How to Publish a Book in India Fast – Step-by-step Guide

Do You Want to Learn How to publish a Book in India?

If so, Go No FURTHER… Here we’ve created a simple Guide which will help you to publish your own book FAST.

Understandably, you may think that publishing your own book is very difficult.

Yes, it can be…

But if you are a good author who writes interesting stories or poems that touch one’s heart, it can be fairly easy to publish a book in India.

However, there are certain steps you need to follow to publish a book in India. If this interests you, continue to read.

Why Publish Your Own Book?

India is a land which is rich in heritage and culture. In ancient days, stories, poems and ballads were handed down over generations.

Hence, we can hear them even now. Unfortunately, this system has become defunct in modern times. People do not spare as much time on literary pursuits.

Instead, they exert extra efforts on making money. Others waste time on useless pursuits like watching videos and playing games online or over a smartphone.

In case you are unaware, writing and getting a book published can also make you very RICH and FAMOUS.

Your storybook or a collection of poems can win you great literary awards and make you very famous in India and abroad.

Not to mention, If you may get lucky and win a Pulitzer, Booker or even a Nobel award.

Therefore, if you are very keen on publishing a book in India, follow these Simple steps.

How to Publish Book in India – Step-by-step Guide

How to publish a book in India

It is very important to know that hundreds of aspiring authors and poets cannot get their books published in India.

The reason is simple: their works do not meet the standards of good publishers.

Therefore, follow these steps only if you are very confident about your writing and literary skills.

Apply for RNI Registration

This is the first and most important step if you want to publish a book in India. Register title of your book with the Registrar of Newspapers of India (RNI).

While most authors and poets tend to ignore RNI registration, getting your book an RNI number can save a lot of hassles.

RNI registration means you register the title with the Indian government. It works somewhat like a copyright: nobody else can copy or use your title.

RNI registration procedures are very simple. Download the form from RNI website or visit your District Collector’s offices to get them.

You have to fill in a few details such as name, address, date of birth and contact number.

You also need to provide five different titles for your book on the RNI registration form. Attach copies of your Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID card or other government-approved identity proof and submit with the fees.

Generally, it takes between three to six months for RNI to register your title. You will get a letter from RNI informing about successful registration.

Now, nobody else can use the same title for publishing a book or periodical in India.

Contact Publishing House

Once you have an RNI registration, contact a good publishing house in India. There are several Indian and foreign publishing houses that operate in this country.

From here on, the toughest process to publish a book in India begins.

Generally, you will have to submit a manuscript of the first two or three chapters of your book online.

Others will ask for a synopsis of a detailed yet brief summary of the book. It can be a fictional plot or some real-life story. Or even the collection of your best poems.

Remember, the manuscript or synopsis is extremely important. A good manuscript will pass initial screening by editors at the publishing house.

Hence, you stand better chances of getting your book published. A poorly written manuscript will be discarded immediately, without second thoughts.

Nowadays, most publishers accept manuscripts from new writers only by email or through their portals.

Others may ask you to send by mail or courier. In any case, the manuscript or synopsis you send will not be returned.

Therefore, it is better to make two or more copies for your reference and for sending to other publishers, if needed.

Hire Literary Agent

There is nothing to feel bad if your manuscript of synopsis gets rejected by a good publishing house.

Literary agents that now flourish in India are always available to give you a second chance.

A literary agent is someone who is an author or has excellent knowledge about literature and books. Usually, they have excellent contacts with publishing houses. A literary agent will review your story or poems.

They will guide you on how to rewrite a story if necessary. Additionally, they will provide vital tips and tweaks that you would not know when you want to publish a book in India.

There is a distinct advantage in trying to publish a book through a literary agent. They will not charge you any money up-front, usually.

However, once your book is accepted for publication, the literary agent gets between 10 percent and 15 percent of the money. This money comes from the advance you get from the publishing house and future royalties.

Apply for ISBN

Maybe you have heard of ISBN. It stands for International Standard Book Number.

In India, you can apply for an ISBN from Raja Ram Mohan Roy National Agency for ISBN, an organization of the Indian government.

An ISBN number is necessary for your book. It is a machine-readable number for your book.

Having an ISBN can help readers and bookstores around the world to identify your book correctly for stocking and sales. It is a 13-digit number with a barcode.

If your book sells abroad, an ISBN number will prove very useful and help foreign readers get a copy quickly. An ISBN number also provides a lot of credibility to your book.

Get Publicity

Getting publicity for your book is very important. Usually, a literary agent and publishing house will arrange only a book launch by inviting prominent writers and some leading personalities.

At best, you may get a review or two about your book in some newspapers or magazines.

Publicity can be very expensive. It entails expenses on pricey newspaper ads, posters and other mediums.

Instead, of spending heavily on publicizing your forthcoming book, use some of the best and cheapest ways suggested by leading publishers in the world.

This includes opening a Facebook page, Twitter account, promoting through Pinterest and Instagram.

A Facebook page allows you to connect with other writers and join author forums. This will be very useful to promote your book as we explain in the next step.

Also, open a blog. Since you are a writer or poet, starting your own blog is very simple.

You can open a free blog or buy a matching domain name and hosting to create a website that exclusively talks about you as an author and your book.

Never reveal the entire plot of a fiction story or the exact contents of your book, regardless of the topic on which you write.

Instead, just use teasers that will attract people to buy the book and read.

You can also open a free YouTube channel to promote the book. Make short videos about the idea, plot, story and your own experiences.

Again, provide very little information that will attract readers to buy the book. Never take out the suspense by revealing what the book is all about.

Book Launch

Usually, the publisher will arrange a small book launch for you online or at some public venue.

A good book launch can cost a lot of money, especially if you hold it at some grand venue. This may be worthwhile if you have got sufficient money.

You can invite book reviewers, literary critics, noted authors and other eminent people to the launch. Give away a few Free copies of your book with an autograph.

This goes a long way in generating interest in your book. Undoubtedly, a book launch has its own pros and cons. If in doubt about hosting a book launch, ask your literary agent or publishing house.

Generally, a book launch has very little to do with selling or marketing your book. Its main purpose is to generate interest and some good publicity.

If people talk about your book to other readers, chances are it will sell more. And book launches provide this opportunity.

Get Excellent Reviews

This is where your author ‘friends’ on Facebook will prove useful. Get some famous authors to review your book and write a summary.

Once a famous writer endorses the book, you can have reviews written by newspapers and magazines. Every major newspaper and magazine has a literary critic.

A book review is very important for many reasons. Firstly, it ensures that some readers will buy your book.

Secondly, the publishing house will renew the royalty for its printing. This translates as more money for you. And thirdly, the more your book sells, the higher your chances of becoming a bestselling author.

Newspapers and magazines have their own literary critics or book reviewers who will write about your book.

But the real problem is getting them to write and publish the review. Here, a famous author can help you get reviewers and critics for the book.

Promote to Cinema Producers

Promoting your book to the movie industry is your surest way to make money quickly. Movie producers look for excellent and thrilling plots as well as real life stories that can be easily made into cinema scripts.

If your story is absorbing enough and can make an excellent movie, you can sell cinema rights to a good movie company.

Remember, here it is important to sell the movie rights only.

Usually, the cinema company will have professional scriptwriters to create scripts after taking some important parts of your book. Selling movie or cinema rights makes you famous and rich too.

Your book can be promoted to Bollywood and also Hollywood movie companies.

If the movie becomes a blockbuster, you can become a millionaire overnight. You can also sell the TV rights of the book for making TV serials.

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Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

So far, we have spoken about how to publish a book in India through publishing houses and in print versions.

Getting a book printed is of course, very prestigious.

But if you want to avoid hassles like approaching a publishing house, enlisting the help of a literary agent and other processes, print an e-book.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a great online resource that allows you to publish an e-book in a few minutes.

In fact, you can start selling the book online almost immediately. Amazon KDP facility is available in various countries, including India.

You get about 70 percent royalty from Amazon KDP books and make extra money through lending and other services available from this online portal.

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Education Boards & Institutes

If you are into writing educational books, approach educational boards of various state governments.

They need a lot of good textbooks, short stories and poems to include in the primary, secondary and higher secondary syllabus.

Additionally, you can also write and publish books on how to crack tough entrance exams for engineering and medical colleges and government jobs.

A few publishers specialize in this genre of books. Approach them and find what types of books they will accept.

Generally, writing and getting an educational book can be very difficult. It has to be relevant to the exam board or authority.

Also, you will need proven qualifications in any subject to get authorities to consider and publish your educational book.

Wrap Up

A lot of great writers and poems remain unsung in India and their works are lost to the outside world.

This happens because they are reluctant to publish a book in India or do not know how to go about it.

Remember, the story you do not share dies over time. Therefore, follow these steps and publish your book in India at the earliest.

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