Top 10 Software Companies in Pune

Located about 200km south of Mumbai, the city of Pune is a large hub for India’s IT industry. Pune is historically reputed for its educational facilities.

At a time when foreign and Indian IT companies were looking to expand operations or open shop in India, Pune provided an ideal destination. With the Mega-Expressway connecting Mumbai with Pune, the city is easily accessible by road. Pune is well connected by rail too.

Above all, ample space in and around Pune made it possible for setting up IT parks and other vital infrastructure required by this sector. Today, Pune is a topmost destination for IT companies.

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Ranking Systems: IT Companies which are mentioned below are ranked on the basis of their revenue and services given by them. We also look at factors like popularity of the company.

Top 10 Software Companies in Pune in 2018.

1. Accenture India

The first company located in Pune is Accenture India. It is a multinational company and has an office in the city. Company has many branches in India like Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi etc.

* Services: IT, business consulting and outsourcing services

* Revenue: $ 29 billion

* Employees: 2,75,000 to 300,000

* Salary Range: Rs 600,000 to Rs 1.8 million

* Website:

2. Amdocs

The second company is Amdocs Limited. It is an Israeli company founded in 1982. They have an office in Pune as well.

* Services: business support systems (BSS), including billing, customer relationship management (CRM), operations support systems (OSS)

* Revenue: $3 billion to $4 billion

* Employees: 20,000

* Salary Range: Rs 600,000 to Rs 1.2 million

* Website:

3. ADP

The third company that is in our list is ADP or automatic data processing. The company was founded in 1949 in US and has a presence in Pune also.

* Services: Human resource, payroll, tax and benefits administration solutions

* Revenue: $10 billion to $11 billion

* Employees: 57000

* Salary Range: Rs 600,000 to Rs. 1.8 million

* Website:

4. Avaya Inc

Avaya Inc is the fourth huge software company present in Pune. Company was founded in 2000 and is an American company.

* Services: Business communications and collaboration systems

* Revenue: $5 billion to $6 billion

* Employees: 17000

* Salary Range: Rs 600,000 to Rs 900,000

* Website:

5. Atos

The fifth company in our list is Atos Technologies. A French company founded in the year 1997.

* Services: IT and business process outsourcing like systems analysis, applications development

* Revenue: $14 billion to $16 billion

* Employees: 76000

* Salary Range: Rs 600,000 to Rs 1.8 million

* Website:

6. BMC Software

The sixth company is BMC software. An American company founded in 1980 and specializes in business service management.

* Services: Enterprise software, Business service management, IT Services and Management, Mainframe computing, IT Operations

* Revenue: $2 .1 billion

* Employees: 7000

* Salary Range: Rs 300,000 to Rs 1.2 million

* Website:

7. Capgemini

The seventh software company operating in Pune is Capgemini. Originally, a French company it has a huge presence in the city. Paul Hermelin is the chairperson of the company.

* Services: IT, business consulting and outsourcing services

* Revenue: $15 billion

* Employees: 125,000

* Salary Range: Rs 900,000 to Rs. 1.2 million

* Website:

8. Cybage

Cybage software is purely an Indian Software Company founded in Pune. The company was founded in the year 1995.

* Services: IT services

* Revenue: Rs 50 crore approx

* Employees: 5000

* Salary Range: Rs 200,000 to Rs 600,000

* Website:

9. Cognizant Technology Solutions

Cognizant technology is the ninth software company present in our countdown list. Cognizant is an American company but the headquarters is in Pune. Kumar Mahadeva founded this company in 1994.

* Services: IT, business consulting and outsourcing services

* Revenue: $ 7.4 billion

* Employees: 160,000 to 170,000

* Salary Range: Rs 600,000 to Rs 1.8 million

* Website:

10. Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware Technologies is an Indian Company with offices in Pune and Chennai. The company was founded in 1990 by Atul Nishar.

* Services: Information technology and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

* Revenue: $44 million to $50 million

* Employees: 9000 to 10,000

* Salary Range: Rs 300,000 to Rs 600,000

* Website:

Almost every major Indian IT firm, as well as their foreign counterparts, has offices in Pune.

The city has also emerged as the topmost destination for various types of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry.

Consequently, the IT infrastructure in Pune is very well developed. 


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