How to Become a Flipkart seller in India

Do you want to sell your products online? I have good news for you. You can become  Flipkart seller and earn money.

Now you might be having 100s of questions regarding how you can make money from a shopping website.

Flipkart is India’s homegrown online retailer and the most successful startup.

With over 100 million customers across the country, Flipkart claims to hold over 39 percent of India’s e-commerce sales.

Founded in 2007, Flipkart is emerging as one of the most favorite online shopping destinations in India.

This is one major reason you can consider to become a Flipkart seller in India.

Flipkart Growth

In August 2018, US-based retail giant, Walmart acquired a holding, 77 percent stake in Flipkart that would allow it to compete neck-to-neck with other online retailers operating in India.

Over 30 million assorted products are currently available on Flipkart.

Though the Bangalore-based company is embroiled in several controversies ranging from selling fake products to violation of foreign exchange laws and labor issues, Flipkart remains the second largest online store in India.

It is also the largest Indian homegrown ecommerce enterprise.

As a business owners, these facts should attract you to become a Flipkart seller in India. Interested? Continue reading.

Why Sell on Flipkart?

The most IMPORTANT reason to become a Flipkart seller is, It has helped thousands of sellers achieve their dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Flipkart holds about 39 percent of India’s online retail market.

It also holds controlling stakes in fashion e-retailer Myntra and e-commerce website Jabong, among others. The company also enters into agreements to launch several new products.

Additionally, Flipkart has a nationwide reach. Meaning, your products can be sold to customers located almost anywhere in India.

The company launches seasonal shopping festivals and promotions. Flipkart also has a deal with US-based ecommerce giant, eBay, for selling products in some 200 countries.

Given these facts, you too can become a seller on Flipkart and boost the profits of your business.

Regardless you are a small business located in some rural area of a large corporation, an online store or brick-and-mortar showroom, Flipkart can help you find adequate customers to boost sales and record higher profits.

So here are ways and means to become a seller on Flipkart in India.

Step-by-step Guide to Becoming Seller on Flipkart

become flipkart seller
Image Source: Flipkart

Becoming a seller on Flipkart in India is very easy. The simple registration process allows you to start selling within 15 minutes after your application is approved.

The application process itself is very straightforward and hassle free.

Before opening doors to expanding your business through Flipkart, keep your documents ready: you will require them for filling the Flipkart Seller application form.

Documents for Flipkart Sellers

Should these facts attract you to become a Flipkart seller in India, here is a list of documents you will require.

  • Permanent Account Number (personal & business)
  • Goods & Services Tax (India) or GSTIN number
  • Details of your bank account with all proof and supporting documents.
  • Name of your business.
  • If you are individual, Flipkart waives the need for GSTIN, provided you can prove you are a craftsperson not engaged in fulltime trade.
  • List of products you wish to sell on Flipkart. You should have minimum one product for sale.
  • Any other proof of identity, legality of business and bank details that may be needed according to your case and location.

Registering as Flipkart Seller

Once you have these documents in place, simply visit the Flipkart central.

Here, you will find a link where you need to submit a valid email ID and mobile number.

Upon submitting these details, you will receive a One Time Password on the mobile number you have provide. Key in this number and you are almost there.

The next page will ask you to fill in details such as PAN, GSTIN and bank account particulars. Also, fill in the name of your business or indicate yourself as an individual seller.

Upon completion of these formalities, you will get an email from Flipkart with a link to confirm your registration.

Upon clicking the link, you get access to a dashboard on the Flipkart website. Here, you can place pictures of your product, state the price and other details.

Now, you are ready to sell on Flipkart.

But if you really wish to boost profits as Flipkart seller in India, there are some additional steps you can take.

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Flipkart Cataloging Service

Flipkart offers cataloging service at more than 350 locations across India. This is a premium service. You have to pay a nominal fee to avail Flipkart Cataloging.

In simple words, Flipkart Cataloging Service enables you to access professional photographers and content writers.

They will visit your store or business and take amazing pictures of the product.

The content writer will create a brief write-up that attracts attention from potential buyers.

Using the Flipkart Cataloging Service makes sense if you are eyeing the highest number of customers from this online store.

The images and write-ups are professional and meet international standards of ecommerce.

Flipkart Logistics

When you become a Flipkart seller in India, there is no need to worry about logistics. All you need to do is take the order and pack the item for shipping.

Flipkart logistics service- called Ekart will collect the package from your location, pack it in Flipkart branded boxes and wrappings and deliver it to the customer.

This saves you a lot of cost and hassles. Flipkart has delivery agreements with several small and large logistics companies across the country.

It also has an agreement with India Post for delivery to remote locations in the country, where no courier or logistics firm has operations.

The cost of shipping will be deducted from your selling price. So, remember to quote a price that includes logistics cost too.

Or, you can ask Flipkart to quote its delivery price.  This way, the customer knows whether delivery is free or will be charged.

Getting Your Money

Obviously, you are selling on Flipkart to increase your profits and make money. Flipkart has an amazing payments policy for its sellers.

As Flipkart seller, the money for sold stuff is credited to your bank account within seven to 10 working days.

Generally, this period is given to ensure there are no returns from your distant customer, for any reason.

Below is a chart taken from Flipkart website that shows you how much money is deducted from your selling price by the company.

Selling Price (decided by you) 1500
Commission Fee (varies across sub-categories/verticals) 150 ( assuming 10% )
Shipping Fee (Local shipping , weight 500 grams) 35
Collection Fee ( 2 % on the Order item value) 30
Fixed Fee 40
Total Marketplace Fee 255
GST ( 18% on Marketplace fee deduction) 45.09
Total deductions 300.09
Settlement Value (Amount credited to you) 1199.91


If these reasons are attractive enough for you to become a Flipkart seller in India, read further. Flipkart has some more surprises in store for you.

Flipkart Growth Capital

If you are a Flipkart seller and wish to upgrade your business or diversify, avail of the Flipkart Growth Capital fund.

You can get funding to increase the range of products you are offering on Flipkart or develop your brand so that it becomes more popular.

Further, Flipkart Growth Capital is available from various channels at highly competitive rates. Lenders do not ask you for collaterals.

Turnaround time from application to grant of these funds is minimal. This means, money from the fund goes into your bank account very quickly.

Flipkart Growth Capital helps dispense with the need to approach banks and other lenders to finance your business expansion.

Flipkart Seller Training

Flipkart offers free ecommerce training to its registered sellers.

When you become a Flipkart seller in India, you are automatically entitled to receive this free training.

Other than free training in ecommerce basics, you also learn about taxation policies, logistics, demand and supply cycle and much more.

Flipkart seller training is a unique course. It also prepares you to enter the ecommerce sector independently or through other online stores.

What You Can Sell on Flipkart?

You can sell almost any product on Flipkart, as long as its sale and purchase are legally permitted in India.

The range of products can include anything from readymade garments to expensive smartphone and electronic gadgets, costume jewelry to computers and laptops, toys, cosmetics, fragrances, grocery items, exotic handicrafts, religious requirements and many more.

Flipkart provides an online tutorial on how to boost your sales and increase profits from its official portal.

You can read these details and effectively utilize their techniques to become a successful Flipkart seller in India.

Selling on Multiple Online Stores

In December 2018, the Indian government banned all online retailers from selling exclusive goods from their websites.

This step came in wake of various online stores tying up with manufacturers directly for product launches and exclusive rights for selling stuff like new launch smartphones.

Consequently, you are not legally bound to sell only on Flipkart or any other ecommerce website. You can sell your stuff on any number of legitimate online stores.

In fact, this directive by the Indian government works to your profit. You need not depend upon only one online store to make profits and expand.

In Conclusion

If you own a small or large business and would love to increase sales, widen your customer base and reach out to distant places in India and abroad, become a Flipkart seller.

Online retail in India is growing at an unprecedented pace. By the end of the calendar year 2018, an estimated US$40 billion worth purchases were made online within India.

The market is set to boom in coming years. Projections are, ecommerce in India will cross the US$225billion per year mark by the year 2022.

Given this scenario and Flipkart’s slow yet steady and consistent growth in the Indian market as a leading online store, it makes great sense to become a seller.

There are several advantages of becoming a Flipkart seller in India, as I have just explained. It can pave way to your success and  prosperity.

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