Top 10 Best Book Publishing Companies in India

Young and budding authors do need a publishing company to publish their new books.

If you are a first time author or planning to write a book then you need to know a publishing company that not only publishes it but also pays for your book sale.

Usually, it is very difficult for young authors and writers in India to find a good publishing company.

Therefore we decided to make things easier for you and jot down a list of 10 book publishing companies in India.

All of these companies are very popular and most of the authors contact these companies.

So if you are writing a book then you could send a submission letter to one of these companies. Most of them are foreign companies with a huge presence in India.

List of Top 10 Best Book Publishing Companies in India 2019

Book Publishing Companies

1. Penguin Books India

Let us start with Penguin Books India. It came to India in the year 1985 and it is been growing ever since.

At Penguin Books India you sent your manuscript there for fiction novels, novellas, short stories, non-fiction, literary, commercial and even poetry.

Go here for more details about Penguin Books India.

2. Random House India

Random House also is a big foreign publishing house operating in India. Some of their top Indian authors are Jhumpa Lahiri, Rujuta Diwekar, Anita Desai etc.

Here you could send your writings and manuscripts along with your email ID and resume at

Visit Random House India

3. Wiley India

Wiley India is really good for writers writing for technologies, science, medical etc. The Dummies series have sold a million copies around the world.

Those who write about computer and programming then Wiley India publication is best for you. You can contact them at

4. Harper Collins Publishers India

Harper Collins is one of the most popular publishing companies in the world. Some of the high profile names associated with Harper Collins are Amitav Ghosh, Dalai Lama, Tarun Tejpal.

Harper Collins has a presence in the Indian subcontinent and they accept a hard copy for submissions on their website. Submit your manuscript according to given guidelines at


5. MacMillan Publishers India

Although MacMillan is the number one publishing company in the world but I mentioned at fifth position because it is good for writers from an academic background. Like higher education, schools, reference schools etc.

Therefore it is really not good for fiction writers. MacMillan has a strong network in India that includes 15000 schools and great distribution network with a printing press in Chennai.


6. Seagull Books

Seagull Books was established in the year 1982. Apart from publishing books they also support and nurture arts in the country.

You can contact them and send the script to the company. Here is the website

7. S Chand Group

S Chang group is India’s largest publishers for educational services. This publishing house is good for writers who write for competitive exams.

If you are thinking of writing a book for higher education, technology, school books etc then contact

8. Hachette India Publishers

The last publishing company on our list is Hachette India Publishers. This publishing house is really good for writers writing books for children.

You can submit your manuscript through the website or email at They respond after some time whether they want to publish your book or not.

So these were 8 publishing companies in India, there are many other publishing companies like Pustak Mahal, Rupa Publishers, Roli Books, India Book House etc.

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