats, bungalows and commercial buildings.

But, without a proper colour and decoration inside the particular flat or commercial properties, the property will not be suitable to reside.

Architects play a great role in building apartments and houses. But, without the contribution of the interior designers, the property will not be suitable for living.

If the space inside the property is small, interior designers will plan and arrange every article inside the room in such a way that, the house will look spacious.

Interior Designers in India

Top Interior Designers in India

Tanya Gyani

  • Portfolio- work in houses of UAE, Nepal and Italy, interiors of restaurants and bars
  • Location- New Delhi, India
  • Website-

The designer is recognized as the Elite student at Florence Design Academy. This is listed among the top 20 creative futures.

Sunita Kohli

  • Portfolio- architectural restoration, research-based designing, furniture designing, luxury structures
  • Contribution- restoring Rashtrapati Bhawan
  • Website-

This company started its furniture design in the year 1971. It has contributed the Indian government by restoring Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Lipika Sud

  • Portfolio- designing of corporate offices, hotels, railway station, homes
  • Location- Delhi India
  • Website-

The designer received the award as the best design professional of the year in the year 2012 for her outstanding contribution.

Anjum Jung

  • Portfolio- Earthy yet Urban chic designing in residential as well as hospitality sectors
  • Location– Bangalore, India
  • Website-

This is under the prestige group that includes Oakwood service apartment’s main lobby, Angsana Oasis spa and resort etc.

Amir Sharma

  • Portfolio- eccentric creative immigration and unique design style
  • Location- Hyderabad, India
  • Website-

It is one of the well known interior designer companies in India which has successfully completed its projects named as Lotus Palace restaurants, Testa Rosa Café etc

Ajay Shah

  • Portfolio- Specialized in retail-based designing
  • Location-Mumbai, India
  • Website-

He is the producer of the creative brand. He is quite famous for architectural structures, industrial designs and creative brands.

Shabnam Gupta

  • Portfolio- speciality in space management design techniques, designs in residential and commercial projects
  • Name of the studio- The orange lane
  • Website-
  • This interior designer is one of the top among 50 well-known designers in India. The space management design technique is one of its wonderful features

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Amrish Arora

  • Portfolio- projects in residential complex, commercial spaces, designing museum, designing retail spaces etc
  • Years of establishment- 2002
  • Website-

Apart from the designing of simple houses and apartment, this designing organization also deals with the interior designing of museums as well as exhibitions.

Sameep Padora and Associates

  • Portfolio- designing shiv temple in Indigo Deli and Wadeshwar
  • Location-Mumbai
  • Website-
  • After visiting the website, you will be able to get the impressive portfolio that include designing of temples, houses etc.

Rajeev Saini and Associates

  • Portfolio- leading home decoration brand in India with commercial interior
  • Location-Bangalore
  • Website-

People can easily get proper access to this web portal which is also known as the first home decorator brand in India that is well versed with the techniques of providing trendy interiors.

Indian Interior designs

  • Portfolio- the improvement of home with great knowledge over the Vastu Sastra
  • Location- Mumbai
  • Website-

You must visit this website to get the information about famous architects in India. After searching home, you can easily get it decorated with a wonderful interior designer of this company.

Maharashtra directory

  • Portfolio- Home based interior designing, commercial interior designing, retail based interior designs
  • Location- Maharashtra, India
  • Website-

This is a website to find out a suitable interior designer in the area of Maharashtra. The website also deals with the enquiries with regards to buying and selling.


  • Designer- Rekha Nambia
  • Location– Delhi
  • Website-

This is the organization owned by the famous interior designer named as Rekha Nambiar. This company is well associated with the latest trend of the along with the theme like society, lifestyle and Indian heritage.


  • Portfolio- Designing of commercial houses, designing of flats and residential homes
  • User Access- through phone, email, website
  • Website-

This is one of the website portals of interior designers in India. From where you can find the choice of interior designer who can easily make your houses and commercial places like heaven

Prem Nath and Associates

  • Portfolio- Interior designing and architecture of hotels, residences, villas, Temple etc
  • Location- Mumbai
  • Website-

This interior designing company is based in Mumbai which has specialization of both designing as well as architecture. It is also efficient in providing the project management consultancy to individuals as well as businessmen

Sulekha B2B

  • Portfolio- custom made furniture for hotels, residences and office
  • Location- Chennai. Mumbai
  • Website-

This company has its own web portal where people can easily pay a visit and have a look at variety of its facilities. The clientele list will signify its efficiency to the rest of the world.


  • Portfolio– office design services, interior designs for corporate and IT
  • Location- New Delhi
  • Website-

This is one of the corporate leaders in interior designing in India that provides solution of designing inside the home, office and other high standard accommodations. This company has been praised by many of its client for providing its outstanding services.


  • Portfolio- Designer furniture in affordable prices, construction services, designing of offices and exhibition hall
  • Location- New Delhi
  • Website-

This is also known as dimension designer private ltd. This has created designs for the showrooms, factories, exhibitions, houses as well as offices. Furniture designed over here are available in affordable price.

Sudhir Gandhi

  • Portfolio- architect homes, architect design firm, house architects, designing
  • Location- India
  • Website-

This is one of the topmost interior designing companies in India which consists of engineers, planners, structural restoration, etc. This company is equipped with a high profile clientele with great satisfaction.

Godrej Interio

  • Portfolio– interior furniture fir bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office etc
  • Location- Mumbai Maharashtra
  • Website-

This is a leading furniture brand in the market that provides wonderful designing of wardrobes, dressing tables, bed sets etc. This company is very famous for the consumer as well as engineering products.

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