Top 10 Most Popular Lingerie Brands in India That Every Women Must Try

Once upon a time in India, lingerie was considered an alien word. And for most of those who knew, lingerie was nothing more than bras and panties for women. Some may have included a bikini in this definition.

But the term lingerie is much more than bras, panties and bikinis.

It covers the entire range of clothing worn as undergarments, Nightdresses and seductive coverings.

With centuries-old decades over discussing innerwear or viewing it at stores in public vanish in India, an increasing number of domestic and international brands are entering this market. Going by indicators, they are doing well in the Indian market too.

There are two main reasons why lingerie is now so popular in India. To understand this, let us take a look at the two main types of lingerie.

Types of Lingerie

As I mentioned earlier, lingerie can be broadly classified into two categories.

  • Basic Lingerie: Bras, Panties, Innerwear.
  • Seductive Lingerie: Also includes very intricate panties, bras, innerwear, stockings, gowns and inner garments that are worn privately. Their main purpose is to arouse carnal desires in your partner.

If you are looking at buying any of these lingerie items, go for products made by some of the topmost Lingerie brands in India.

Top 10 Best Lingerie Brands in India

There are local and foreign players in the lucrative lingerie market in India. Their lingerie can cost anything from a few hundred Rupees to a few thousand.

1. Zivame


Zivame ranks as India’s topmost brand of lingerie. It was established in 2011 to help women overcome traditional inhibitions while shopping for lingerie, says the company website.

Zivame line includes traditional, trendy and seductive lingerie. Zivame runs brand shops in India and also sells online.

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2. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein logo

Calvin Klein is one of the leading brands in the world. Better known as CK, you can buy designer lingerie from this brand.

Calvin Klein lingerie is exquisite and crafted with the finest material. They can be bought online or from select stores in India.

3. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret Logo

Founded in the USA in 1977, Victoria’s Secret is a brand that breaks away from typically packaged lingerie.

The company ranks as the largest retailer of lingerie in America. It manufactures a wide range of regular and exotic lingerie.

Victoria’s Secret lingerie is available at upmarket boutiques and online in India.

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4. Jockey

jockey logo

The American brand of lingerie, Jockey is very popular in India. For the domestic and export markets, Jockey range of lingerie is made in India by local partners, Page International Ltd.

Jockey operates brand stores in India and its products are also available online and from select outlets.

5. Clovia

Clovia Logo

Clovia claims to be the fastest growing brand of lingerie in India. The brand is a formidable player in the country’s lingerie market.

However, it has carved a niche among younger women for its “Naughtier” designs, as the company calls it.

6. Pretty Secrets

Pretty Secrets logo

If you are looking for an extremely crazy type of lingerie, go for Pretty Secrets.

The company manufactures an excellent range of lingerie items in unique styles and colours. Pretty Secrets is well known for its range of seductive innerwear.

7. Shyaway

Shyaway logo

Shyaway offers a very wide of bras, panties, swimwear, sleepwear and intimate apparel for the Indian woman.

The company has its own range of lingerie while the online store also sells those from other brands.

From very basic to extreme seductive, you can buy any lingerie item at Shyaway.

8. Amante

Amante logo

Available from over 1,500 stores in Indian, Amante is a brand of lingerie from Malaysia. The brand is fairly famous in India.

Its range includes lingerie crafted for Asian women, keeping in mind their preferences for style, designs and patterns. Amante lingerie is also available online.

9. La Senza

la senza logo

La Senza is a Canadian brand of designer lingerie. It is available at very few stores in India but can be easily bought online.

La Senza ranks among global leaders in basic to high fashion lingerie.

They are fairly pricey. But comparing the fit, style and material, La Senza lingerie is worth the price.

10. Bodycare

Bodycare logo

Bodycare is an Indian brand of fine lingerie. Bodycare was established in 1992. The brand Bodycare was launched in 2008.

It is the largest selling brand of lingerie in India and is known for economical prices combined with superior quality products.

Wrap Up

The arrival of foreign brands of lingerie and their popularity among Indian women has prompted local designers and manufacturers to come up with matching stuff.

Nowadays, you can also buy excellent lingerie from some of the topmost Indian brands. The market for high fashion and seductive lingerie remains confined to urban areas.

The Indian market continues to be dominated by basic lingerie. High priced lingerie is made with the finest material and in styles popular abroad.

While buying lingerie from top 10 brands, you are assured of remaining in fashion- including with innerwear.

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