How to Get Rs, 2 Lakhs with Swachh Bharat Summer Internship 2018

Students can win up to Rs.200,000 by participating in Swachh Bharat Summer Internship (SBSI) program. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the new internship. Students from all college/ university across India are eligible to participate in the internship, he added.

What is Swachh Bharat Summer Internship?

If you wish to win up to Rs.200,000 under SBSI, here are some basic facts you need to know.

  • Swachh Bharat Summer Internship is a pioneering program launched by the Indian government. Ministry of Human Resources and Development will administer it.
  • Under Swachh Bharat Summer Internship, students can win cash prizes up to Rs.200,000.
  • SBSI aims at promoting general cleanliness and hygiene across India with the participation of students and educational institutions.
  • Application for internship closes on June 15, 2018.
  • All participants will be enrolled with retrospective date- May 1, 2018.

How to Apply for Swachh Bharat Internship

To apply for Swachh Bharat Summer Internship, you must be a student enrolled at any college/ university.

  • Visit
  • Click on the Enroll Now tab under the Nehru Yuva Sangathan head
  • You have to click on ‘Register Now’ if you are not registered with
  • If you already registered on, simply login to your account
  • Fill the online form for Swachh Bharat Summer Internship
  • Download the ‘Confirmation’ page.
  • Hand over the ‘Confirmation’ page to the principal or head of your educational institution.

Doing Swachh Bharat Summer Internship

Once you have completed this process, you have to request your educational institute and peers to conduct a cleanliness program before July 31, 2018.

  • The college/ university will organize a cleanliness drive at a village, town or city of its choice.
  • Students have to spend 100 hours on cleanliness drives and promoting awareness about hygiene on or before July 31, 2018.
  • You can enroll as many classmates or other students of your school or college/ university.
  • The maximum number of students from your school/ college/ university that can participate for the internship is limited to 100 only.
  • However, different divisions of an educational institute can conduct separate drives for Swachh Bharat Summer Internship.
  • The choice of village, town or city to conduct the cleanliness drive depends upon students. For the SBSI, they have to ‘adopt’ a village, town or locality in the city till July 31, 2018.
  • Though you can form teams up to a maximum of 100 students, the Swachh Bharat nodal officer will finalize the size, depending upon an actual number of persons needed for the drive. Others will be allotted different areas for SBSI.

Reporting about Swachh Bharat Summer Internship

Participating students and their educational institutes have to file a detailed report about activities conducted as part of Swachh Bharat Summer Internship. The report has to be given to the Nodal Officer in charge of your area.

Every confirmed report will get you the following rewards:

  • Two curriculum credit points in your mark sheet for the final exam.
  • An opportunity to compete at the College/ university, University, State and National levels and win attractive internships.

Prizes for Swachh Bharat Summer Internship

All participants will be issued Swachh Bharat Summer Internship certificates through their colleges/ universities.

There are four levels of prizes for Swachh Bharat Summer Internship. This is to ensure that all participants win prizes under the internship.

College Level

  • Participating students and their college will be honoured with Shields/ Cups and Certificates.
  • Cash prizes will also be given to college students.
  • A meritorious student that participated in SBSI will get cash and certificates.

University Level

Participating students and colleges that have excelled in their internship will be enrolled for competition at the University Level.

  • 1st Prize: Cash Rs.30,000 and certificate.
  • 2nd Prize: Cash Rs.20,000 and certificate.
  • 3rd Prize: Cash Rs.10,000 and certificate.

State Level

Winners of University Level will further compete at the State Level. Prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Prize: Cash Rs.50,000 and certificate.
  • 2nd Prize: Cash Rs.30,000 and certificate.
  • 3rd Prize: Cash Rs.20,000 and certificate.

National Level

Winners from University Level will compete in the grand competition at National Level. Prizes are:

  • 1st Prize: Rs.200,000 and certificate.
  • 2nd Prize: Rs.100,000 and certificate.
  • 3rd Prize: Rs.50,000 and certificate.

In Conclusion

As mentioned earlier, Swachh Bharat Summer Internship is the first of its kind program to be launched by the Indian government.

It aims at tapping the huge manpower resources of Indian students to clean up villages, towns, and cities in India while promoting general awareness about hygiene.

The summer internship can help prevent soil, food and water-borne infections during the forthcoming monsoon season.

Participating in Swachh Bharat Summer Internship (SBSI) is also very prestigious for students and their educational institutions, regardless of the cash prizes. It is a national drive aimed at the betterment of this country.

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