Top 10 Air Cooler Brands in India

Summer is just around the corner. This means, you would require an air cooler for home and office. There is a wide selection of top air cooler brands in India that suit both, your budget and requirement.

Air coolers have a couple of distinct advantages over air conditioners.

Firstly, air coolers are usually portable, meaning you can easily carry them from one room to another.

Secondly, they are much economical compared over air conditioners.

Thirdly and most importantly, they do not guzzle power to send your electricity bills soaring during summer months.

To suit Indian climatic conditions, manufacturers in India have different types of air coolers.

Types of Air Coolers

Depending upon heat and humidity in your area as well as usage patterns, you can choose from any of these types of air coolers.

  • Desert Coolers: Ideal for areas that experience very warm summers with low humidity. Portable desert coolers are available for large rooms and halls.
  • Personal Coolers: For those living in small rooms and for office cabins.
  • Tower Coolers: These are highly portable and have the ‘swing’ facility for cooling rooms.
  • Window Coolers: They look like air conditioners. You can fit them in a window slot.
  • Regular Coolers: The most common types for use at homes and offices. They are also portable.
  • High Capacity Coolers: Generally used at halls, tents and other places where events are held during warm months.

List of Top 10 Air Cooler Brands in India

Air coolers come in different shapes and cooling capacities. Most top air cooler brands in India offer several models to suit your individual needs.

You can choose one based upon its design and other parameters.

Please note, prices will differ depending upon cooling capacity, features and your location.

Therefore, prices we list are purely indicative. Prices from online stores are usually lower than ones from physical or brick-and-mortar showrooms.

1. Voltas (Rs.7,000 onwards)

ir?t=sasti 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B07PGTTBZC Top 10 Air Cooler Brands in India Voltas has an amazing range of air coolers. Voltas is a brand from India’s most respectable industrial group, Tata.

Hence, you can be sure of getting the best quality air coolers from Voltas.

In fact, the Voltas range of air coolers are available in three variants: Desert coolers for areas that experience very high temperatures and regular air coolers for places with moderate climate.

Personal air coolers are also available for small rooms and office cabins.

Popular voltas Air Cooler Models:

2. Crompton (Rs.6,000 onwards)

After making a mark with its popular range of ceiling fans, Crompton Greaves Ltd is now a major contender in the air cooler market of India.

In fact, Crompton is one of the top air cooler brands in India, as any user will testify.

Crompton air coolers are available as desert coolers, personal coolers and regular air coolers.

They come in amazing designs that go well with your home and office décor.

Popular Crompton Air Cooler Models:

3. Orient (Rs.6,000 onwards)

Orient has been cooling Indian homes for nearly half a century with its ceiling, table and wall fans.

Orient now also offers a fantastic range of air coolers that rank as bestsellers in India.

Orient makes all types of air coolers- personal, home/office and desert.

With aesthetic designs and ease of operation, Orient is also a top brand of air coolers in India.

They are available across the country and from online retailers too.

Popular Orient Air Cooler Models:

4. Bajaj (Rs.6,000 onwards)

Bajaj is a household name in India, thanks to its vast range of durable, affordable and innovative range of electronics and home appliances.

You can also get amazing air coolers from Bajaj. This top brand does not have a specific desert cooler.

However, Bajaj offers window air coolers that look somewhat similar to air conditioners.

Their wide range of air coolers are ideal for home and office uses.

Popular Bajaj Air Cooler Models:

5. Usha (Rs.6,000 onwards)

Anyone living in India has surely used an Usha product directly or indirectly.

The company makes everything from sewing machines to ceiling fans and other home appliances.

Usha has the full range of air coolers- desert, personal, regular and window.

However, Usha also has a unique, anti-bacterial air cooler.

This superb product comes with a filter that traps dust and disease-causing pathogens including bacteria and fungi.

Popular Usha Air Cooler Models:

6. Symphony (Rs.6,000 onwards)

Symphony is the most advertised brand of air coolers in India and abroad.

The Ahmedabad- based eponymous company also finds mention in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the single largest number of functional air coolers worldwide.

Symphony is a relatively newer entrant in India’s air cooler market.

It made debut in 2015 after acquiring a Chinese air cooler manufacturer. Symphony has the full range- desert, personal, regular and tower types.

Popular Symphony Air Cooler Models:

7. Havells (Rs.5,500 onwards)

Home-grown brand Havells is now popular in 40 countries too. Havells makes a limited yet fabulous range of air coolers.

You can buy personal, window and regular air coolers from Havells. The brand is known for its superior quality products and excellent service.

Havell Comforter is the bestselling air cooler in India and abroad.

It is compact and portable. This makes it easy to install at office cabins and small rooms. You can also buy very durable air coolers from Havells.

Popular Havells Air Cooler Models:

8. Cello (Rs.5,500 onwards)

Cello has been serving India since 52 years. The company began by making footwear and bangles in 1967. Today, Cello is a top air cooler brand in India.

Cello has the full range of air coolers, for use in desert-like climate to small, personal ones for cabins and small rooms.

Cello air coolers are very popular because of their unique and modern styling.

They lend a very modern look to the office or home while providing superb cooling during warmer months.

Popular Cello Air Cooler Models:

9. Kenstar (Rs.5,500 onwards)

Kenstar ranks among the first companies to launch air coolers in India.

The brand made its mark initially in countries of the Arabian Gulf, despite being an Indian brand. Kenstar has personal and room air coolers.

Most air coolers from Kenstar are portable, despite their capacity. This makes them bestsellers among air cooler brands in India.

Kenstar air coolers are also affordable. You can buy them anywhere in India or from online stores.

Popular Kenstar Air Cooler Models:

10. Pigeon (Around Rs.6,500)

Pigeon is a brand from Stove Kraft Ltd. Pigeon is the newest entrant in India’s air cooler market.

As a result, they have only a couple of types of air coolers available in the market.

The brand Pigeon is fast gaining popularity among Indian households for affordably priced kitchenware and home appliances.

Stove Kraft Ltd will be extending its line of air coolers in coming months, according to the company website.

However, Pigeon air cooler is a hot favourite in India, despite being a basic type model.

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Wrap Up

Buying an air cooler to beat the heat during warmer months is indeed a great idea.

However, there are some basic details that should go into deciding on which air cooler to buy.

Broadly speaking, an air cooler should have sufficient capacity to cool the room where you want to install.

Ideally, it should come with a remote control. Portable air coolers are excellent if you have a small budget: they can be moved from one room to another when the need arises, saving money on buying two or more.

Air coolers that can take ice and water offer higher cooling during hot months. Consider these points before buying from any top air cooler brand in India.

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