Top 10 Premium Whisky Brands of India

Did you know that consuming a premium whisky brand is good for the health?

Of course, you need to drink responsibly and in moderate quantities to avail the maximum health benefits from whisky.

So if you are planning to host a grand party, celebrate a special occasion or merely drink whisky for leisure, consider these premium whisky brands.

Premium whisky brands

Why Premium Whisky Brands?

You might not know the difference between ordinary Indian whisky and premium Indian whisky. Generally, a standard whisky in India is a blend of alcohol made of grain and molasses.

Since molasses alcohol is cheap, it is used to make ordinary whisky. Using molasses alcohol helps in maintaining low prices for a standard whisky.

Premium whisky in India is made of fine wheat. This wheat undergoes processes that are in use till today in Scotland. Malt derived from this wheat is used to make premium Indian whiskies.

Hence, these classy Indian whiskies are packed with essential nutritional requirements, and it provides health benefits if you drink minimal quantities regularly.

Today, there are many well-established liquor companies in India which are manufacturing these premium whisky brands.

Top Premium Whisky Brands

So if you want to drink some hardcore original Indian whisky, I suggest you try any of these brands. They go hand in hand with specific Indian brands of Scotch whisky and cost much lesser.

Please note, prices listed are indicative. Availability and cost can differ based upon your location and season. Here is the list of top premium whisky brands for all whisky lovers.

  1. Amrut Fusion Single Malt (Rs.3,800)-


amrut fusion whisky barnd

I can genuinely say, Amrut Fusion Single Malt is the best premium Indian whisky brand. It has won several awards abroad.

Amrut Fusion Single Malt also won the Third Finest Whisky in the World award a few years ago.

If you want to tastes a genuinely premium Indian whisky, try Amrut Fusion Single Malt. Every penny of it is totally worth it.

2. 100 Pipers Blended Scotch 12 Years (Rs.3,100)-


100 Pipers Blended Scotch whisky brands

The origin of 100 Pipers Blended Scotch is from Scotland that is locally bottled in India by Pernod Ricard. 100 Pipers comes in two variants, the 12 Years and Deluxe.

In fact, 100 Pipers made its arrival in India in the mid-1990s. This whisky brand ranks as the second largest selling whisky in Asia.

3. Signature Premium Grain (Rs.1,500)-

Signature Premium Grain

Signature Premium Grain is a blended premium whisky brand that is very popular in India. It contains a blend of Scotch and Indian malt whiskies.

Signature Premium Grain whisky is presented in an elegant octagonal flask that was specially designed by Claessens International, for brand owners, Diageo Group.

Signature Premium Grain is an excellent whisky for the price. It is a great whisky brand to serve at parties or for occasional consumption.

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4. Antiquity Blue Premium (Rs. 1,400)

Antiquity Blue Premium whisky brands

For occasional drinking, I prefer Antiquity Blue Premium Whisky. It is a smooth blend of Scotch and Indian whiskies.

Antiquity Blue has a very mesmerising aroma, and a distinct mild flavour that is soothing and one truly savours every sip of it.

This superb whisky has won several accolades in India and abroad.

It is definitely a premium whisky you will enjoy. It comes in a delightfully shaped blue coloured flask.

5. Antiquity Rare Premium (Rs.1,300)

Antiquity Rare Premium

Launched by Shaw Wallace 1992, Antiquity Rare Premium is a premium Indian whisky brand that exported in bulk.

Antiquity Rare Premium is found in many markets worldwide, including the U.S. and China, among others.

Antiquity Rare Premium is undoubtedly what the name states: it is a blend of rare Scotch and Indian whiskies.

6. Blenders Pride Reserve Collection (Rs.1,300)

Blenders Pride whisky brand

Blenders Pride Reserve Collection was the most expensive whisky brand in India when it was launched in 2011- 2012.

It is a blend of select Scotch and Indian malt whiskies.

Blenders Pride Reserve Collection whisky has a very subtle taste and fragrance.

Blenders Pride Reserve Collection has a huge fan following among whisky lovers in India.

7. Peter Scot (Rs.1,200)-

Peter scot whisky brands

Any mention or a list of premium whiskies in India is incomplete without including Peter Scot.

Several decades before other brands stepped in the market; Peter Scot was the one and only premium whisky of India.

It entered this country’s then limited liquor market in 1968.

Till today, Peter Scot is a whisky I cherish the most. It is an Indian single-malt whisky brand and hence has stronger taste and flavour when compared over other brands in the price range.

8. Red Knight Reserve (Rs. 1,200)

Red Knight whisky brands

The younger generation may never have heard of Red Knight Reserve. But any old-timer will remember Red Knight Reserve.

It is one of the oldest premium whiskies of India, having entered the market in 1968. Red Knight Reserve is distilled by Bangalore-based Khoday’s.

Though this whisky brand was initially available in few markets, it is possible now to buy Red Knight Reserve at most locations in India. It is also widely exported.

9. Royal Stag Barrel Select (Rs.1,100)

Royal Stag whisky brands

Royal Stag Barrel Select is the premium version of an eponymous Indian malt premium whisky brand from Pernod Ricard.

The brand is renowned among the millennial population of India.

I find Royal Stag Barrel Select undeniably good premium whisky for the price. It has a strong grainy flavour.

The 750ml flask comes packed in a classic square tin case.

10. Royal Challenge Blended (Rs.1,100)

royal challenge whisky

If you are looking for a reasonably economically priced premium whisky brand, Royal Challenge Blended is the one for you. It is one of the most famous brands of whiskies in India.

Since direct liquor advertising is banned in India, its owners named the Indian Premier League cricket Team after the brand- Royal Challengers Bangalore.

It is one of the most widely indirectly advertised in all the other liquor brands of India. You can find Royal Challenge Blended whisky in most markets in the country.

Advantages of Premium Whisky

As I mentioned earlier, you can get several health benefits by consuming the minimal amount of premium whisky regularly.

The most significant advantage of premium whisky brands is that I can enjoy them without the need for a mixer like water, soda, soft drinks or juice.

You can solely have a classic neat or on the rocks depending on your preference.

In fact, Scotch and premium whiskies are ideally most pleasurable when consumed a neat peg.

This way, you can truly relish the distinct flavours of each premium whisky brands of India.

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Final Thoughts

Before concluding this listing, I repeat, drinking whisky or any other liquor can prove dangerous to health if consumed out of control.

Since premium whiskies cost a lot, most drinkers enjoy occasionally.

If you are one of those who adores an occasional drink in small quantities, I suggest you splurge on it and opt for premium whisky brands because it’s totally worth it.

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