Top 10 BPO Companies in India

Have you ever thought of working in a BPO COMPANY? If yes, then you should know about some of the best BPO companies in India.

Before I tell you top 10 BPO companies in India, you must know what BPO is?

BPO is nothing but Business Process Outsourcing, where a big company outsources its work to developing countries like India because cost of labor is very cheap compared to developed countries.

According to a young graduate it is also known as call center. Although BPO is quite similar to a call center but there is a difference. As we know, call center is mainly domestic, however BPO deals with calling people living in US, UK and even Australia.

Getting a job in BPO could be easy at the same time difficult for those who do not have required skills.

The only skill that is required is good communication skills in English. They really do not look at your academics, if you are a graduate that is enough.

Therefore, if you want to work for a BPO company then you should know about the skills that a company would expect from you.

In short, what you should expect from a BPO job.

  • Educational Qualification: 10+2 to Graduate
  • Skills: Good Communication Skills, Fluency in English, Experience is required
  • Salary: Rs 9000/- to Rs 30,000/-
  • Work Culture: From 9pm to 5am, exact opposite of 9 to 5 job.

Ranking System: Here we rank a company on the basis of number of employees working for it. Then we also look at their presence all over the country. Total revenue generated by these companies is the last criterion.

So, here is the list of top 10 BPO companies in India.

1. Genpact India Pvt Ltd

Genpact India Pvt Ltd is the number one company in India when it comes to BPO. Company wasgenpact founded in 1997 and it has become a true leader in BPO industry.

  • Employees: Genpact India employs more than 65,000 operators in India and around the world.
  • Presence: Company is based in Gurgaon, Haryana. Its units are operating all over the major cities of the country like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai etc
  • Services: Business Process, Technology Management
  • Revenue: Revenue of the company is more than $600 million.
  • Website: For jobs you can go at

2. Tata Consultancy Services BPO

Tata Consultancy services is second best BPO company in our top 10 list. Although its core businessTCS is IT but the company offers some great solutions for BPO services as well.

  • Employees: Number of employees working in BPO for Tata Consultancy Services are around 35,000 around the country.
  • Presence: TCS BPO is primarily Mumbai based company with a big office in Bangalore.
  • Services: Core service that it gives is Business Process outsourcing.
  • Revenue: The entire revenue of the company is over $12 billion however revenue generated by BPO services is less than a $1 billion.
  • Website: For careers you can go at

3. WNS Global Services (P) LTD

Third company in our top 10 list is WNS global services Ltd. The company has over 200 clients’ WNS Global Services world over. It was founded in 1996 and has over 30 delivery centers across India.

  • Employees: The employee strength of WNS global services is around 26,000.
  • Presence: The WNS is presence in 30 cities of the country like Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi etc. It is based in Mumbai
  • Services: Business Process Outsourcing, IT Consulting
  • Revenue: Well Over $450 million and growing very rapidly
  • Website: For more go at

4. Aegis Ltd

Aegis is fourth in our countdown list. The company is operational in over 30 different countries andAEGIS over 35 delivery centers in India.

  • Employees: The employees working for Aegis LTD is over 55,000
  • Presence: Company is Mumbai based however it has a huge business office in Bangalore.
  • Services: The core service is Business Process Outsourcing for both domestic as well as global.
  • Revenue: Total revenue of the company has crossed $1 billion mark.
  • Website: For careers you can visit at

5. Wipro BPO

Wipro BPO services is like TCS. Both are IT companies but have huge presence in BPO industrywipro_logo also. It offers solutions for various fields.

  • Employees: Total employees working in Wipro BPO is over 20,000.
  • Presence: The company is head-quartered at Bangalore with branches in 20 cities across the country.
  • Services: IT, business consulting and outsourcing
  • Revenue: Revenue generates by BPO is over $400 million.
  • Website: If you are looking for a career then go to

6. Firstsource Solutions Ltd

Sixth company in our top 10 list is firstsource solutions ltd. The company has some outstanding  clients and has over 50 delivery centers in India. firstsource

  • Employees: The workforce of Firstsource has crossed over 33,000
  • Presence: Company is based in Mumbai and Bangalore.
  • Services: Core service given by Firstsource in Business process management
  • Revenue: Revenue that it has generated is over $150 million.
  • Website: For career visit

7. Infosys BPO

Like TCS and Wipro Infosys BPO is also a great BPO company. It is 7th in our top 10 list. The company is expanding rapidly when it comes to BPO services. Infosys BPO has a great presenceinfosys_logo overseas also.

  • Employees: Infosys BPO has a workforce of over 150,000 all over India.
  • Presence: The company is based in Bangalore, Karnataka and with other offices across the country.
  • Services: IT consulting, Business Process Management
  • Revenue: The revenue generated through BPO services is around $400 million.
  • Website: For jobs go to

8. Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Ltd

Eighth company in our list is Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide ltd. Company is functional for aroundaditya birla minacs  27 years and growing rapidly. It has 35 centers around the world.

  • Employees: The employees working in Aditya Birla Minacs are around 25,000.
  • Presence: Company is based in Bangalore with offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chennai etc
  • Services: Core service is Business Process Outsourcing
  • Revenue: The revenue is around $400 million in total.
  • Website: Visit

9. Exl India

EXL service is ninth company in our top 10 list. It has over 100 clients around the world. TheExl company has over 20 delivery centers around the world.

  • Employees: The employee strength of Exl services in India is around 20,000
  • Presence: Company is headquartered in USA with offices all over India.
  • Services: Business process solutions and transformation
  • Revenue: Total revenue of the company is around $500 million
  • Website: For career and more visit

10. Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd

The last BPO company in our top 10 companies list is Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd. This company isHinduja Global Solutions Ltd a real pioneer when it comes to BPO industry.

  • Employees: Total employess for Hinduja Global Solutions are around 24,000
  • Presence: It has over 50 delivery centers in India and head quartered at Bangalore
  • Services: Core business is BPO services
  • Revenue: Over $200 million through BPO services
  • Website: For careers and jobs you can visit

So these were top 10 BPO companies present in India. If you are looking for a career then you can apply for one of these companies mentioned above.

Before, you work for any of these companies you must know that BPO job is very hard because you have to stay awake in middle of the night.

Therefore, you need to think twice and then make any decision.

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