20+ Best Small Business Ideas for Newbie Entrepreneurs in India

Are you tired of working for someone for the same salary, the same boss and the same incentives? Working at a job can be exhausting and unsatisfactory as no matter how much you work hard for it, there’s a limit which you won’t cross such as salary limit or your job position.  Having your own … Read more

Sell on Amazon or Setup Your Own E-Commerce Business – Which is the Best Option for Your Small Business?

Launching your own business can be both thrilling as well as daunting experience. To transform your business idea into a viable business, you will have to strategize and multitask as well as decide on numerous factors such as what type of model will it have. Where will your products and services be put up for … Read more

9 Best and Most Successful Food Startups in India

All of us have this experience. We are hungry but do not have time to slip out of office or home for a quick meal. And even if we go to a nearby restaurant or street-side food stall, choice would be limited. But this scenario has drastically changed now. Ordering a meal- be it snack, … Read more

How to Become a Flipkart seller in India

Do you want to sell your products online? I have good news for you. You can become  Flipkart seller and earn money. Now you might be having 100s of questions regarding how you can make money from a shopping website. Flipkart is India’s homegrown online retailer and the most successful startup. With over 100 million … Read more

35 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

Are you a woman aspiring to enter the business? Understandably, there would be several people including family and friends that may discourage you. In India, women traditionally assume roles as housewives, mothers and homemakers. In a country where culture runs deep, entrepreneurship by women could be frowned upon. However, there are several women in India … Read more