Top 10 Public Sector Companies in India

Many in India are unaware of our public sector companies. Unfortunately, young students and general public only know about multinational companies (MNC’s). Therefore if you are a candidate looking for a job then you only care about MNC’s that are present in India.

Why is it so?

The main reason why people are unaware of our public sector companies is because these companies don’t advertise themselves in way that MNC’s are able to do. In mainstream media, you might have seen advertisements of MNC’s companies and that has huge impact on people’s perception.

People always think of these MNC’s companies but they don’t know how our public sector companies are working behind the scenes and their presence in our everyday life.

Whether it is bank or oil & gas or machinery, they are present in every part of our lives. Hence, we cannot tend to ignore these companies and their contribution to our lives and more importantly the economy.

Therefore, we jot down a list of top 10 public sector companies in India. Moreover, professionals looking for a job can also look out for public sector companies and not just for MNC’s.

Ranking System: We rank companies on the basis of their total revenue, number of employees and presence all over the country. Moreover, we also look at key people involved in daily operations of the company.

So, here is the list of top 10 public sector companies in India.

1. Oil & Natural Gas Corp

So the first public sector company in our list is ONGC or oil & natural gas corp. This company is theONGC largest public sector company operating in India. The company was founded in 1956 and since then it has moved on and impacted every Indian some or other way.

  • Revenue: Its total revenue is whopping $28 billion and increasing day and night.
  • Employees: There are over 34,000+ employees working for ONGC all over India and overseas.
  • Presence: Company is present in costal part of India where drilling goes on.
  • Key People: Sudhir Vasudeva as chairman.
  • Website:


NTPC or National thermal power corporation is second largest public sector company operating inNTPC India. Every Indian owe to NTPC because of electricity that we get. Company was founded in 1975.

  • Revenue: The revenue is $12.8 billion in the year 2013.
  • Employees: Employees are well over 25,000.
  • Presence: The company is head-quartered in New Delhi with presence in Patna, Bhuneshwar, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Raipur
  • Key People: Arup Roy Chaudhary as chairman and MD
  • Website:

3. Coal India

Coal India is 3rd profitable public sector company in India. The company was founded in 1985Coal_India which is a metal and mining company. The company is responsible for supply of coal to our thermal power station.

  • Revenue: The total revenue generated by the company is well over $13 billion.
  • Employees: If you go by the employees then it is around 3.5 lacs perhaps largest in the country after railways and defense.
  • Presence: Company is headquartered in Kolkata and present in coal mining area of the country like Jharkdand, Nagpur, Bilaspur, Sambalpur etc.
  • Key People: S Narsing Rao is the Chairman and MD
  • Website:


NMDC also known as national mineral development corporation is 4th largest public sectorNMDC company in India. The company is responsible for extraction of precious metals like diamond, ruby etc.

  • Revenue: Revenue of the company is around $2 billion dollar.
  • Employees: Employees working for the company is well over 6000.
  • Presence: Company is based in Hyderabad with presence in Dantewada, Bellary, Panna.
  • Key People: C Verma is the CMD of the company
  • Website:

5. State Bank of India

In order, to diversify our list we have included company from banking sector also. It is for creating a balance. Although its revenue is higher than the company mentioned above but SBI is a bank not aSBI company so it does not involved in manufacturing.

  • Revenue: Revenue of SBI has crossed $37 billion mark.
  • Employees: Over 3 lacs employees all over India.
  • Presence: Company is headquartered in New Delhi but presence all over the country and overseas also
  • Key People: Arundhati Bhattacharya as chairperson.
  • Website:

6. Bharat Heavy Electricals

Next great public sector company in our list is Bharat Heavy Electrical limited also known as BHEL.BHEL Company founded in 1964 that manufactures, design, test and service many electrical items and supply all around the country.

  • Revenue: The total revenue is around $9 billion in 2013.
  • Employees: Total number of employees are over 50,000.
  • Presence: Headquartered in New Delhi and company caters to all over the world.
  • Key People: B P Rao as MD and chairman.
  • Website:

7. Steel Authority of India

Also known as SAIL was founded in 1954 and it is seventh in our countdown list. The company is backbone of production of steel in our country which is so important for our economy. Bhilai Steel Plant-Sail

  • Revenue: The total revenue of the company is $7.5 billion and growing rapidly in spite of competition from other private sector companies.
  • Employees: Over 10,000
  • Presence: Head Quartered in New Delhi and units in Rourkela, Bhilai, Durgapur, Bokaro.
  • Key People: Chandra Shekhar Verma as chairman.
  • Website:

8. Indian Oil Corp

Eighth company in our list of public sector undertakings is Indian Oil Corp. The company was founded in 1964 and is largest public sector undertaking. Every drop of oil in our vehicle comesIndian_Oil from Indian Oil.

  • Revenue: The revenue is mammoth $75 billion dollar. Although largest but still we had put this company on 8th position. It is because number of employees and other reasons.
  • Employees: Well over 37,000
  • Presence: Headquatered in New Delhi with operations all over the country in Assam, Gujrat, West Bengal.
  • Key People: R S Butola as chairman
  • Website:

9. Power Grid Corp of India

Power Grid corp of India is responsible for generating electricity for the country. We ranked thisPower_Grid_Corp company at number nine.

  • Revenue: Total revenue of the company is at least $3 to $4 billion.
  • Employees: Well over 4000
  • Presence: All over India
  • Key People: S K Singh
  • Website:

10. GAIL

The last but not the least public sector company in our list is GAIL or Gas processing and Distribution Company, it was founded in 1984. This company leads in production of gas and petroleum. GAIL

  • Revenue: Total revenue of the company is over $6 billion.
  • Employees: 4000+, because of its employees it is ranked 10th.
  • Presence: Headquartered in New Delhi
  • Key People: B C Tripathi as chairman.
  • Website:

So these were top 10 public sector companies in India which play an important role in our lives. Moreover, young and experienced candidates have an excellent opportunity to seek a career in these companies because they are here to stay for a long period of time.

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