Top 10 Best Matrimonial Websites in India To Get a Guaranteed Life Partner

Are you planning to get married soon?

If so, then you must be definitely looking for a Bride or Groom.

To help you find your perfect life partner you can visit and signup at any of the best marriage websites listed below.

You may have heard the saying that, ”Marriages are made in Heaven”


Do you Really Believe that marriages are made in Heaven?

Well, let’s be honest!

In India, Marriages are Made in Matrimonial Websites.

Indian weddings are a rather complex affair, regardless of which community, ethnicity or religion you hail from.

Despite the increasing popularity of love marriages, the majority of Indians adhere to the tradition of arranged marriages- where families look for a groom or bride for a female or male of marriageable age.

Another trend that has entered India is second marriages.

Women and men that are separated from their spouse for any reason, divorced or where the partner has passed away, also seek matrimony, regardless of their age.

But that’s just part of the story…

Listen, there’s more. Lots MORE.

Choosing the right partner is necessary to lead a Happy married life.

So if you want to up your chances of meeting the right person right now, then you are on your way:

Here we are providing you with the best information for those who are genuinely looking for their soul mates through a matrimonial site.

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Top Matrimonial Websites in India

Current Scenario Of Indian Matrimony Websites:

Given this scenario, there are dozens of Matrimonial websites in India that offer match-making services indirectly.

They provide a female or male or their parents, relatives or friends to post profiles on the website.

While you can post a profile free on some websites for matchmaking, others charge a fee for the service. Yet few others are fully paid services.

These matrimonial websites also offer different categories for posting the bride or groom’s profile.

These are based on religion, ethnicity- including native state and caste, religion and its branches as well as education, Non-Resident Indian, and myriad other preferences.

We look at topmost marriage websites flourishing in India.

Top 10 Best Matrimonial Websites in India 2018:

Matrimony websites allow families and friends to search for appropriate brides and grooms across India, rather than confining their search to a close circle through traditional match-makers, religious figures like priests and pundits.

1. Bharat Matrimony

BharatMatrimonial FindSomeoneYouWillFallInLove 2 Top 10 Best Matrimonial Websites in India To Get a Guaranteed Life PartnerFounded in 1997, Bharat Matrimony is by far India’s largest and best matrimonial site.

It offers free posting of profiles as well as premium services and assisted matchmaking.

Bharat Matrimony features on Limca Book of Records for the ‘Most number of marriages documented online.’

The firm now operates through mobile apps and has a network of 140 centers across India.

Join Bharat Matrimony

2. Jeevansathi

Jeevansathi was founded in 2004 and is now a company listed on Bombay Stock Exchange. The website offers a free listing of profiles.

However, you have to pay to access expressions of interest for the profile.

Additionally, the website now offers a chat feature allows prospective spouses or their relatives to learn about one-another.

Jeevansathi has some 60 outlets across India and has 14 matchmaking points at various key locations. It is estimated to have over 10 million registered profiles.

3. Shaadi ranks as another Topmost Matrimonial Websites in India.

“The company pioneered online matrimonial services in 1996 and continues to lead the exciting matrimony category after more than a decade.

By redefining the way Indian brides and grooms meet for marriage, has created a world-renowned service that has touched over 35 million people,” states the website.

4. Vivaah allows you to post or view profiles according to specific preferences such as state, native language, caste, and religion.

“Over the recent years, the Internet has redefined how prospective Indian brides and grooms find their soul mates.

We do not agree with matrimony sites who charge thousands of rupees for search services.

Our philosophy is – “Search for the life partner should not come with a price tag”. We are growing fast and are already among top free sites,’ states its website.

5. LifePartner

life partner is an upcoming matrimonial website for Indians. And it is a free matrimony.

It allows people to search for suitable partners based on various parameters such as ethnicity or state, caste, religion, and re-marriage.

While registering and listing a profile on LifePartner is free, the company charges a fee for accessing any communication you may receive from interested parties for matrimony and making online proposals.

The facility is offered under ‘Premium’ plans available for three, six and 12 month and payments can be made online.

6. Elite Matrimony

Elite Matrimony is a division of Bharat Matrimony.

The website claims it caters to the ‘elite’ or affluent segment of the Indian and Non-Resident Indian communities.

Specific details on how the company defines ‘elite’ are however conspicuously missing from the website.

7. RoseBrides

RoseBrides is not a matrimonial website many Indian would look at.

However, it is a globally reputed website that allows Indian women and men to find partners in some 155 countries around the world.

The website lists men and women from different nationalities and of various ethnicities, religions, and ages, among other criteria.

RoseBrides operates very professionally and follows internationally accepted standards of privacy.

It is a paid service. You are billed in American Dollars for membership that can be paid by debit or credit card in your local currency.

It is an excellent website for those looking for foreign spouses.

The company claims to offer ‘mail order’ brides. The system is banned worldwide.

However the term ‘mail order brides’ continues to be commonly used by foreign matrimonial websites to refer to matchmaking by correspondence.

8. The Second Marriage

The Second Marriage is a website aimed at helping widows and widowers as well as divorcees from finding suitable partners for remarriage.

The website charges nearly Rs.4,000 for a quarterly ‘Premium Gold’ membership for three months, Rs.5,500 for ‘Premium Platinum’ membership for six months and Rs.10,000 for the annual ‘Premium VIP’ membership.

Registering a profile on The Second Marriage is free but to access correspondence or expressions of interest and proposals, you need at least a Premium Gold membership.

9. Love Vivah

Sign-up on only if you are willing to part with your sensitive information such as Aadhar Card details, Permanent Account Number (PAN), passport, voter-ID card and other official identification documents.

Love Vivah claims it takes these details to ensure the genuineness of members who enroll to search for brides and grooms.

It claims to be India’s first and only matrimonial website linked to Unique Identification Development Authority of India (UIDAI) servers, which holds your sensitive information and biometrics of Aadhar Card.

We offer no comment on the veracity of these claims or usefulness of

You may wish to refer to rulings of Supreme Court of India and UIDAI laws related to use of Aadhar and protection of your data.

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In Conclusion

Before you enroll in any matrimonial portal, it is advisable to check their terms and conditions.

While most tempt you to register free, accessing correspondence from interested parties is blocked unless you cough up a hefty fee for so-called ‘Premium’ memberships.

Many marriage portals offer the facility of an online chat with their customer service agents. However, to do so, you may have to submit details including your email ID and mobile number.

Giving your mobile number and email renders you prone to marketing calls and spam email.

There are no guarantees your details will not be sold to third parties for marketing purposes, once you have given the mobile number and email.

While marriage websites in India are helping millions of people to find life partners, we recommend you read every fine print before patronizing a service.

Also, take steps to ensure the profile of your relative or friend does not fall into wrong hands since anyone with a paid membership can access details and correspond.

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