Top 10 State Universities in India

Many students after their results get stuck on which university to choose as their career depends on their important decision. In India there are Central Universities, State Universities, Deemed Universities and Private Universities.

A university which is established by the state government of each state of India as per the State Act is called State Universities.

UGC has listed 285 universities as of 30 November, 2011. Students should choose the recognized university for their best career. We are listing here some of the top state universities of India.

1. University of Mumbai

University of Mumbai was founded in year 1857and this is one of the oldest university in India. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) had awarded the university as a five star status in year 2001 & got ‘A’ grade status in year 2012.

State Universities in India 

Mumbai University has two campuses at Vidyanagari and Fort of areas 243 acres and 14 acres respectively. They have 56 university departments and institutes and 691 affiliated colleges.

The University offers Doctorate, Post Graduate, Graduates, diploma courses in following:

Fine Arts, Social Work, Physical Education, Sanskrit, Marathi, Pali, Urdu, Russian, Persian Arabic, German, French, Kannada, Early Childhood Care and Education, Physical Education, Library and Information Science, Yogic Education, Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.), Management Studies


2. University of Calcutta, Kolkata

University of Calcutta was founded in year 1857. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council ( NAAC) has accredited the university as a five star status in year 2001.

According to 2009 assessment of the Top Asian Universities, Calcutta University is ranked as third within the Indian Universities.

The University offers Doctorate, Post graduate, Graduates courses in following:

Commerce, Science, Music, Visual Art, Business Administration, B.Ed, Horticulture, Technical, MCA, Philosophy, Arts, Bengali, History, English, Human Development, Political Science, Sanskrit, Physical Education, Journalism & Mass Communication, Physical Education, Computer Science, Food & Nutrition, Anthropology, Electronics, Statistics


3. Pune University, Pune

Pune University was established on 10th February, 1948. Every year many students comes to Pune University from across the country also from the world. It is also known as ‘Oxford of the East’. The university has about 46 academic departments, 307 recognized research institutes and 612 affliliated colleges which offers graduate and under-graduate courses. There are approx. 4,22,000 Books & Journals in the University of Pune.

The University offers Doctorate, Post Graduate, Graduates, diploma courses in following:

Philosophy, Arts, Oriental Learning, Sanskrit, Hindi Functional languages, Russian, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Urdu, Lalit Kala, Pali, Modern European Languages, Manuscriptology, Translation, Vyavaharik Marathi Padvika Abhyaskram, Ayurved Vachaspati, Homeopathic Medicine Surgery, Unani Medicine & Surgery, Naturopathy & Yogic science


4. Punjabi University, Patiala

Punjabli University was established in year 1962. It is the largest university in the state and their main focus is on Punjabi language, art and literature. Punjabi University has awarded by NAAC as ‘A’ grade.

The University has 65 Teaching and Research Departments in its Campus, 5 Regional Centres, 5 Neighbourhood Campuses and 166 Colleges affiliated to it. They have published 3000 titles in Punjabi in various areas and have established a special Punjabi Reference Library.

The University offers Doctorate, Post Graduate, Graduates courses in following:

Bio Technology, Botany, Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Business Studies, Commerce, Computer Science, Social Sciences, Economics, Geography, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, Information Sciences, History, Human Biology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Law, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research, Sports Science, Management Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Public Administration


5. University of Rajasthan, Jaipur

University of Rajasthan was established in year 1947, earlier it was known as University of Rajputana. In year 1956 the university was renamed as University of Rajasthan.

The University offers Doctorate, Post Graduate, Graduates courses in following:

Biotechnology, Microbiology, Information Technology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Finance Control, Management, Computer Applications, Business Administration, Fine Arts, Film Production and Technology, Food Technology


6. Mangalore University, Konaje

Mangalore University has been recently awarded by NAAC as grade ‘A’. Mangalore University was established in year 1980. The University is spread across 350 acres of land and is just 18 kms away from Mangalore city.

In University Campus there are 25 Post-Graduate Departments and they are having 208 affiliated colleges/ institutions. The University has been ranked 24 among the 50 top universities.

The University offers Doctorate, Post graduate, Graduates courses in following:

Applied Zoology Biosciences, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Applied Botany, Computer Science, Computer Applications, Industrial Chemistry, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics, Materials Science


7. University of Madras, Chennai

University of Madras, is a public research university in Chennai and is one of the oldest university in India. University of Madras was established in year 1857. The university was organized as per the model of London University.

The University has 68 departments of study and research and are spread over four campuses which organizes 18 schools all of which offer Post Graduates Courses, part time and full time Ph.D programmes, Diploma and Certificate Programmes. NAAC first accorded the university as five star status and then later as ‘A’ rating.

The University offers Doctorate, Post graduate, Graduates courses in following:

Ancient History and Archaeology, Laws , Intellectual Property Rights , Human Rights and Duties Education , Historical Studies , Anthropology , Continuing Education Management , Human Resource Management , Sociology , Defence and Strategic Studies , Public Administration , International Relations , Political Science , Economics , Journalism & Mass Communication (Print and Broadcast Media) , Philosophy , Islamic Studies , English , French

University also conducts different courses like

M.A. Vaishnavism, M.A Christian Studies


8. SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai

SNDT Women’s University was established in year 1916 by Maharshi Dr. Dhondo Keshav Karve for Women’s Education. SNDT University is the first Women’s University in India and in South-East Asia. The university has its headquarters at Churchgate, Mumbai and two campuses at Juhu, Mumbai and at Karve Road, Pune.

The University offers Doctorate, Post Graduate, Graduate, diploma courses in following:

Sanskrit, Indian Epic and Culture, Philosophy, Hindi, Guajarati, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Travel and Tourism, Light Vocal Music, Interior Designing, History, Sociology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Indian Philosophy


9. Saurashtra University, Gujarat

Saurashtra University was established in year 1967 at Rajkot city in Gujarat State. The university has its campus spread across 360 acres of land. University has 28 post graduate Departments and 320 affiliated colleges. University has been accredited Grade ‘B’ by NAAC.

The University offers Doctorate, Post Graduate, Graduate, diploma courses in following:

Journalism & Mass Communication, Biosciences, Business Management, Commerce, Economics, Electronics, Instrumentation, Hardware Technology, Human Rights & International Humanitarian Laws, Law, Library & Information Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Physics, Mathematics, Sanskrit, Sociology, Social Work, English & Comparative Literary Studies, Statistics, Home Science, Pharmaceutical Science , Physical Education History, Hindi, Indian Literature, English & Comparative Literary Studies  Computer Science Chemistry.


10. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya, Madhya Pradesh

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya was established in year 1995. University is recognized by UGC under section 2(F) and is also member of Association of Indian Universities. The universities main objective is to introduce the life oriented consciousness based education.

The University offers Doctorate, Post graduate, Graduates courses in following:


They also offer courses in –

Maharishi Ved Vigyan, Jyotish, Praman Patra, Shastri, Acharya, Yog, Sthapatya Ved-Vastu Vidya, Gandharva Ved-Indian Classical Music and Vedic Swasthya Vidhan, Darshan Shastra

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