Top 10 Best Job Portals in India to Get Guaranteed Job

So you’ve completed your studies and are looking for a job for quite some time with no success.

you’ve submitted your RESUME to almost every Job portals in India.

But Still, you haven’t got a Job.

Are you Being too Aggressive in your job search? I’d like to tell you…

“Finding a job in India can prove an arduous task.”

So that’s why…

You should Never choose a job unless you’re sure it’s the perfect position for the next stage of your career.

Now, listen to this very carefully:

Everyone has their vision of getting a Dream Job. But are we even sure that finding a dream job is a flourishing standpoint on your career?

Below are the Top 10 job search sites in India. These are the best Job websites in India that will help you find a great job- either as a senior professional, middle or junior level position or fresher level position.

Surprisingly enough…

The world’s second-most populous country also has the highest number of people in the working group- aged between 18 years and 59 years.

A multitude of higher education institutes around the country churn out millions of graduates every year in almost every conceivable field.

These range from topmost management graduates to Chartered Accountants, engineers, medical and paramedical professionals, lawyers, Bachelors and Masters degree holders in fine arts, arts, commerce, science, IT and computing, specialized sciences, and myriad others.

Consequently, finding the right employer at the right time that pays the right remuneration for the right skills can prove rather cumbersome.

Here we take a look at the Top 10 Best Job sites in India:

Top 10 Best Job Portals and Online Job Search Websites in India

1. National Career Service

Free job portal of India - Ncs

National Career Service or NCS is by far the favorite and free job portal in India for job seekers.

The reason is simple: NCS lists all types of jobs for the Central and state governments as well as state-owned departments, Public Sector Undertakings, Indian Armed Forces, and national companies.

The portal is operated by India’s Ministry of Labor and Employment.

It provides a wide array of services related to employment including career guidance, salary structures, and information about job fairs and related events.

Enrollment is free. Further, you can find jobs for any position- from blue-collar fresher to white-collar top management levels at NCS. It also lists select jobs in the private sector.

Currently, National Career has;13,687,428; active job seekers. 178,725 active employers, and 136,342 active vacancies according to their website. 

2. Naukri is operated by Infoedge, a company listed on the country’s stock exchanges. It is the biggest private-sector job portal and it is India’s number one online job portal.

The website features, NaukriInertantional for jobs abroad, for top executive positions, and for fresher applicants.

For jobs in the Middle, the company has a dedicated website, Naukrihub’s path to lead the job seeker to find the right job.

You can also avail career guidance and resume writing services at Naukri and its partner websites for a fee. has different job categories; remote jobs, freshers, startups, software and IT, marketing, and sales. 

3. Linkedin

LinkedIn is a professional network-building platform that offers business-employment-oriented online services.

On LinkedIn, you and your professional connections can view and update your previous work experience and current job role. Also, you can have information about companies, employees and ongoing hiring, etc.

It has over 740 million networks and provides verified courses, conducts webinars, etc.

This platform allows you to showcase your accomplishments, skills, grades, awards, activities, and interests.

You can apply for jobs, internships or seek guidance from experts on LinkedIn. 

4. Shine comes from HT Media, the same group that owns a reputed English daily newspaper, Hindustan Times.

The company was founded in 1998. Shine carries over 25 million listings of jobseekers.

Shine has launched Shine Learning, billed as India’s largest career skills site for working professionals that offers over 500 courses and certifications in collaboration with educational institutes.

Reputed companies like Reliance, Hewlett Packard, Tata, ICIC Bank, Tech Mahindra, Kotak, K12, SBI, and many more recruit from

Shine has 3,4 crore candidates, more than 30,000 jobs, and 15,000 companies. publishes a print version of the latest vacancies every Tuesday, distributed free with the Hindustan Times edition.

On Shine following companies are hiring:

Reliance, Hewlett Packard, Tata, ICIC Bank, Tech Mahindra, Kotak, K12, SBI, and many more.

Shine has 3,4 crore candidates, more than 30,000 jobs, and 15,000 companies. 

5. Monster India

Monster India is a division of the eponymous American job portal and Multinational Company.

Monster India provides free recruitment services such as registration and posting your resume online for prospective employers to view.

The company has a database of over 200 million job seekers on the Monster Worldwide network.

Monster India launched operations in 2001. It has headquarters in Hyderabad and offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, Baroda, Chandigarh, and Cochin.

You can find various jobs on Monster India, categorized as work from home, recent jobs, popular jobs, etc. 

Additionally, you can apply for jobs according to your skills, locations, industry, etc. 

This portal provides premium courses, including career booster, right resume, LinkedIn makeover, resume highlighter. 

6. Times Jobs

Times Jobs is an extremely reputed and respected job recruitment website in India.

It is owned and operated by Times Business Solutions, a division of Mumbai-based Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd, which owns The Times of India daily newspaper.

Topmost recruiters from India’s public and private sector industries, multinational companies, and well-established firms choose Times Jobs to meet their hiring needs.

Times Jobs offers several unique features for job seekers such as interesting news articles and features for career development, advice, company and salary reviews, among others.

A special section for jobs in the Middle East is also available on Times Jobs.

Time Job’s website offers various jobs.

Below we’ve listed down sector-wise jobs vacancies available on Timesjob

Information technology: 115933

Manufacturing engineering: 51091

Banking and Finance: 4846

SCM and operations/BPO: 5280

Sales and marketing: 25976

Other: 283817

HDFC, Byjus, Max-like, Hucan, Topper, 2COMS, Niva any other companies are hiring through Times Jobs.

7. Indeed

Indeed is a US-based MNC established in 2004 and has extensive operations in India. operates in more than 60 countries and is available in 28 languages of the world.

In India too, it ranks among the most favored job portals for top companies, PSUs, MNCs, and assorted recruiters to search for talent.

In addition to offering a free listing of your jobseeker profile, also provides vital free services such as reviews of companies, existing salaries, and projected pay-scales for various industries.

8. Glassdoor

Headquartered in Mill Valley, California, this globally famous website has huge operations in India.

Glassdoor offers you the facility of creating and posting a free job seeker profile.

Additionally, Glassdoor carries millions of reviews of job profiles, CEOs, and companies around the world, as well as a guide to salaries, interview tips and tweaks, career guidance tools, and a goldmine of information for both, job seekers and employers.

Registered users can also post a review of a company, salary, interview experience, and benefits offered in their segment of work.

You can read around 600,000 companies’ reviews on Glassdoor.

9.  GulfTalent

GulfTalent is the website of choice for Indians seeking jobs within the country, in the Middle East, Far East, Africa, and Europe.

GulfTalent is accessed by some seven million experienced professionals from all sectors and job categories.

“It serves as the primary source of both local and expatriate talent to over 8,000 of the largest employers and recruitment agencies across the region,” the website states.

The company was founded in 2005. Since its inception, it has helped thousands of Indians to fulfill their dreams of finding excellent employment in oil and gas-rich countries of the Arabian Gulf region. GulfTalent offers language, MBA, post-graduation courses.

10. Freshersworld

Fresher candidates often face odds when competing with experienced applicants for a job.

However, makes it possible for every fresher to launch a dream career in a free job portal in India. ranks as the topmost job portal for freshers in various streams in India. The website has a database of over 15 million resumes.

On Fersherowirld, you can watch webinars, find government jobs, day-to-day jobs, placement papers, and avail of candidate services.

If you take premium membership of Fresherworld, you can avail of benefits like priority shortlistlisting, becoming an applicant for CEAT, and adding result status on your resume. 

Over 300,000 new jobseeker profiles are added every month on by entry-level graduates across the country.

Tips for Getting Jobs from Websites

Before you apply for jobs through websites, here are some tips you may wish to follow.

  • Create a great profile on LinkedIn. Often, you can apply for jobs directly through LinkedIn and its various apps through your smart-phone.
  • Having a LinkedIn profile is essential for middle and top-level.
  • While signing up with a recruitment portal, ensure you have a valid email ID.
  • Create a password that is easy to remember.
  • Make your profile online using accurate information about your educational qualifications, work experience, and other vital details.
  • Create a great resume that can be posted online and will attract employers. You can follow our tips on writing a CV, bio-data.
  • While creating an online profile with any job website, ensure that it matches the resume that you will upload. Conflicting resume and profiles can disqualify you from getting that dream job.
  • Never fudge your CV and never lie about any details. Background checks to verify your credentials can expose these faked details and cost you a great job.
  • Once you have registered and uploaded your resume, download an app for the job portal on your smart-phone. This allows you to get instant alerts of new job postings and the facility to apply at the click of a button on your phone.
  • Often, jobs advertised on websites are posted by other recruitment agencies. They work on behalf of excellent employers who wish to remain anonymous for any reason. Apply for such jobs too.
  • Clearly, indicate the salary or Cost to Company (CTC) in your online application through job websites. You can get an idea of how much to ask by reading salary related reviews and guidelines on these job portals.
  • Never sign-up for any job website that asks you to pay money while registering. Reputed websites charge a fee for premium services only while regular posting of your resume is free.

Pros and Cons of Job Portals in India

While applying for jobs via websites is the latest trend, the system comes with inherent pros and cons.

  • Job websites carry millions of resumes and fresh ones get posted daily. Hence, keep updating your profile regularly to ensure it attracts attention. Update the profile even after you have found a job.
  • Only paid users registered on a job website can access your profile. However, there are no guarantees that every user is legitimate. Your email and contact details can get used for phishing and spam.
  • Be ready to receive unsolicited phone calls from providers of services such as CV writers, private recruiters offering lucrative deals for a fee and a plethora of others. Often, executives from reputed websites may also call you frequently, asking you to “upgrade” to a “premium” service available for a stiff charge.
  • Never disclose sensitive details such as your Aadhar card number, Permanent Account Number, voter ID card particulars and other such documents. Also never upload copies of your educational certificates, ID cards, passport and other personal details such as bank account numbers on any job website, regardless of its popularity.
  • Usually, a job portal websites will alert you whenever your profile is shortlisted or accepted by any employer. Before celebrating this achievement, it is advisable to verify the credentials of the entity that has accepted your application.

Wrap Up

As the Indian economy booms, several MNCs and other global players are entering the country. Make in India and Skills India initiatives have also spurred employment rates in this country.

According to statistics available from CEIC Data based on World Bank figures, India’s unemployment rate stood at 3.60 percent of the population in December 2017.

People in rural parts of India are benefitting immensely from job websites in India.

Thanks to the widespread proliferation of smartphones and the Internet, job seekers in these areas are now able to apply for excellent jobs at various locations in the country and abroad.

Another noticeable trend is, Newspapers carry very few employment-related advertisements nowadays.

They can also learn about the latest trends in salaries and recruitment patterns, thanks to resources provided by these websites.

If you still did not get a job for any reason then you can consider freelancing.

It is the best way to make money online. Here you can check the topmost freelancing website.

In Conclusion

India is a large market for job search sites and is evident from the fact that almost every major recruitment portal is now spreading its operations in this country.

Additionally, foreign portals that offer part-time jobs are also expanding their reach to India, in view of the large talent pool available here.

Job-related ads seen in print media are limited to regional vacancies and those for unskilled or semi-skilled workers.

Educated jobseekers prefer websites to find employment. This scenario augurs well for job websites in India.

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