Top 10 Water Treatment Companies in India

The need of drinking clean water has forced many competitors to jump in the water treatment field. Even the water of Indian rivers is not clean and they need treatment before using it.

In India market there are some companies who providing RO, UV technology, hi-tech advanced treatment safe water for industries, municipalities, homes, offices etc.

Top 10 Water Treatment Companies in India

Here are some of the Top 10 Water Treatment & purifying Companies in India.

Water Treatment Companies

1. Ion Exchange India

Ion Exchange India was founded in year 1964 as a subsidiary of the Permutit Company of UK. They became Indian company in year 1985.

They provide services for water treatment, waste water treatment, air pollution control, solid & hazardous waste management, generation of energy from waste & liquid waste treatment & recycle.

They offer water solutions to homes, industries and communities. ‘Zero B’ is their most famous drinking purifier water brand. Their water treatment chemicals are also exported to foreign countries.

2. Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes was founded in year 1982. Eureka Forbes provides water purifiers like UV water filter and RO water purifiers with Reverse Osmosis, RO plus UV water purifiers for water purification.

They provide solutions for water treatment, waste water treatment, sewage treatment, desalination and others. ‘Aquaguard’ and ‘AquaSure’ is their well know brand of drinking water purifier.

3. Kent RO Systems Limited

Kent RO systems were founded in year 1999 in city Noida, India. Kent has a wide range of products like Water purifiers, Vegetable and Fruit Purifiers, Water Softeners & Air Purifiers. Kent is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Kent was awarded by Child Most Popular Awards 2013 as ‘Most Popular Safe Water Equipment’. Kent is a trusted water purifier not only in country but also worldwide.

It is the first company in India to introduce the RO technology water purifiers that removes dissolved impurities in water.

4. Aqua Innovative Solutions

Aqua Innovative Solutions was established in year 2006 in Delhi.

Aqua Innovative Solutions manufactures all types of water treatment chemicals like Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals, Boiler Water Treatments Chemicals, Reverse Osmosis Treatment Chemicals and Waste Water Treatment Chemicals.

Aqua Innovative Solutions serve various industries from field of Cement & Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Distilleries, Drinking Water, Beverage and Processed Foods Industries and Power Plant units.


5. Thermax

Thermax provides a range of engineering solutions to the energy and environment sectors. Thermax has the head office in pune and has its presence in 75 countries across Middle East, USA, South America, Africa, Asia Pacific, and CIS countries.

They provide solutions for waste water management systems like pre-treatment, chemical conditioning of water, waste water treatment, sewage effluent treatment and recycling.

They also provide solutions for air pollution control, solar based heating, cooling and power, absorption chillers, heating equipment etc.

6. GE Water

GE’s Water & Process Technologies provide solutions for water treatment, waste water treatment and process system solutions. In year 2014 GE water was named ‘Water Company of the Year’ by Global Water Intelligence.

GE was established in India in year 1892 and has its headquarters in Bangalore. They provide water treatment for Drinking Water, Boiler Water and Cooling Water.

7. Siemens Water

Siemens Water offer high-tech water treatment systems for drinking water, agricultural and industrial applications.

They also provide services for industrial water, plant automation, electrical systems, drinking water, waste water treatment and water transport treatment and requisite services. Siemens Water has their head office in Worli, Mumbai.


WABAG is one of the world’s leading suppliers of waste water plant planning, drinking water, installation and operational management. VA Tech WABAG Ltd was established in year 1996 and has its head office at Chennai, India.

They offer their services in area of municipal and waste water treatment and industrial water. WABAG is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company since 2000 and also acquired ISO 14001:2004& OHSAS 18001:2007 in year 2010.

9. Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Limited

Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Limited is the first water and waste water treatment company in India.

They provide services for maintaining, upgrading and managing water and waste water treatment, water recycle and reclamation, industrial wastewater/effluent treatment plants, raw water treatment, seawater desalination, demineralization, sewage treatment.

Hindustan Dorr-Oliver was established in year 1981 and has its head office in Andheri, Mumbai.

10 . UEM India Pvt Ltd

UEM India was established in year 1973 and has its head office in Noida, India.

UEM India provides solutions for ground water treatment, advanced water treatment for brackish water and seawater desalination, rural water and waste solutions, domestic water treatment.

UEM India has their presence in thirty countries including Kenya, Pakistan, Thailand, Srilanka, Taiwan, Caribbean Islands, Malaysia and USA and others.

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