Top 20 Dating Apps & Websites in India to Find Your Perfect Soulmate

Do you think Dating someone is Important in maintaining a healthy and lasting Relationship?

Honestly, when I got questions like that, my first thought was “is it Really so”?

Well To make a point I realize dating someone and seeing how you feel about them can help you determine which way you want something to develop.

You might be asking…

How to find the one ideal partner?

You’re going to love this…

Here is a new generation that is increasingly discovering the effectiveness of online dating for finding a partner.

“Experiences with online dating tend to be varied. Yet some people have fantastic experiences with online dating  that end in a pleasing relationship”

Although there are hundreds of dating Apps in India but only a few of them are genuine.

Most of them vanished in a few months and others really don’t have a genuine database of users.

Hence we decided to give you a list of 10 authentic dating sites in India with loads of registered members.

All the sites mentioned in this article are purely dating sites and not matrimony sites for finding life partners.

Thanks to dating websites Finding a partner for a short, long or permanent relationship is very easy nowadays.

Simply register yourself at any of the topmost Indian Dating sites and find your mate quickly- regardless of your age or location.

Dating Apps and Websites in India – Background

Indian Dating sites emerging in the mid-1990s and early 2000s, as Internet proliferation increased.

Generally, dating websites of yesteryears went under the guise of online friendship clubs, online social networks for specific cities and motley other names.

They had to take roundabout routes to ensure owners did not get into trouble with strict Indian laws while ensuring they made money from this very lucrative business.

Over the years, the system has evolved into an industry of sorts, despite various debatable and questionable practices that flourish.

Regardless, we take a look at best Indian dating sites that are helping people to find a right mate.

Top 20 Dating Apps and sites in India 2019:

1. Happn

Happn dating app claims to have some 50 million users worldwide.

It has a unique feature: when you register on Happn, you get automatically alerted if any person who is also listed on the app, crosses your path in real life.

You also get details of when and where that person crossed your path, making it easier to find dates near you.

Happn also allows you to find dates in other countries.

It is a great app that works on latest smartphones. However, on older smartphones, you may experience some technical issues.

Download Happn App

2. Tinder

Based out of California, US, dating website has extensive operations in India and other parts of the world. Tinder is one of the most Popular dating Apps in India. states it gets 1.6 billion swipes every day through its website and mobile app. It claims to fix one million dates around the world every week.

The company operates in 190 countries and has over 20 billion matches to its credit, it claims.

Signing up can be done through the website while access to profiles is through its app available for Android and iOS smart-phones.

Download Tinder App 

3. Bumble

Bumble is yet another popular Indian dating app. A salient feature of Bumble is that it is also available in Hindi language.

Bumble says it has helped over 40 million people worldwide find dates. Again, this app is women-friendly.

This means, women daters have control over setting parameters for men they wish to date such as education levels and location, among others.

In recent months, Bumble experienced some technical snags. However, these glitches have been fixed, say its developers.

Download Bumble App

4. Flirt does not divulge details about its ownership or location.

It offers Free dating sites and it is an online dating for “open-minded” women and men in India and abroad.

Signing up and posting a profile on is free. You get a one-week trial that offers very limited access to member profiles.

You have to buy various kinds of memberships offered online to connect with a person of your choice.

5. Woo

Woo claims it is changing the online dating scenario of India.

It also states to have enabled over a million people across this country find perfect matches and that its database of potential women and men daters is on the rise.

Woo primarily focuses on the needs of women that wish to date men.

It takes into consideration several factors of online dating such as safety and security of women while offering them near total anonymity.

These features make it attractive for women to register on this app.

Download Woo App

6. OKCupid

OKCupid or OKC made its entry into online dating as a US-based start-up venture. Today it ranks among the topmost dating website and app worldwide.

OKC claims its app and website helps over 90 million users worldwide to find matching dates. Additionally, OKC says its make 50,000 dates worldwide every week.

Their website and app offer 23 gender orientation options. This app and website also have different forums where you can discuss myriad subjects with people around the world sans any reservations.

Download Woo App

7. Transdr

Generally, women and men from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in India face immense social problems.

Often, the tradition driven Indian society frowns upon LGBTs and transvestites. However, Transdr, an excellent app, now offers discreet dating for LGBTs.

Transdr app includes an online forum where LGBTs and transvestites can openly share their thoughts, experiences and meet likeminded people with complete discretion.

It is an app that is fairly popular among LGBTs in India.

Download Woo App

8. FEM

With over a million users worldwide, FEM is an app especially for LGBT women.

FEM is also very popular in India where women are relatively reluctant to express their amorous feelings towards other females.

The app allows women to find similar minded people within their area of worldwide. And it offers complete anonymity.

FEM app also has inbuilt features that include online chat and forum. It lists thousands of profiles. LGBT women can discreetly search for mates through FEM.

Download FEM APP

9. Neenbo

Over a million people worldwide use Neenbo. It is a great app for people looking for dates for serious and long-term relationships or casual ones.

It allows you to find dates near you or in other countries. Neenbo is a very simple app. Hence, it offers ease of use. There are no complex registration processes.

Neenbo comes with a live chatting feature that can be used to make friends worldwide and exchange views.

This is a great app for people on the move since you can find matching profiles nearest to your location.

Download Neenbo App

10. Badoo

Badoo is a very popular app worldwide and in India. It started as a blind dating website and immediately found global acceptance around 2012.

The app also is a runaway success. However, Badoo is not an app that offers free dating services.

You need to take membership available in various levels to access and chat with other potential daters.

In recent years, there have been complains of fake profiles and spamming from a few Badoo users.

Download Badoo App

11. Seeking

Seeking is an online dating app with a difference. It comes from SeekingArrangements, the world’s largest sugar dating website.

Seeking is an app that allows women and men around the world to meet sugar babies. Or for sugar babies to meet sugar mommas and sugar daddies.

With close to 20 million young women and men seeking sugar dating, Seeking has become a very popular app worldwide.

Seeking app also has a unique feature, sugar babies or their prospective partners can specify what type of partners they are seeking.

12. Finally

Finally is one of its kind app. It is especially for women and men that are 50 years older or more.

Consequently, it is immensely popular worldwide, including among Indians.

Finally is an app from Jaumo. It allows you to find like-minded mature adults from your own area and also different parts of the world.

Within a short period of its launch, Finally app has got several ardent followers. It is slated to become the No-1 dating app for people above 50 years of age and help them rid loneliness.

13. IndianCupid

Australia-based Cupid Media operates IndianCupid and similarly named websites for some 34 nationalities including Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. claims calls itself “A premier Indian dating site and matrimonial site bringing together thousands of Non-Resident Indian singles based in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and around the world.”

14. Match is operated in India and in other parts of the world by an eponymous American registered firm.

Registration and creating a profile on is free.

However, every other service is based on paid memberships. The website boasts of serving all sections of the society, including LGBT members.

15. Fropper introduces itself as “Indian dating site” and “social networking site.”

The website claims to have over four million registered members. Registration and posting profile is free on

However, the website states you may require a premium subscription to access certain other membership services. Fropper also offers membership to the matrimonial website,

16. Cupid brands itself as the largest online dating website in the UK. It also has dedicated operations in India.

As with other online dating websites, registration and posting a profile on is free.

Again, you need to subscribe to various paid membership packages to get into really serious dating.

17. TrulyMadly

TrulyMadly also operates through the smart-phone based app, though you can register and post a profile on its website.

The website offers some basic tips on online dating, though details of its ownership and leadership team are well masked.

It claims to be a dating service aimed exclusively at Indian clientele.

18. IndiaDatingHub

IndiaDatingHub is honest about its intentions: the Indian dating site provides dating services to women and men looking primarily for sexual relations.

Hence it calls itself “India’s No-1 hookup site.” offers registration and posting a basic profile free.

All member profiles are kept discreet to ensure a high level of privacy.

19. Passion is an American firm with operations in the UK and other parts of the world. Again, is more about dating for casual carnal relationships.

Registration and posting profiles are free. Members are warned not to post sexually explicit profiles or personal adverts.

Further, it also warns that members may appear much different in real life and profile pictures are only indicative.

20. Indian Love Point

Indian Love Point is surprising forthright and honest about its mission. It is a purely Indian homegrown dating website.

“If you are looking for a male or female partner you are in the right place. Here you can search for male or female partners, find the love of your life; if you want to go further you might even find the person you want to marry. lets you find and meet people from all over the world. Every person above the age of 18 can seek for any kind of relationship and partner so immediately benefit from our service,” the website states.

Why Date Online?

Should you wish to date online, here are some genuine reasons for patronizing a good online Indian dating site.

There are several reasons why people in India opt for online dates.

Most Indian women and men are wary about expressing and fulfilling their carnal desires openly due to false taboos and stigmas attached by centuries of local culture and tradition.

There is also a large segment of Indians who cannot find dates for a multitude of reasons ranging from restrictions imposed by family, undue fears over being mocked in the society or community or simply because of shy nature.

This is where Indian dating websites play a major role. These dating websites allow women and men to seek partners and vent their repressed feelings.

Further, it allows women and men of eligible age to find a right partner or mate from the privacy of home or mobile apps, away from prying eyes.

They help lonely people to find someone with whom they may be able to form long-term or permanent relationships in future.

They offer freedom to Indians who wish to break shackles of certain outdated traditions.

Further, massive migration of workers across India has caused millions of women and men to live away from family for employment.

In such scenario, dating services provide the much-needed channel for this migrant population to find partners and enjoy life rather than live eke a monotonous and humdrum existence.

History of Assisted Dating

Dating services in Western countries have flourished since late 17th Century in Europe during the Industrial Revolution.

Young men began posting notices and advertisements in various forms to look for dates.

As the trend grew, newspapers began cashing on this lucrative market while private entrepreneurs opened match-making businesses that served as dating service.

The rise and boom of Internet presented excellent opportunities for people around the world to network among one-another.

Consequently, dating services offered by individuals and small businesses entered the cyber world and is flourishing.

However, online dating is not without certain inherent risks.

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Dos and Don’ts of Online Dating sites in India

Should you plan to avail online dating services, here is a list of do’s and don’ts that can help derive maximum benefits and save you from serious trouble.

None of the online dating websites conducts background checks of its members. Hence, you need to be extra cautious with whom you are getting friendly, online and in person.

Before entering into a carnal relationship with any partner from an online dating service, it is better for both to undergo a comprehensive test for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Commonly known methods such as using condoms offer only limited protection against these fatal diseases.

Often, profile pictures posted by women and men over online dating websites may be fake or altered to appear appealing and attractive. The person may appear altogether different in real-life.

Most online dating websites caution members about entering into financial transactions with other registered users. Apparently, there have been cases where “online dates” have cheated partners of large sums of money and fled.

Before entering into carnal relationships with anyone you meet through online dating websites, acquaint yourself with laws related to sexual relations, adultery, rape, and This is especially true for married persons: if your extra-marital affair is discovered, your legally betrothed partner can file for divorce and you lose several rights on grounds of adultery.

Sexual relations, though consensual, can land a male in serious trouble with Indian law on various charges, should he decide to ditch or leave a partner unwilling to break the relationship.

Any woman or man patronizing online dating services is inadvertently prone to blackmail or may get exposed to undesirable and criminal elements unless you are extremely cautious.

Never take a partner you find through an online dating website to your home or office, without verifying their background and credentials.

Wrap Up:

It is worth remembering that every profile posted on an online dating website is not genuine. Meaning, some could be posted by women or men seeking to exploit vulnerabilities of a prospective partner.

Divulge very few details about yourself while enrolling as a member. Also, do not give sensitive personal details like government-issued ID-proof numbers.

At the same time, we encourage you to provide correct details about your age, gender, location and preference of the type of mate, to derive maximum benefit from membership of online dating sites.

In Conclusion

Online dating was hitherto called ‘blind dating’– meaning meeting a partner you have never seen earlier.

The system is healthy if used in a proper manner and with proper precautions. Some months ago, media worldwide carried a report about a “blind date’ organized by an online dating company.

The two ‘partners’ chatted for months and decided to meet at a park in Shanghai, China- only to discover they were married to one another.

We hope you will find a right mate through these online dating websites.

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