Top 15 Countries Offering Visa On Arrival To Indians in 2018

Wouldn’t it be Great if you could Travel to any Foreign country without Visa?

Of course yes, but Sadly it’s not possible!

You need to have a proper visa before making any such travel plans.

But wait… There a solution to this. There are few Countries which allows visa on arrival for Indians.


Anyone wanting to travel for a holiday abroad will testify, applying for visas to visit foreign countries was the main constraint. Foreign diplomatic missions would ask myriad documents and proofs before granting a visa.

some years ago, travelling to foreign countries was a pipe dream for millions of Indians.

Regardless of their wealth, people had to apply for visas, buy expensive air tickets and hotel accommodation and often depend upon some friend or relative abroad to serve as a local host of guide.

The Indian government, in its bid to attract foreign tourists, has relaxed entry rules for citizens of over 100 countries: they can now get a visa on arrival at specific air and sea entry points to India.

In reciprocity, various countries now also extend the visa-on-arrival or visa free entry to Indian citizens travelling as legitimate tourists. This has spurred Indians to explore some top tourist destinations abroad.

This means, they do not have to obtain a visa in India, prior to departure: they can obtain one upon arrival in the foreign country or are allowed visa-free entry.

Below we have listed a few countries which offer on arrival visa for Indians.

Top 15 Countries Offering Visa On Arrival To Indians in 2018

1) Indonesia


Indian passport holders can avail of the visa-on-arrival facility at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta and select another international entry point to this archipelagic country.

Indonesia is a country rich in history, culture and heritage. Additionally, it is also a great destination for shopping and honeymoon.

There is no dearth of attractions for the Indian traveller in Indonesia. Jakarta is home to scores of shopping malls, historic monuments and ancient shrines.

Bali is a world famous beach resort. Cities like Banjarmasin, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Bandung, the island of Batam and Padang in Minang Kabau region are excellent getaways for Indians wanting to explore a foreign land.

2) Qatar


The state of Qatar is the richest country in the world. It is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council and plays host to nearly a million expatriate Indian citizens who hold jobs ranging from topnotch executives to gardeners and handymen.

Qatar is an epitome of the renowned Arab hospitality. Friendly locals and excellent tourism infrastructure, easy accessibility from India and unique attractions including the Khor Al Udeid inland sea make Qatar a great tourism destination.

You can get an e-visa by applying online or a visa-on-arrival at Doha International Airport.

Hotels in Qatar arrange a visa-on-arrival if you reserve your rooms before landing in Doha. Tourism visa services are also offered by national carrier Qatar Airways.

3) UAE


The United Arab Emirates is perhaps the best known foreign destination in India. The talk of Dubai and Abu Dhabi conjures visions of skyscrapers, fast cars, glitzy malls and high-class shopping among Indians.

Thanks to the large Indian diaspora, United Arab Emirates is also a favourite tourist destination among Indians. Indeed, any Indian will never feel homesick in the UAE.

This is because the seven emirates of the confederation, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain are home to thousands of Indians.

The UAE has myriad man-made and natural attractions for discerning tourists. Indian nationals can get a visa-on-arrival at any of the UAE airports, provided they meet certain criteria.

Visas can also be arranged through the country’s four airlines- Emirates, Etihad, Air Arabia and Fly Dubai.

4) Kenya


A lot of has been said about visa-on-arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport near Nairobi. Indeed, Indian tourists can get a visa-on-arrival at the airport.

However, before packing your bags for that much awaited African safari, here are some facts you should know.

Getting a visa-on-arrival in Nairobi or Mombasa is no cake walk. Often, the queues at visa counters are considerably long, meaning you can spend as much as two to three hours at the airport.

Since payment is in Kenyan Shilling, you will have to withdraw cash at one of the many ATMs. Again, this can prove cumbersome since ATMs at the JKIA have a penchant to fail. Regardless, Kenya is an excellent country to visit.

Dine out at the Carnivore restaurant where you are served meat of exotic animals such as giraffe and zebra and travel to Masai Mara reserve for a wildlife safari and taste of local culture.

5) Thailand


The Land of Smiles is known by many exotic names. Thailand is a very popular tourist destination among Indians, albeit for the wrong reasons.

A majority of Indians view Thailand as a destination for cheap sex and massage. Others go there for shopping since high quality stuff like readymade garments, electronics and mobile phones can be bought for cheap.

Sadly, the country’s rich culture and history go largely unnoticed by Indians seeking carnal pleasures. Thailand also offers visa-on-arrival facility to Indian citizens at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Chonburi, near Bangkok.

Indians arriving at the Don Muang International Airport on budget carriers from nearby countries can also get visa-on-arrival, which permits a stay of 14 days.

However, Indian citizens cannot avail visa-on-arrival facilities for entering Thailand through its land border points with Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar.

You cannot get a visa-on-arrival at railway checkpoints. Entry through seaports is allowed only for Indian passport holders working on ships.

6) Sri Lanka


Indian citizens visiting the island of serendipity, Sri Lanka does not need a visa.

Your passport will simply be stamped for an entry into the country, upon arrival at Bandaranayake International Airport in Katunayake near Colombo.

Generally, Indian passport holders are allowed a 30-day visa free stay in Sri Lanka with the restriction that engaging in work-paid or unpaid- is prohibited.

The government of Sri Lanka also plans to allow visa-free entry to Indian nationals arriving by sea from the country’s northern maritime border with India.

However, this facility may take some time since cruise liners between southern India and northern Sri Lanka are yet to commence full-fledged commercial operations.

Sri Lanka is an excellent destination for nature aficionados and honeymooners wanting tranquillity and privacy. The country has tourism infrastructure to suit Indian travellers of all budgets.

7) Nepal


This small country nestling in the Himalayas between India and China has been a traditional favourite for Indian tourists of all ages.

You can enter Nepal by road from checkpoints in Uttar Pradesh in India or by air through the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu.

While Indians enjoy visa-free entry into Nepal, there exists some ambiguity over the need for passports. In some instances, Nepal allows entry through border checkpoints producing the original Indian Voter ID card.

Some travel companies claim Indians holding Aadhar card can also enter Nepal using the document. However, carrying your passport is the surest way to ensure you can enter Nepal through land or by air.

Nepal has a host of attractions for Indians such as iconic temples, shopping and amazing mountainous nature parks. The Indian currency is widely accepted in Nepal.

Those entering Nepal by land can drive into the country in own vehicles. However, you also have to exit Nepal from the same border checkpoint.

8) Mauritius


Visa free entry is available for Indian citizens to Mauritius. All you require is an Indian passport that has at least six months validity from your date of arrival.

Immigration officers at the Si Seewoosagar Ramgoolam International Airport in Port Louis will stamp an entry on your passport, permitting you a 28-day stay on this Indian Ocean island nation.

Mauritius is a fun destination for people of all ages. For the adventurous, there are plenty of water sports ranging from parasailing to jet-skiing.

Those with a spiritual bent of mind can visit historic Hindu shrines built by early Indian settlers brought to the island by British colonials.

There are also mosques built by African migrants as well as churches introduced by British and French missionaries who once flourished on the island.

9) Seychelles


Another idyllic destination for Indians to holiday abroad is the island state of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. Indeed, Seychelles has been popularized in India by the large number of Bollywood and regional movies that have been filmed in this country.

Upon arrival at the Seychelles International Airport in capital Victoria, your Indian passport will be stamped free for entry that permits a 28-day stay in the country.

Seychelles also has a large population of Indian ethnicity, who were shipped to the island by British colonials as sugarcane and paddy planters, among other workers. Seychelles is ideal for Indians looking for a sun-and-sea experience in a foreign country.

10) Cambodia


Indian nationals can get entry into Cambodia by availing a visa-on-arrival at the Phnom Penh International Airport and the Siem Reap International Airport.

To avail the visa-on-arrival facility, you have to submit a completed application with a passport type picture and US$ 20 as fee. Typically, it takes about 15 to 30 minutes for your visa, issued in the form of a sticker pasted on your passport, to be issued.

The visa-on-arrival in Cambodia allows Indian citizens a stay of 30 days in the country and is non-extendable, unless you can prove some extremely pressing reason for staying longer. Cambodia is a country blessed by nature, with its dense tropical forests.

Capital city Phnom Penh is a blend of tradition and modern: you can see Khmer women balancing baskets of fruits, vegetables and fresh fish vying with truck mounted vendors in the daily markets.

Broad roads, excellent gardens and traditional Khmer architecture make Phnom Penh an amazing city to visit.

You can also tour the various monuments that aptly depict atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia several decades ago. Siem Reap is your starting point to explore the ancient Hindu temple, Angkor Vat.

11) The Philippines


Asia’s first republic, the Philippines, offers visa-on-arrival facilities to Indian passport holders arriving at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, Diosdado Macapagal International Airport near Angeles City, 120km north of Manila and Cebu International Airport in the country’s southern region, Visayas.

You will need a passport with minimum six months validity from your date of entry in the Philippines to avail this visa-on-arrival facility. The Philippines remains a largely undiscovered destination for most Indians due to a variety of reasons.

Firstly, there are no direct flights between the two countries. Hence, tourists spend a lot of time transiting via other countries for connecting flights.

Secondly, the Philippines have not marketed itself as a tourism destination in India since the country focused on attracting American and European visitors.

However, with over 7,000 islands, some of them inhabited, the Philippines is an excellent destination for any Indian tourist.

The country has sun-and-sea tourism as well as eco-tourism facilities. Additionally, you can go on a culture trail through the country or explore its troubled history up to World War-II.

12) Bhutan


For most Indians, visiting Bhutan as a foreign country may seem ridiculous. This is because of its proximity to India’s north-east. However, Bhutan is a paradise on earth.

Indian nationals do not require a visa to enter Bhutan. Instead, they have to book a holiday package with any tour operator in Bhutan, which includes hotel accommodation and sightseeing.

For the uninitiated, Bhutan is not an inexpensive or ‘cheap’ travel destination by any yardstick, despite sharing a border with India.

This landlocked country has very strict tourism rules. Only a fixed number of tourists, including Indians, are allowed into the country every year. The Bhutanese currency Ngultrum, trades at par with the Indian Rupee.

There are no budget hotels and other cheap facilities in Bhutan, which makes it a very upscale destination. Littering in Bhutan attracts stiff penalties, regardless of your nationality.

13) Ethiopia


Ethiopia can rightly be called the gateway to Africa. Located in the northern part of the continent, Ethiopia is a land that very few Indian tourists have ventured to explore.

Indian passport holders can get a visa on arrival at the Bole International Airport near the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, for a fee of US$ 20.

The visa allows you a stay of 30 days in this amazing African nation. Ethiopia is indeed a land of mysteries.

The country has several tribes that trace their origin to at least 5,000 years. People of Ethiopia follow Judaism, Christianity and Islam as religions.

Its proximity to the Levant and the Middle East as well as Europe made Ethiopia the land of several conquests.

Consequently, the country has a rather colourful and diverse culture. Ethiopia is excellent for those seeking thrill in their holiday abroad since the land offers several delightful experiences.

14) Jordan


The land of Petra, Dead Sea and River Jordan is an amazing place for every Indian looking for a holiday abroad.

Indian citizens can get a visa on arrival at the Queen Alia International Airport Amman or the Aqaba port where cruise liners from Europe call with tourists.

A large number of Indians also travel to Jordan on their way to Israel, since the route is cheaper and involves land border crossing.

Others travel to Jordan as part of Holy Land tourism, to visit places mentioned in the Bible such as River Jordan where Jesus Christ was baptized.

Jordan is a fairly expensive holiday destination. The country offers world class tourism facilities and is well connected by air and sea.

Jordan has also served as an escape route for Indian nationals fleeing Iraq and other politically volatile countries in the Middle East.

15) Laos


Bordering Thailand is the exquisite and as yet unexplored tourist destination, Laos. You can get a visa-on-arrival at Wattay International Airport on outskirts of Laotian capital Vientiane for a fee of US$ 20.

The visa allows Indian nationals a stay of 30 days that can be extended through immigration authorities if required. Primarily a Buddhist country, a lot of history of ancient Laos remains shrouded in mystery.

Various ancient Indian myths and legends, including Ramayana, refer to mountains and forests in Laos or Lao, as it is also called.

Emperor Chandragupta Maurya and his successor, Emperor Ashoka are said to have reigned over Laos or at least parts of the country.

Important Visa Facts

Before packing your bags and planning holiday in these countries, check with your travel agent for the latest news on visa regulations for Indian nationals. Some countries suspend visa free entry at short notices.

This can result in you being denied boarding the flight to your chosen destination.

Worse, immigration authorities at the destination can penalize you for attempting illegal entry into the country, if you do not carry a visa and are not eligible to visa-on-arrival or visa free entry.

Worst, the country can bar your entry for a lifetime.

Since diplomatic missions of these countries in India will not have your travel details, it is advisable that you register immediately upon arrival at Indian embassies or consulate at the destination.

This means, the Indian government can render you some assistance should the need arise.

Before departure, check whether you require any vaccinations for malaria, yellow fever and other contagious diseases.

Not possessing a vaccination certificate where required disqualifies you from visa-on-arrival and visa-free entry into some foreign countries.

Points to Remember

Remember, the visa-on-arrival and visa-free entry is a facility that is given to Indian nationals. It is not your right. Meaning, you cannot demand a visa-on-arrival or visa-free entry into a country.

The final decision to grant you entry into a country, regardless of what visa you hold, rests with the immigration officer handling your passport.

An immigration officer at a foreign airport has the right to ask you proof of hotels you have booked at the destination, evidence you have sufficient funds to support the journey and other details.

If your answers fail to satisfy any doubts raised by the immigration officer, you can be denied entry into the foreign country.

Returning to India is at your own cost and on the first available flight, in such cases.

Onward/ Return Ticket

While applying for visa-on-arrival or availing visa-free entry, you may be required to prove you have a paid ticket for your return or onward journey to leave the country.

You cannot travel to a country on one-way ticket and apply for visa-on-arrival or seek visa-free entry.

Before departure, check you can comply with all requirements needed for obtaining visa-on-arrival or visa-free entry.

Wrap Up

Thanks to relaxed visa rules for Indians in several countries, you can plan a holiday abroad either singly or with family and friends.

Low cost carriers from India now offer very economical air tickets to destinations in the Far East.

But planning a trip can sometimes be a very difficult task. So in such situations, travel websites can be used to ease your task and make an ideal plan for your tour.

Additionally, airlines also drop rates to specific destinations periodically to boost passenger flow.

Combined with economic hotel accommodation available from dozens of websites on the Internet, you too can enjoy your next holiday in one of these foreign countries where Indians do not need a visa.

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