Top 10 Raincoat Brands in India

Have you ever lost an umbrella? I have lost dozens of them over the years. Hence, I hate carrying one now.

So how do I protect myself against heavy rainfall during monsoons? Of course, I use an umbrella sometimes, Here is a list of best umbrella brands in India. But I prefer wearing a raincoat.

The reason is simple: a raincoat protects my wallet, mobile, ATM cards and other stuff from getting soaked and spoiled.

It protects a larger portion of my body. A raincoat also doesn’t make me wet regardless of the direction of the rain and wind.

Unlike an umbrella, it doesn’t twist and turn in strong winds. And of course, to lose a raincoat, I’d have to be very absent-minded.

A raincoat allows me to venture out confidently in heavy rainfall. Nor does a raincoat get in way of other pedestrians. It can be easily folded and kept away in a bag, usually provided by the manufacturer. And nobody steals raincoats for sure.

So if you’re looking for better protection against rains during monsoon 2019, buy a raincoat from one of the topmost brands in India.

List of Top 10 Best Raincoat Brands in India

Nowadays you can also buy fancy raincoats from new manufacturers. There’s a wide selection available whether you are buying from a neighbourhood store or from popular online shopping websites.

But here I’m listing some time tested and proven brands of best raincoats brands in India.


India’s iconic brand of raincoats and rainwear, Duckback is back. I remember using Duckback raincoats while at school since it was the best available in the market and afforded superb protection against heavy rains.

However, a Duckback raincoat in those days was heavy and cumbersome. But it didn’t matter since I enjoyed the luxury of attending a school that was just about a kilometre from my home.

Duckback had gone off the shelves in India due to labour problems and other issues. However, its parent organization, Bengal Waterproof Ltd is reviving the brand.

Duckback raincoats are available only at upmarket stores in India. But you can order an excellent Duckback, the legendary raincoat of India, online too.


For the young and free, Wildcraft is an excellent raincoat. As the name suggests, these raincoats and other rainwear are created for those who are wild and free at heart.

These raincoats are very rugged and hence, suitable for wearing while riding motorcycles and scooters.

They come in excellent and trendy designs and colours. Hence, they are a hit among the younger generation.

Wildcraft raincoats will generally be available easily in large cities, where several top stores sell them.

In fact, Wildcraft is one of the top brands of raincoats and waterproof jackets that sell like hotcakes online.

They provide value for money and can withstand fairly rough use. Lightweight and easy to carry, these raincoats can be packed in any bag discreetly and pulled out when necessary.


Zeel made debut in India’s rainwear market in 2009. And within a short span of time, it has become one of the topmost brands of raincoats in India.

The company also makes a fabulous range of rain suits for children, women and men, which are especially useful for those who ride scooters and bikes.

Superior quality material and durability are hallmarks of the Zeel brand.

And a Zeel raincoat doesn’t cost much either, despite its excellent quality. Most Zeel raincoats come with a carrying pouch.

The material of Zeel raincoats drips off rainwater rather quickly which speeds up drying. So you can be sure of wearing a nearly dry raincoat just after an hour of coming indoors from heavy rains.


Another excellent brand of durable raincoats are available from Aashi brand. They are made by Ahmedabad-based New Aashi Rainwear.

If you love fashion and would like to buy a trendy raincoat go for Aashi. You can buy an Aashi raincoat online or from a good brick-and-mortar store in your area.

Aashi raincoats have been around for nearly 20 years. The company sources highest grade waterproof material for its raincoats.

It has an in-house team of designers that help create trendy raincoats and rainwear for everyone-from kids to students, teenagers, working women and men.

They also have a special range of heavy duty raincoats for persons that spend more time outdoors.


Jayshree is in the raincoat and rainwear manufacturing business since 1967. It ranks among the oldest raincoat manufacturers of India, with over 60 years in the industry.

Jayshree Plastic Udyog, manufacturers of this brand of raincoats operate from Kolkata.

The company is also a major player in the global raincoat market and exports a sizeable volume of its products to markets worldwide.

You can buy two types of raincoats from Jayshree brand. One are plastic raincoats that are durable yet very affordable. The others are made of PVC.

Jayshree manufactures raincoats for kids, women and men. Since the company is a major exporter, their raincoats sold in India also conform to foreign styles and fashions.


Who hasn’t heard of Reliable raincoats? I still recall their jingles on All India Radio. In fact, Reliable is a pioneer in introducing raincoats made with PVC in India.

Since PVC is very durable and versatile, waterproof material, it can be given any colour, shade and pattern. Hence, you can buy Reliable raincoats that match your personal style and fashion.

Reliable raincoats have been protecting Indians from heavy rains every monsoon for more than 60 years.

Keeping in line with time, Reliable now manufactures raincoats that come printed with fancy cartoon characters including Barbie and Hello Kitty as well as Superman and Spiderman.

You can buy anything from very sombre raincoats to those in bright, modern styles and patterns from Reliable.

Mohendra Dutt & Sons

Mohendra Dutt & Sons doesn’t really sound like a familiar name. And it isn’t. However, Mohendra Dutt & Sons is the oldest existing manufacturer of raincoats in India.

It is manufacturing raincoats since 1882. Ask any old timer and they’ll narrate stories about how they would dare heavy Indian monsoons using a raincoat from Mohendra Dutt & Sons.

Till date, a raincoat from Mohendra Dutt & Sons is a prized possession.

The company continues its tradition of manufacturing superb quality raincoats till date. Since the company believes in quality over quantity, it manufactures only a limited number of raincoats.

However, each Mohendra Dutt & Sons raincoat- for kids, women and men, are masterpieces in their own right.

And they don’t cost a fortune like some other modern brands available online.


Very trendy and stylish raincoats are available from Aristocrat brand, which is a formidable name in the market since 1980.

In fact, Aristocrat raincoats come with amazing designs and colors that suit tastes of very modern women and men.

These raincoats are also very popular in North East India which records some of the highest rainfall in the world.

Aristocrat raincoats are not just any rainwear. They are designed for use all year round, especially if you are dwelling in a region that witnesses dense fog and mist, dew and damp conditions.

They are available in all styles- from downright formal to flashy sporty. Look for Aristocrat raincoats online or buy directly from their website.


Ghaziabad-based JRD Industries offers an extensive range of raincoats for the Indian and foreign markets.

For bulk buyers, JRD Industries also offers to make customized raincoats that can bear the company logo and other designs.

JRD raincoats enjoy a huge market in India and are very popular abroad, especially in companies that buy them from India in large quantities.

JRD raincoats come with superb water protection features that are usually common only for industrial uses.

Hence, you can be assured of staying dryer to a higher degree with JRD brand.

These high quality raincoats can be bought from stores and online too. In fact, a lot of manufacturers have their raincoats made by JRD Industries for sale under their brand.

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History of Raincoats

Maybe you didn’t know this, but raincoats trace their origin back to India. The first modern raincoat was made in 1824 by Charles Macintosh, a Scottish scientist.

Legend says, Macintosh was fascinated how ancient Indians used cloth dipped in latex and left to dry for long to create a sort of waterproofing fabric.

In 1824, Charles Macintosh perfected a technique that used Indian rubber and tarpaulin to create the world’s first raincoat.

The product became popular as Macintosh. In fact, a raincoat continues to be known as Macintosh in common British parlance till date.

Since natural latex supplies are unpredictable, companies began experimenting with various synthetic material.

PVC was the clear choice since its versatility allows it to be printed with any patterns. It can also be made with different colors.

Wrap Up

Now that you know the benefits of using a raincoat, try one from any of these top 10 brands in India.

They will come handy for several years and protect you through many monsoons. Normally, I rate a raincoat as the best on three distinct parameters: superior waterproof protection, durability and price.

There’s no point in buying a very expensive raincoat that you would use only a few times each year. Because raincoats stored away carelessly can get damaged.

Now if you’re wondering whether to go for an umbrella or buy a raincoat, here’s my honest suggestion.

Go for both. You might think I’m crazy to suggest this. But I have strong reasons. A raincoat is useful when you really need to battle it out in heavy rains but has limited uses when it drizzles and during passing showers.

An umbrella cannot withstand really heavy rain. But it can be used during drizzles and small showers and to protect yourself against the sun.

Therefore, buying a superb raincoat and an excellent umbrella are good investments to protect yourself against vagaries of nature.

This might sound absurd in modern times, but I strongly recommend buying Indian made raincoats. The reason is simple.

Indian manufacturers provide warranties on their products against faulty manufacture. This facility would simply not be available on raincoats made in other Asian countries.

Also, Indian made raincoats are crafted keeping in mind local conditions. Hence, they are much sturdier than foreign ones. Hence, buy one from the best brand in India.

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