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Top 10 Wind Power Companies in India

Wind power Companies in India are playing a significant role in the renewable power sector in India. Now, it is also a well-acknowledged truth that the wind energy constitutes the main chunk of the alternative energy blend in India and more than the 20 viable sites across the 12 states which having a total capability of about 50 GW wind energy which have been identified.

This has been substantiated with the presence of 7 top global wind turbine manufacturers in the India. Also, there are an unlimited number of wind power companies in India. Among them, some of the top wind power companies in India are given below:

Wind Power Companies India

List of the top 10 wind power companies in India are as under:

Suzlon Energy Limited

  • Year of establishment – 1995
  • Products – Includes products such as wind turbines etc
  • Location- Worldwide
  • No. of Employees- 13,000
  • Website name – www.suzlon.com

This company is the very first topmost company in the field of wind power and also among the India’s first native wind companies.

RRB Energy

  • Name of founder – Mr. rakesh Bakshi
  • Year of establishment – 1987
  • Industry- Wind power technologies
  • Locations- India
  • Website name – www.rrbenergy.com

This Company is another wind power company in India which is one of the foremost certified companies in the wind energy sector.

Regen Powertech

  • Name of the founder- Mr. Pulkit Gaur
  • Year of establishment- August 2007
  • No. of Employees- team of more than 30 persons
  • Location (s) – Worldwide
  • Website name- www.regenpowertech.com

This is the other company in the field of wind power and also the top and leading Company in India and also the country’s largest manufacturer of gearless MW class wind turbines.

SRC Green Power

  • Founders- Group of volunteers
  • Year of establishment – 1988
  • Products- Wind and power related products
  • Location – Worldwide
  • Website name- www.srcgreenpower.com

This is the company which is the wind power company and is recognized for its revolutionary 250 KW wind turbine that has proved itself globally.

Lietnar Shriram Limited

  • Name of the founder- Baba kalyani group
  • Location- Worldwide
  • Industry- Wind power
  • Website name – www.leitwind.in
  • Lietnar Shriram Limited is another company in India and also the culmination of a joint venture between Lietnar of Italy and the Shriram Group from India.


  • Year of establishment – 2000
  • Products- It has products namely WinWind Oy
  • Location- Worldwide
  • Industry- Wind power industry
  • Website name – www.winwind.com

It is the company in the field of wind power which offers a variety of services product options


  • Year of establishment – 1976
  • Industry- Renewable energy
  • Products- all the wind power products such as Wind turbines, construction and sale of wind farms and solar energy products
  • Location- Worldwide
  • Website – www.gamesacorp.com/es

A company in the area of wind power has managed to create green jobs for hundreds of job seekers in India.

Pioneer Wincon

  • Products- Wind turbine manufacturing all also the wind power related products
  • No. of employees- More than 128 skilled people all over India
  • Location- Worldwide
  • Website name- www.pioneerwincon.com

A best and also a leading Company in the field of wind power

Chiranjjeevi Wind Energy

  • Year of establishment- 1998
  • Products- all products in the field of wind power
  • Location –India
  • Website name- http://cwel.in/

It is another company including the top 10 companies and also company which has set standards for the native wind energy sector.


  • Year of establishment – 2003
  • Products- It includes all the products related to the area of wind power and turbine and component manufacturing.
  • Sector- Wind power and manufacturing
  • Website name – www.kenersys.com

It is the last and also the major company in the field of Kenersys and also the topmost company among the 10 companies in India in the field of wind power.

So, the above mentioned companies are one of the top 10 leading companies of wind power in India. These companies are well organized and operated by the team members of the company.

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