9 Best Astrology and Horoscope Apps in India

Are YOU Crawling through a lean patch in LIFE or worried about your LOVE life?

Want to open a BUSINESS or select what CAREER to pursue?

Instead of finding answers to these mundane questions on Planet Earth, consult an astrologer and see what planets located millions of light years away have in store for your life.

Indeed, this is a system that has prevailed in India for thousands of years and made possible by a Vedic science now called Astrology.

Indians refer to astrologers before embarking on any major project. They wish to know if planets in our solar system and the Moon will favour them or throw the proverbial wet blanket on their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

If you are among those who believe that stars in outer space indeed hold key to your life, refer to a good astrologer.

In fact, you can get daily readings for your zodiac signs from renowned astrologers in India and plan the day accordingly.

Interested? Here we list top 10 astrology and horoscope websites and apps in India.

Top 9 Best Astrology & Horoscope Apps in India

This list has been compiled based on research and data available on the Internet. Claims made by any website or app provider have not been independently verified.

Also, before putting faith into daily horoscope readings available free on websites and apps, it is worth remembering that millions of people from your zodiac sign dwell on this planet.

Hence, the same fate cannot affect everyone on any given day. These predictions are worded vaguely to fit almost any personae.

How much you wish to rely on astrology depends solely upon your beliefs.

1. Astrosage Kundali

astro sage 9 Best Astrology and Horoscope Apps in India

With over 10 million persons visiting Astrosage Kundali, it is the most popular astrology and horoscope website in India and the world.

Astrosage Kundali was launched in 2016 by two Agra-based brothers, Puneet and Prateek Pandey.

The two come from a family of astrologers and decided to blend ancient Indian science of predicting one’s future- astrology- with modern technology.

Astrosage Kundali also boasts to be the single most downloaded astrology and horoscope app in the world.

According to available figures, some eight million smartphone users have downloaded this app to get their daily horoscope and astrological predictions.

Astrosage Kundali website and app provide a wide range of astrology related services to users in India and abroad.

These include matching horoscopes for matrimony, finding chances of success at job or business and other such predictions that depend upon forces of the stellar bodies.

You can also ask personal questions related to your fate that will depend upon planetary movements to their team of astrologers.

Astrosage Kundali provides guidance of which gemstones to wear for ensuring prosperity, defending against foes, prospering in business and other grave questions whose answers cannot be provided by mortals.

You can get Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam and myriad other styles of astrological readings from Astrosage Kundali.

2. Ganesha Speaks

ganesha speaks - Astrology Website


Ganesha Speaks has been popular among Indian newspaper readers since decades.

It is a free daily horoscope service provided by renowned Indian astrologer, Bejan Daruwalla.

His daily predictions based on your star sign can be found in several newspapers and magazines of India. You can also get them free from his website daily.

Ganesha Speaks claims to have serviced over 50 million customers from some 180 countries for its premium services. The website has several reputed supporters including corporate giants of India.

Additionally, Ganesha Speaks is also available online and an app. Ganesha Speaks has qualified and experienced astrologers on its team.

They provide a wide range of astrological services free and on a subscription basis.

These include matching horoscopes for matrimony, success in relationships, resolution of family disputes and also the movement of shares listed on Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange.

You can download a free star guide and get annual predictions from Ganesha Speaks.

Ganesha Speaks can also be utilized for personal consultations for a fee.

You can get advice from expert astrologers on almost any subject that is on top of your mind- whether it is recovery from a grave illness to the education of kids, type of gemstones you should wear or colours that astral bodies will bestow favour upon.

Ganesha Speaks went online since 2003 that has made it famous worldwide. The website and app also provide predictions based on Chinese horoscope, numerology, tarot and other esoteric sciences.

3. Drik Panchang


drik panchang logo

If you are looking at some truly serious stuff regarding your fate and future, refer to Drik Panchang.

It is a very famous website and app that is referred to by people from all faiths who believe their fate depends upon favours from entities located millions of light years away.

Drik Panchang carries daily ‘Kundali’ or astrological readings for women and men.

It also shows ‘Shubh Mahurtam’ or auspicious timings for launching any fruitful venture and daily work.

If you are an investor or trader in stocks, do not forget to consult Drik Panchang daily.

They have projections about stock movements including highs and lows that would turn any veteran economist or seasoned market analyst turn green with envy.

Moreover, Drik Panchang not only predicts how stocks will move on a particular day. You can get details of their future movements for as long as a month or even a year from Drik Panchang.

This may help you better plan investments and make right judgments with your money.

Drik Panchang is unique for many reasons. It offers predictions based on North Indian and South Indian streams of astrology.

Thus, you can get readings based on your ethnicity too. Or you can try what South Indian astrology holds for you and compare it with the Northern one.

Drik Panchang lists also provides astrological services to Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs, among followers of other faiths. In many ways, it ranks as a trusted source of astrological information among Indians.

4. Clickastro

Clickastro logo 9 Best Astrology and Horoscope Apps in India

Clickastro is a favourite website among the non-English speaking populace of India and for those who prefer their astrological predictions mainly in Hindi.

The website also offers an eponymous app for Android phones that is very user-friendly and free.

Clickastro is a no-frills astrological website that makes it a hit among non-English speakers who prefer simple, down to the Earth reading about their fate decided by heavenly bodies.

You can get a free ‘Janam Kundali’ or a detailed chart of planetary positions when you were born, provided you know the exact time of birth, date and place.

Additionally, the website offers several basic astrological services for free such as matching for couples in love, predictions about investments and career, education and myriad other topics revered by superstitious Indians.

You can avail daily horoscope and astrological services from Clickastro in Kannada, Marathi, Bangla, Oriya, Malayalam and English too.

Clickastro is a venture by and was launched in 1984 as a small partnership firm Kochi, Kerala. The company ranks among pioneers of astrology software development in India.

Other than providing daily horoscopes and related astrological services, the parent company also supplies software for persons that wish to enter the very profitable field of predicting future and fate of other humans based on happenings zillions of miles away.

5. Aaj Tak Rashi Phal

Aaj tak rashifal 9 Best Astrology and Horoscope Apps in India

And if you love your horoscope to be accompanied with matching dramatics, warnings, omens and the proverbial brimstone and fire, look no further than Aaj Tak Rashi Phal.

They offer a free daily horoscope on the Aaj Tak news website and from the eponymous app. Aaj Tak Rashi Phal comes from India’s respected news provider, Living Media that owns the channel and India Today publications.

Aaj Tak Rashi Phal is popular because their similarly named TV show telecast daily morning presents your horoscope with all dramatics.

Aaj Tak Rashi Phal provides daily horoscope and some basic astrological services free of cost. The website gives your free daily horoscope in form of a video.

The presenter adopts every measure to send a chill down your spine or send you in a rapture of joy.

A brief description of what the day holds for you is mentioned in a sentence or two in Hindi, just below your star sign.

Further, Aaj Tak Rashi Phal allows you to post comments under daily predictions for your zodiac sign. Several people ask questions pertaining to their fate and future based on planetary movements through the website.

While Aaj Tak Rashi Phal offers some really great predictions, make sure you are not too easily swayed by positive or negative forecasts. Use discretion when acting on these astrological forecasts.

6. mPanchang

mpanchang logo

mPanchang.com offers a broad spectrum of astrological, numerological and tarot based services for customers.

Its free daily horoscope for people from various zodiac signs is popular worldwide. mPanchang.com is a website that strives to solve problems and questions of commoners based on ancient Indian science of astrology.

It is a blend of Indian astrology and the latest technology. mPanchang.com app is currently available for iPhone users only. But you can read their daily predictions online.

mPanchang.com describes itself as “one-stop destination for all your queries and questions about well-being, finance, love, family, career, kids and any and every other area of life.”

It offers free weekly and monthly horoscopes too. The service is provided by IT firm, Innovana Thinklabs Ltd. The website has millions of followers in India and abroad.

Other than daily, weekly and monthly free predictions for life-based on your zodiac sign, mPanchang offers a slew of premium services too.

These include the all-important horoscope matching service required by Indians who plan wed a prospective bride or groom.

The company claims its horoscope matching services are unbeatable and provide near astute readings about the compatibility of couples. You can also seek education, career and business related advise from this website at affordable rates.

7. Astroyogi


astroyogi logo

Astroyogi has an impressive lineup of media partners that include Yahoo, MSN, Dailyhunt news app, UC News, Vodafone and Reliance among others.

Astroyogi also offers an app for free daily horoscope and paid consultation with experienced astrologers for Android phone users.

Astroyogi is a very unique website for horoscopes and astrology in many ways.

The website displays several astrologers and their profiles. Rates charged for every minute of telephonic consultation are also indicated below.

You can thus opt to speak with a woman astrologer or a male. Rates start from Rs.30 per minute of telephonic consultation for your problems where planets become inadvertent scapegoats.

Another amazing feature of Astroyogi is its well-researched and convincing articles about astrology and its various elements.

You can access these articles to understand why occurrences in outer space affect your humble life on this planet. It is a very reliable and modern website that is user-friendly.

Their premium services are reasonably priced. Astroyogi also has a wide base of foreign clients.

8. Shubhayogam


Shubhayogam logo 9 Best Astrology and Horoscope Apps in India

Secunderabad-based Shubhayogam is a very popular astrology website in India. This website provides only daily horoscope free of cost.

You have to pay for every other service. Fees begin from Rs.1,500 onwards and spiral upwards depending on the nature of consultation.

This website is run by an experienced astrologer, Swami Viswanatha Saraswathi who has thousands of ardent followers across India.

With Shubhayogam, astrology and predictions based on planetary movements is a very serious subject.

You can expect genuine advice related to your family’s and your future, state of finances, career and business prospects, resolution of long-standing disputes and other matters that require out-of-the-world intervention.

At Shubhayogam, people that are afflicted by various planetary movements can buy peace with heavenly bodies by performing myriad poojas, havans and other complex ceremonies.

These can be booked online and can be performed without your physical presence.

If you are in a great hurry, Shubhayogam provides the option of chatting online with an astrological consultant.

You can also consult the Swami to seek remedies from planets. He engages in video conferencing through Skype.

Shubhayogam conducts several ceremonies in and around Secunderabad where people afflicted by planetary movements can attend.

9. Vogue India

Vogue India logo 9 Best Astrology and Horoscope Apps in India

Vogue India is a monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine published from Mumbai by the Indian division of US-based publisher, Condé Nast International.

Vogue magazine has editions in different parts of the world including India. This magazine is very popular among very affluent women in India that wish to stay updated with the latest fashion and lifestyle trends.

You can find a monthly horoscope on Vogue India magazine. Additionally, Vogue India also provides a daily horoscope mainly for a female audience.

Daily and monthly horoscopes provided by Vogue India online and through the print edition are unique. They use words aimed at encouraging and empowering women.

Adverse conditions are presented in a very positive manner. This tends to boost sagging spirits of any woman battling negative situations in life.

While Vogue India magazine is available on a subscription basis only, the daily horoscope can be accessed online through their website by anyone, free of cost.

For every woman that believes her future, circumstances or fate is decided by planets located millions of light years away, Vogue India’s daily horoscope is a must-read every morning.

Every woman will be delighted in the light and jovial manner in which Vogue India daily horoscope is presented.


Ancient Indians believed that planets in our solar system and the Moon exert some effect on our lives.

Their light influences our behaviour and determines destiny. This was because light from other planets is visible on Earth and their proximity could affect positive, negative and neutrally charged ions of our body and brain.

Over the years, astrology evolved into a science to an extent that America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is also probing a link between zodiac signs and criminal behaviour.

It is not wrong to believe in astrology but putting blind faith in vague astrological predictions can be unjustifiable.

Consulting a top astrologer or getting positive predictions for the day for your zodiac sign can brighten up your life.

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