Top 10 Brands of Modular Switches Brands in India

Electric switches technology has undergone countless revolutionary changes since invention in 1864 by John Henry Holmes.

Nowadays, the trend is to use modular switches at offices, homes and other installations. Surely, you too would like to use a top brand of modular switch in India for your office or home.

There are several excellent brands of modular switches available in India.

But before I list them, let me explain what the term ‘modular switches’ actually mean. It will also help understand why they are trending nowadays.

Understanding Modular Switches

Basically, every electrical switch is a circuit breaker. Means, it disconnects the circuit vital for a bulb, computer, appliance or any machinery to work.

The process of circuit breaking involves minor electrical sparking.

If a switch is old, faulty or used in the wrong manner, the spark can trigger a major fire.

This is where modular switches come in.

After years of research, companies are using polycarbonate materials to make electrical switches. Such polycarbonate variants are broadly known as Modular Switches.

Modular switches have the following advantages over others.

  • They have a high degree of fire resistance due to the nature of the raw material.
  • Made of polycarbonates, they have a longer lifespan than epoxy, plastic and porcelain switches.
  • Modular switches come in various shapes, sizes and colours, as well as electrical capacity and hence, can add to décor of your home, office, factory or other installation.
  • The cost difference between modular switches and other counterparts is nominal. Hence, anyone can easily afford modular switches.
  • Superior quality modular switches are available across India, including in rural and semi urban area.

Given these reasons, it is obvious you will opt for modular switches when installing a new one.

Top 10 Best Modular Switches Brands in India

If you are going to buy modular switches, here is a list of top brands in Indian you may consider. There are several manufacturers in India.

Hence, we list only renowned brands here. The listing does not indicate ranking or market positioning. It is randomly generated.

1. Luminous

Luminous makes superior quality modular switches for homes, offices and simple applications such as doorbells, bulbs and ceiling fans.

Luminous modular switches come at reasonable prices and are available across the country.

It is in the electrical switches business for over three decades.

2. Coral

Coral is a top brand of modular switches in India. The brand is made by Havells, a leading Indian firm with a presence in over 40 countries.

Coral modular switches are available for home, office and industrial applications.

The company also makes modular communication slots for landline telephones and Internet cables.

3. Crabtree

Crabtree is also a brand from Havells. If you are looking for very stylish switches for your home or office, go for the Crabtree range.

Their range includes modular switches of various shapes, sizes and colours that can blend well with almost every décor in the world.

Interior designers assist provide advice on making Crabtree modular switches to give them very high aesthetics.

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4. Legrand

Legrand is a global leader in electrical devices. The France-based company has a significant presence in India too.

Legrand has a very wide range of modular switches in India.

These are for use at residences, offices, commercial properties such as showrooms and malls, hotels and resorts as well as industrial applications.

You can expect international quality modular switches from this top brand in India.

5. Anchor by Panasonic

Anchor was a leader in switches and electrical products in India till 2007.

It was acquired by Japanese electronics and home appliances giant, Panasonic that year.

Since, the brand is known as Anchor by Panasonic. This top brand of modular switches has the widest possible range in India.

From different brands of decorative modular switches for homes, offices and commercial properties to high voltage industries. The brand is widely exported abroad too.

6. MEM Eaton

MEM Eaton is an American multinational company.

Conventional electrical switches made by Midlands Electricals & Machinery Ltd of UK were used in India since British colonial times.

However, MEM is now part of the American group, Eaton.

In India, MEM-Eaton sells very specialized modular switches.

These are for uses in various industries and specialized applications such as aerospace, power distribution and control.

7. Wipro North-West

Wipro North-East is a top brand of modular switches in India.

The reason is simple: they are superior quality modular switches, specially created for homes, offices and commercial place by none other than Indian multinational Wipro, a Fortune India 500 company.

They have five distinct lines of modular switches for homes along with home automation applications.

Wipro North-West also makes modular switches for industrial and specialized purposes.

8. Schneider Electric

With over 180 years of experience in electrical applications, Schneider Electric of France has a significant share of India’s modular switches market.

Schneider Electric’s modular switches rank as top brand in India for industrial and commercial applications.

These include power distribution systems and other vital installations.

If you are visiting a mall or a party hall, high voltage modular switches used there would most likely come from this company.

9. Larsen & Toubro

Excellent modular switches for commercial and industrial applications are available in India from L&T Electrical & Automation, a division of the business group, Larsen & Toubro.

The company also has three distinct lines of modular switches for homes and hospitality sector.

L&T is one of the oldest engineering companies in India and began operations in 1938. The company’s modular switches are used extensively in India and abroad.

10. Delta by Siemens

Delta is a top brand of modular switches in India for homes, hotels, resorts and shopping complexes.

They are made in India by Germany’s engineering giant, Siemens. Delta by Siemens is a very sophisticated range of modular switches.

Other than fire retardant material, Delta switches and accessories also use silver contacts and other superior quality material for durability and safety.

Despite such fantastic quality, Siemens modular switches are reasonably priced in the Indian market.

Wrap Up

Other than aesthetics and durability, modular switches offer more distinct advantages.

It is easy to install modular switches in old or new buildings and installations.

This is possible without changing the wiring, if necessary. Therefore, opt for modular switches the next time you need new ones.

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