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Top 10 Wedding Management Companies in India


Here is a list of the top ten wedding management companies in India. Along with arrangement of weddings, they are the best in organizing various other events like party, shows, conference and concerts.

The process of ranking of all this companies is being updated on a regular basis by the expert teams. These agencies play a major role in making your grand wedding a success.

So read below about them if you are looking for someone to organize your wedding or any other event-

Seventy Event Media Group

  • Corporate office: Mumbai, MaharashtraWedding Management Companies
  • Establishment: 1995
  • Business: event management
  • Website: www.seventyemg.com

This company is among the top wedding management companies in the city of Mumbai. This organization has won several awards for their splendid performance in organizing and arrangements of weddings as well as other events, shows and programs. This agency is functioning from almost every part of the country and now also around the world.

Dreamz Event N Ideas

  • Corporate office: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Establishment: 1998
  • Business: wedding planner and event organizer
  • Website: www.dreamzevents.com

Dreamz is one of the most exclusive wedding management group and corporate event organizer, based in the city of Mumbai. Through their constant efforts and extraordinary performances, have made their position among the best wedding planners. They are hired even by many corporate agencies for their event management services like ‘Big Bazaar, Blue Star, Baja Allianz, Pidilite, Mahindra, Motorola, Mercedes Benz any many more’.

Sound Spirit

  • Corporate office: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Establishment: 2003
  • Business: event management
  • Website: www.soundspirit.in

This company has been in the field of wedding management for about 10 years and has thus a pronounced image in its host destination, Mumbai as well as the whole country. This has proved itself to be a multi event organizing group that brings out the best arrangements in concerts, promotional shows and other such events along with making the best wedding plans.

Sync Entertainment Private Limited

  • Corporate office: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Establishment: 2001
  • Business: event management
  • Website: www.syncentertainment.in

The sync entertainment agency is one of the most versatile companies in the city of Mumbai, as well as India, which have been in the field of the wedding management and organizing of other events as well for more than 12 years. Wedding, fashion show, party and such other events are all managed well by their extended services.

Weddings and dreams

  • Corporate office: Goa
  • Business: wedding management
  • Website: www.weddingsanddreams.com

This company is one of the most renowned wedding planners in the country, engaged in the arrangement of elaborate grand weddings in Goa as well. They offer extended efforts in the best arrangement of traditional Indian weddings, goan catholic weddings and also the weddings for foreigners.

Golden Aisle

  • Corporate office: Goa
  • Business: wedding management
  • Website: www.goldenaislecom

They organize the small-sized weddings for the foreigners residing in India, but organize it in the best possible way. Their services include organizing of ‘no frills’ sunset beach weddings, in both traditional and westernized style, be it having legal registration or not. They organize the complete range of wedding services, ranging from the invitations to the wedding outfits and decorations. They are focused mainly to effectively put together a package that is bound to meet the needs and demands of their customers.

Regal Weddings

  • Corporate office: Rajasthan, Goa and Kerala
  • Business: wedding management
  • Website: www.regal-weddings.com

They are mainly famous for organizing the most lavish weddings in various palace locations of Rajasthan, and the beach venues in Goa and Kerala.fort Fatehgarh in Udaipur, Devigarh fort palace in Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Gajner and Samode palace are their main wedding ventures in Rajasthan.

Marry me

  • Corporate office: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Business: wedding management
  • Website: www.marrymeweddings.com

They arrange the best weddings involving all sized-weddings and with varying budgets. They are mainly based services in Mumbai as well as in Goa. They cater services for both foreigners and Indians, involving marriages if all religions and cultures. They provide a free consultation for the first time, followed by charges for the professional planning fee.

Wedding planners Goa

  • Corporate office: Goa
  • Business: wedding management
  • Website: www.weddingplannersgoa.com

This agency caters wedding management services for small-scale theme weddings, mainly for the foreigners and non-residential Indians. They arrange for beach weddings, Christian weddings as well as the Indian style weddings.

EMC India

  • Corporate office: New Delhi
  • Establishment: 1992
  • Business: event management
  • Website: www.eventmanagementcompany.co.in

This is on of the focused groups that play a leading role in the management of weddings mainly, along with other events like corporate and exhibition events.