10 Best Companies to Work for in India

All of us would like to work with the Best Companies in India. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, we look for an attractive salary and perks.

We look for higher starting salaries and perks that can increase over years and help achieve dreams such as marriage, buying a house, investing for future and a FAT BANK balance.

Secondly, the company we wish to work for should provide job security- meaning, it should be a lifelong employment with opportunities for promotions, increments and career advancement.

The third factor we all eye during job searches is the reputation of the company or organization. And finally, we look for prestige attached to working with a specific company.

There are hundreds of excellent companies in India that we can work for, depending upon qualifications and skills. For some jobs, prior experience also matters.

Looking for Best Employers of India:

When we have necessary academic qualifications and skills and in some cases experience, it still proves difficult to find a good company.

Some companies enjoy an excellent reputation but have high attrition rates caused by lots of staff leaving jobs for various reasons.

Others could be brand leaders but pay low. And yet others may not be able to meet our career objectives.

If you are job seeker looking at working with some of the best companies in India, read our list. We have made this list of 10 best companies to work for in India based on four different parameters.

  • High Salary & Perks
  • Job Security and Low Attrition
  • Prestige of Working
  • Career Prospects.

Best Companies to work for in India

10 Best Companies to Work in India – Top Employers in India

Before we proceed, remember, it can prove very difficult to find jobs at these companies and corporations.

The reason is simple: being employers of choice, there will be tens of thousands of applicants for every vacancy.

Some may even require a special entrance exam. Others have very stringent hiring processes.

With some confidence and extra efforts, you can get jobs at any of these 10 best companies to work for in India.

1. State Bank of India

State Bank of India ranks No-1 on our list of 10 best companies to work for. SBI is the biggest nationalised bank in India. Currently, it has over 280,000 employees working across the country and at its branches and offices in foreign countries.

Attrition rates at SBI are almost zero. This means, no SBI employee voluntarily resigns from the job unless forced by extreme illness or other unavoidable reasons.

Getting a job at SBI can prove very tough. In 2018, nearly one million candidates appeared for its Probationary Officer or entry level job entrance exams. They competed for only 2,000 vacancies.

SBI offers salaries that are at par with other nationalized banks. However, SBI pays higher City Compensatory Allowance.

Perks enjoyed by SBI employees include subsidized housing loan, vehicle finance at low interest, medical insurance for employee and family, annual leave travel allowance for family and self, children education allowance, newspaper allowance, briefcase allowance, furniture allowance- the list goes on.

Once you join as Probationary Officer at SBI, promotions are almost automatic. It depends upon seniority with some emphasis on performance.

SBI employees also stand chances of being posted in foreign countries where the bank has operations or runs currency exchanges or has representative offices.

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2. Life Insurance Corporation of India

The second topmost company to work for on our list is Life Insurance Corporation of India.

LIC is wholly owned by the Indian government and is the country’s largest state-owned life insurance company.

It has over 125,000 employees in every nook and cranny of India and is the preferred company for buying life insurance.

LIC has an almost ZERO attrition rate. The corporation pays very high salaries and excellent perks.

On average, an LIC Development Officer takes home close to Rs.55,000 per month, depending upon location and taxes.

An LIC Development Officer gets perks including home finance, vehicle loans, educational allowance for kids, medical coverage for the entire family, travel and holiday allowances, newspaper and furniture allowance and lots of others.

Additionally, LIC Development Officers are entitled to seniority and performance linked promotions.

They can get positions like branch manager, zonal, regional and other top managerial positions.

LIC also has its own clubs where high performing Development Officers get complimentary membership. They are also entitled to lifelong pensions and medical insurance.

3. Tata Consultancy Services

With nearly 401,000 employees in November 2018, Tata Consultancy Services or TCS ranks as the topmost company to work for in India, from the private sector.

TCS is an Indian multinational that operates in some 46 countries. TCS is a company from Tata Group, the pioneering industrial house of India.

TCS has a very low attrition rate, said to hover around two percent annually, according to unconfirmed sources.

The company also ranks among the biggest paymasters of India. In fact, It is the best IT company to work for in India.

It hires professionals in Information Technology and related fields for operations in India and abroad.

Employees at TCS enjoy benefits that are at par or even exceed salaries and perks paid by some of the largest IT companies in the world.

Additionally, employees get opportunities to be posted at foreign locations when TCS takes projects for its international clients. TCS provides a multinational and multicultural working ambience.

4. SAP Labs Ltd

SAP Labs India is SAP’s largest Research and Development centre outside its headquarters in Germany and a part of a connected lab network of 20 Labs in 17 countries. The company was established in India in 1998.

The company hires some 8,000 employees and is primarily engaged in providing IT based solutions.

Employees at SAP Labs Ltd draw a median salary of Rs.1 million per year, depending upon the work and designation.

They have a very low attrition rate, said to be less than one percent per annum. The company’s benefits and perks in India are at par with those offered to employees worldwide.

SAP Labs India Ltd invests heavily on its employees. The company identifies the talents and skills of its employees and provides proper channels and resources for their development.

5. HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank is a private second lender in India.

HDFC Bank has consistently won several accolades and prestigious awards in India and foreign countries for its superior quality services and innovative use of technology for delivering state-of-the-art solutions for customers.

HDFC Bank is also among the best companies to work for in India.

By November 2018, HDFC Bank had nearly 100,000 employees spread across length and breadth of the country.

Attrition rates are said to be as low as one to two percent per annum, according to various unconfirmed sources.

The reason for HDFC Bank to retain a high number of its staff is attributed to excellent salaries and perks it pays.

Also, the bank invests heavily upon developing its human resources pool through various employee engagement programs.

That HDFC Bank is now the largest private sector bank of India speaks volumes of its human resources policies. It offers an excellent multicultural work ambience and is equal opportunities employers.

6. Indiabulls Group

Indiabulls Group has diverse interests in India. It is engaged in housing, finance, asset management, real estate and a couple of other sectors.

All companies of Indiabulls Group are individually listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange, which speaks volumes about the company’s profitability and popularity.

According to available estimates, Indiabulls Group has over 8,000 employees in all its divisions. The company has a low attrition rate of two percent per annum.

Indiabulls Group average salaries range from Rs.350,000 per year to as high as a couple of million Rupees, depending upon the position and work responsibilities.

The company offers several perks such as housing finance at rebated prices, various allowances and opportunities to benefit from its Asset Management Company (AMC) products with investments.

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7. Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation

Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation or IRCTC is the world’s fourth-largest employer and also the largest travel Company of India. Indeed, it is the single largest employer in India.

IRCTC currently has over 1.6 million employees across India.

IRCTC pay scales are at par with those available to other employees of the Central government.

Hence, you will be entitled to all the Pay Commission benefits. But IRCTC employees enjoy a host of other benefits that are not available to Central and state government staff.

These include complementary and discount travel for family and self on Indian Railways network, allowances for staff on the move such as engine drivers, guards, ticket checkers and catering crew, free housing at locations with IRCTC has staff quarters and lots more.

Attrition rates with IRCTC are almost zero. In fact, the majority of people that join IRCTC never leave the corporation.

IRCTC also offers special incentives for sportspersons. They hire women and men that excel in sports and offer them adequate facilities to fine-tune their talent.

In fact, former Team India cricket captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni once worked for IRCTC before leaving the job to further his career with Team India.

8. Vistara

Tata SIA Airlines Ltd is better known by its brand name, Vistara. It is a joint venture between India’s topmost industrial house, Tata Group and one of the only three, 5-star rated air carrier, Singapore International Airways.

Vistara has just about 1,500 employees at the moment across its network. Yet the airline ranks as the best companies to work for in India.

The reasons are simple. Vistara does not put its pilots and cabin crew under pressure to work extra hours.

In fact, the airline follows strict Flight Duty Time Limitation (FDTL) for its onboard staff to ensure they do not suffer from fatigue. Nor does Vistara take any lopsided job contracts with its ground and flight staff.

Additionally, Vistara pays salaries that are on par with the best in India’s domestic aviation industry.

The company also pays excellent perks that meet or exceed international standards.

Its ground and flight staff are trained on world-class facilities owned by Singapore Airlines in that country.

9. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

With 40,000 employees, Maruti Suzuki Ltd is India’s largest four-wheeler manufacturer.

The company commands a formidable 53 per cent of the country’s automobile market share.

The company is subsidiary of Japan’s Suzuki Motor Corporation which holds a 56.21 per cent stake with the balance held in stocks by individual and corporate investors.

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd is an employer of choice. The company follows the Japanese form of corporate governance which ensures that any work-related grievances of employees are promptly addressed.

Maruti Suzuki pays a median salary between Rs.350,000 per annum to over Rs.2 million per annum, depending upon the employee’s designation and nature of duties.

It also pays very attractive perks that include the medical allowance for family, relocation benefits, leave travel allowance, housing and others.

Attrition rates among engineers and skilled staff at Maruti Suzuki are very low and hover around one to two per cent per annum.

The reason for attrition being large foreign automobile makers setting up manufacturing bases in India. However, the company’s employee base is extremely stable.

10. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank

Few of us would have heard about Ujjivan Small Finance Bank.

It is one of the new breeds of the bank that came into existence after 2016 when the Indian government made some reforms to banking in the country.

Ujjivan SFB was established in February 2017 with head offices in Bangalore and Pune. The bank has since rapidly opened branches across India.

According to industry watchers, Ujjivan SFB has almost zero attrition rates. The lowest cadre employee at Ujjivan SFB earns about Rs.275,000 per annum.

Additionally, the bank offers housing finance, vehicle finance and loans at almost negligible interest rates to employees.

Ujjivan SFB has a unique program for its employees. Eligible employees are given shares of the bank under the Employee Stocks Ownership Plan (ESOP), says a report in a leading financial daily.

This means, high performing employees of Ujjivan SFB also become part owners of the bank.

It is the only Small Finance Bank and one of the rare organizations in India that offers ESOP benefits.

The bank is emerging as a leader in providing finance to women’s Self Help Groups and enterprises aimed at helping women attain financial independence.

Wrap Up

The best companies to work for in India pay well and offer better perks while having low attrition rates because of several reasons.

They have realized the value of staff retention and the importance of hiring the right skills while providing adequate opportunities for career growth.

These companies are leaders of sorts in their respective fields because they are run by happy staff.

Some of these companies also come under the category of ‘blue chip’ due to their strong financial position and relevance to the Indian market.

The next time you go on job search or are fresher wanting to make a great career, look for vacancies at these 10 best companies to work for in India.

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