Top 10 Educational Websites and Apps in India

Education is not just what you learn in your school and college. It is also what you learn from the people around you and the internet.

At present, Internet has become such an important resource for learning almost everything. Educational Websites and apps are doing a great job by providing a platform to anyone who wants to learn and chisel their skills.

This year, due to COVID-19, online education has become even more important and this is why it is really important to know which platform you should use to learn and get better.

Educational Websites and apps that can be used by anyone who has a computer or a Smartphone and a working internet connection.  

Top 10 Educational Websites and Apps

List of the Top 10 Educational Websites and Apps in India

1. BYJU’s

Established in 2011 by Think and Learn Pvt Ltd, BYJU’s has become the World’s most valued Edtech Company. The reason? Its interactive learning and a different approach towards different age groups.

The interactive lessons and lectures have helped students around the country. Recently, BYJU’s has acquired Whitehat Jr which a startup focused on teaching coding to kids.

Overall, BYJU’s app and the website is an amazing platform for school students as well as people preparing for competitive exams.

2. Unacademy

Unacademy claims itself to be India’s largest learning platform. It was founded in 2015 with the realization that classroom education has oppressed many brilliant minds.

With over 2400 lessons by top educators around the country, students can prepare for different entrance examinations.

With Unacademy, learners residing in remote areas can learn from people like Kiran Bedi. A total of 2 million viewers use Unacademy per month to learn and prepare for exams.

3. GradeUp

Launched by Times Internet in 2015, GradeUp is a platform where learners from all over the country can gather and form a community to solve and discuss questions.

The forums of people help each other and discuss topics and that’s how learning is made interactive for the learners.

GradeUp has prepared mock tests and quizzes and the learners can solve them all together. Isn’t it interesting?

4. Toppr

At Toppr, students are the center of their universe. They believe that each student is different and has different learning needs and pace.

The best thing about Toppr is that every learner has its own personalized learning path. With more than 1.5 million concepts, practice questions, videos, and solutions Toppr has aimed to help each one of its millions of students.

5. Simplilearn

It is a leading certification training provider for companies as well as individuals. Due to the increase in jobs that demand digital skills, simplilearn is the best platform to learn various courses and obtain a certificate to power up your resume.

The online training covers subjects like cloud computing, cybersecurity, project management, data science, digital marketing, etc. these skills are high in demand, therefore, millennials and Gen Z are flocking towards this coveted platform.

So far, it has successfully trained 1 million learners and the list is growing gradually.

6. Khan Academy

Founded in 2008 by Salman Khan, Khan Academy has a simple mission- to provide a free and world-class education to anyone. It is a Non-Profit educational organization that works for the welfare of each student who wants to learn something.

The lessons are interactive and it has free tools for teachers as well as parents to teach their students and children in a better way.

7. Meritnation

Or better known as was founded in 2006 exclusively for school students of CBSE and ICSE boards. When it comes to school children, Meritnation has been a consistent and trusted platform by millions of students around the country.

They believe that a good future results from a good foundation and this is what exactly they are working towards.

With mock tests, video lectures, innovative learning techniques, Meritnation has helped students time and again.

8. Coursera

Founded in 2012 by Stanford professors, Coursera is a learning platform that provides certificates, course specializations, and online degrees from renowned universities.

The topics are vast and students from all over the world come together and complete them to make their resumes shine.

The topics include data science, machine learning, language learning, personal development, and what not? The courses are paid but most of them come with financial aid and eligible people can apply for that.

What makes coursera special is its world-class course from top universities and organizations around the world.

9. Vedantu

Vedantu is an online tutoring platform established in 2012. It enables the students to learn to live from top-class teachers. The teachers are selected carefully and are exceptional in their performance.

The classes are either individual or group-based. The best part is that there is real-time interaction between the teacher and student. The two-way audio-video interaction boosts up the learning and provides a real experience.

10. Udemy

It is an online learning platform that focuses on students and adults. It is a huge platform that has a community of more than 50 million students and 57000 teachers.

The ultimate aim is to provide world-class learning and make the students job-ready.

There are more than 150,000 courses and learners enroll for different courses. Each course has its different price that students have to pay for the course and the certificate. The world-class learning environment makes it worth investing.

Online Learning is the Future

College and school education are not reliable anymore. Many people think it’s deteriorating the minds of young and brilliant students. Moreover, the huge fee paid by the students is way too much for a degree.

Over the last six months, due to the pandemic, millions of students have started learning online and looking for top educational websites & apps.

It is visible that these educational websites are the cornerstone in developing the young minds of the nation, and hence, the future. Conventional education is not enough if you want to make a difference. Therefore, make use of apps and educational websites to kick start your career and finesse your talent.

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