10 Cheapest and Most Efficient Movers and Packers in India

Moving HOME is Nightmarish, regardless whether it is in the same city, elsewhere or even abroad.

Packing stuff, especially that high priced furniture, expensive showpieces, prized possessions, fragile goods and your collection of clothes proves confusing as well as tiring.

Instead of attempting to move house yourself, hiring services from the best packers and movers helps immensely.

They have teams experienced in packing all kinds of household stuff, an abundant supply of packaging material, logistics facilities and vehicles.

They can empty the house of your belonging within a couple of hours, carry them to the new destination and help you unpack too.

Packers and movers also ensure your precious goods are delivered intact to the new address. While saving you hassles of packing, they also help cut costs on moving home.

If you are moving home for any reason, here are top 10 packers and movers in India that can assist in shifting.

Best Packers and Movers in India

List of Top Packers and Movers in India

1. Gati-Kintetsu World Express Pvt.Ltd

Gati-Kintetsu World Express Pvt.Ltd

Gati KWE is Joint Venture (JV) between Gati, a leader in India’s logistics and express distribution systems and Kintetsu World Express, a leading freight company of Japan.

Hence, you get the advantage of a company that knows how to safeguard your belongings in harsh Indian conditions combined with Japanese expertise and precision.

Gati-KWE offers an excellent product branded ‘Laabh’ (advantage) for individuals and families relocating within the city, elsewhere in the country or abroad.

Laabh service is very economically priced: Gati-KWE charges only Rs.440 plus taxes for every 20kg freight. Your stuff is insured up to Rs.15,000 against damages, loss and theft.

Gati-KWE offers 24-hour tracking facilities for your cargo, uses weatherproof vehicles and has tamper-proof transit points that eliminate your household stuff against tampering and theft.

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2. Agility Logistics

Agility Logistics

Agility Logistics is one of the largest freight forwarders of India. The company is registered in Kuwait and has offices in all major Indian cities.

Agility Logistics offers a very sophisticated relocation service in India at affordable rates. This company has a global presence.

Generally, Agility Logistics does not move household goods and personal assets for individuals. Hence, their services have to be hired by your employers.

However, Agility Logistics has an excellent service to provide expert packing and unpacking as well as debris removal and related services for residences to help you settle immediately.

3. Writer Corporation

Writer Corporation

Writer Corporation was formerly PN Writer & Co. It began in 1953 in Mumbai as a small freight handler.

Today, Writer Corporation is the preferred packer and mover for major Indian companies that transfer employees to critical locations in India and abroad.

It is the most trusted brand of packers and movers in India among discerning individuals and families.

The company hires over 7,000 employees at various locations in India. Writer Corporation is a packer and mover of choice if you are relocating even to the farthest spot in India, thanks to its local expertise.

Further, Writer Corporation also provides packing and moving services to various destinations in Asia and the Middle East.

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4. Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations is a global company that not only offers packers and movers services but all other facilities required when you shift home within India or abroad.

These include pre-relocation services including immigration assistance, search for homes at the destination, scouting for schools, among others.

The company assigns a move manager that will personally be in charge of your precious household stuff and can be consulted anytime.

Additionally, Crown Relocations also has a slew of services to help you settle in the new location and residence.

These include intercultural and language training. If you are looking for complete relocation solutions, Crown Relocations is the best option.

5. Interem


Interem ranks among leading packers and movers in India and worldwide. The company offers domestic as well as global relocation services.

Interem has provided services to both, employers that transfer their staff as well as families shifting home within our outside India.

The company provides in over 170 countries. Interem is based in India and the emirate of Dubai in UAE.

Interem provides a wide range of packing and moving services including pet relocation, carrying fine art and precious, fragile household stuff, automobile relocation and setting up facilities at your new home in India and abroad.

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6. AGS Worldwide Movers

AGS Worldwide Movers

AGS Worldwide Movers is a Multinational Company (MNC) which provide household shifting services.

The company has extensive operations in India with offices in five major cities, including Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad.

In the Indian relocations market, AGS Worldwide Movers offers full door-to-door removals, storage and delivery solutions across the country.

The best part of using AGS Worldwide Movers is their online Virtual Visit facility. Using this service through a computer or smartphone, you can display every room and objects that need to be relocated to a representative of the company online.

This helps you in getting very competitive quotes. With AGS Worldwide Movers, you can avail the full range of relocation solutions.

This includes relocating pets, carrying fine art and other valuables or fragile goods to the new location as well as carrying car and bikes within and outside India.

7. Allied Pickfords India

Allied Pickfords India

Allied Pickfords India is an American MNC in the field of packing and moving. The company arrived in India in 2011, through the acquisition of a full stake held in Allied Leimuir.

In India, Allied Pickfords operates through seven offices located across the country. It hires staff from various nationalities too, for assistance with international relocations.

Allied Pickfords India hires skilled packers that will arrive at your home with the necessary packing material.

The company has sturdy boxes for packing precious, fragile and valuable goods including glass-wear, China, artwork, antiques and other highly prized objects.

Allied Pickfords uses protective wrapping and sturdy packing boxes to ensure your goods are undamaged or not stolen during transit.

Allied Pickfords operates in some 70 countries. Hence, their services can be used for moving abroad too.

8. UniRelo


UniRelo is the first brand of packers and movers among Indian nationals that are relocating from the US for work or those returning to India after completion of their contract.

It provides a one-stop solution in India, especially if you are moving with family.

This service is particularly useful to Indian families since they carry lots of stuff that may not be available in America.

If you are migrating to the US, avail UniRelo packing and moving services: they complete all Customs formalities in India and the US and deliver your stuff at the doorstep, help unpack and soften the relocation process. Similar services are available for those returning to India.

UniRelo services are particularly useful in getting your outbound and incoming stuff cleared by Customs since doing so alone can prove cumbersome and time-consuming.

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9. Leo Packers & Movers

Leo Packers & Movers

Leo Packers & Movers is an ISO 9001:2008 certified mover and packer with head offices in Bangalore.

The company is a leader of sorts in this field and has nearly 50-years experience in this sector. Leo Packers & Movers has helped millions of Indian families to relocate within the country or abroad.

Additionally, Leo Packers & Movers has established a name for itself among the corporate community of India for office relocation services.

With real estate prices going through the roof in most megacities, a lot of startups and small enterprises are relocating to other parts of India as cost savings measures.

Leo Packers & Movers is helping these and other companies move their corporate offices.

10. Globe Moving

Globe Moving

Globe Moving is one of the best packers and movers in Bangalore and nearby areas since the past 40 years.

Today, the company has graduated as one of the oldest household shifting services in India, especially for inter-city relocations.

Further, Globe Moving has also emerged as packers and movers of choice among IT professionals relocating to Bangalore or leaving for other cities, due to their superior services.

You can avail a slew of services from Globe Moving. These include international relocations, pet moving, fine-arts packing and moving, shifting household goods and valuable possessions as well as automobile relocations.

The company has state-of-the-art storage facilities where your stuff can be kept while in transit from one destination to another if needed.

Globe Moving also assists foreigners as well as Indian nationals arriving in this country for work or on completion of duties abroad.

Importance of Top Packers & Movers in India

Shifting home can be a very traumatic experience. You need to complete several formalities ranging from settling electricity bills to getting school admissions for kids at the new destination.

In such turmoil, it is natural any person would be flummoxed by the colossal tasks that lie ahead.

Packing and moving is one such important task that cannot be left incomplete unless you are abandoning everything to relocate.

In Conclusion

Given these scenarios, it makes sense to enlist services of a well-reputed packer and mover.

They ensure your household stuff and valuables are packed carefully, are not stolen or tampered in transit and reach your new home safely.

Understandably, their relocation services come at a cost. But considering the hassles it saves, hiring one of the top 10 packers and movers for relocations proves to be a good deal.

Indeed, you save a lot of money by hiring good movers and packers in India.

The reason is simple: laypersons are grossly unaware of the type of material needed for packing anything from clothes to a precious painting or fragile and expensive vase.

Top packers and movers are aware of these nuances and hence use the proper material.

They also ensure your precious stuff is handled correctly and does not get damaged. If you are relocating, approach any of these top 10 packers and movers in India.

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